Zolgear anime
Name Zolgear
Kanji ゾルギア
Rōmaji Zorugia
Gender Male Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Zest (Created Daughter)
Professional Status
Race Demon
Affiliation Demon Clan
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume 5
Manga Chapter 5 (Mentioned)
Anime Episode 8
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Zolgear was a Demon who lived in the Demon Realm and one of minor antagonist of the series. In volume 5 he is revealed to be a member of the council in the current demon lord faction, Lust, he is the lowest ranking member.


Zolgear was a tall man who wore a red jacket with yellow-padded shoulders. He had pointy ears, white hair with matching beard as well as purple eyes.


He was very ambitious and a ruthless demon with the goal to overthrow Leohart and replaces him as the ruler of the Demon Realm. As he personally killed Mio Naruse foster parents in front of her, he was willing to use everything to get his way as ordering Maria Naruse to take Mio in order to save her mother.

It is seen that he lusts for power and women and is a big Sadist. He has forced many demons in a Master-Servant contract and uses the curse of succubus to rape them.


According to Sheila, Zolgear was originally a nice man, but losing the love of his life changed him. His quest to revive her, caused him to start researching and experimenting with forbidden magic. Over the course of his quest, he received countless injuries and curses, that altered his physical appearance to the point where people couldn't recognize him. Eventually he became the leading expert on magical life forms in the Demon Realm.


Zolgear Arc

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  • Height: 188cm