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Wind Magic
Wind Magic.gif
Name Wind Magic
Kanji 風魔法
Rōmaji Kaze Mahō
User(s) Kurumi Nonaka

Wind Magic (風魔法, Kaze Mahō) is an elemental magic, which uses wind.


Wind Magic is a common form of elemental magic, thus letting the caster uses wind in combat, which is noted to be the most overall well-rounded in combat for offense or defense. It can be used to create tornados, compressed wind bullets, wind blades for offense. For defense, if it is possible to create wind barriers to protect themselves from attacks. A skilled enough user is able to float in the air using wind as a medium.


Wind Bullets

Wind Bullets: Kurumi compresses wind and releases them as bullets aimed at her intended target almost like a Gatling gun, which even an Infinite Slayer like Basara couldn't deflect alone.

Wind Bomb.jpg

Wind Bomb: Kurumi amasses a great deal of wind all around her into a super compressed wind sphere measured to be one meter in diameter, which could cause a great deal of damage to a person on contact.

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