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The Vatican (バチカン, Bachikan) is said to be the oldest and most powerful force among the entire Hero Clan.


The Vatican is the oldest and strongest force among the Hero Clan around the world, rising to power due to their wealth and aristocracies, able to move around their base of operations under the guise of a "religion". The heroes among the Vatican who are particularly powerful are referred to as Holy Knights comprised of hearing officers and S-Class Knights from the different parts of the hero clans. At the age of fourteen, Jin Toujou has become affiliated with the Vatican, however, he returned to the "Village" after clashing with the upper echelon of the Vatican without knowing that a strand of his hair was stolen during his time there.

The current leader of the Vatican, the Holy King, Albareos who risen his position in his time in the Special Force Department after his exploits during the Great War. He and the Special Department of the Vatican later started a project to create a clone of Jin, which caused corruption due to their forbidden actions and with help from one of the Ten Gods, Reginleif became involved in their project resulting in the birth of Shiba Kyouichi who would later remain imprisoned in the Japanese Hero Clan due to him growing too powerful to control and was even far too dangerous to kill.

After the truth about Shiba was revealed, as well as the death of Albareos has left the Vatican in a panic since no one else was chosen to take his position as leader.