Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Wiki
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Name Vampires
Kanji 吸血鬼
Rōmaji Kyūketsuki
Known Members Remilia Scarlet
Nanao's Mother
Nanao Tachibana (Half-Vampire)
Known Enemies Hero Clan

Vampires (吸血鬼, Kyūketsuki) are among the species that appears in the series.


Similar to the succubus, the vampires are kin to the Demon Race in the Human World, who was known to manipulate humans and even use them to drink their blood or sometimes even utilized humans to copulate causing a thinning of their ancestral bloodline and some of them even lost some of their special abilities. However, there was a situation where an atavism would occur, then traits that were lost in the past would appear in the current generation.

Though during the historical incident of the middle ages referred to as the Witch-Hunt; the Vatican had sentenced anyone who had inherited demon blood no matter how minuscule to death and those who were just under their surveillance, there were even those framed for crimes they didn't commit. In present day, the remaining vampires that survived the Witch-Hunt are currently being hunted by the Vatican and the American branch of the Hero Clan.

There is also a unique trait among half-vampires, known as "Body Shifting". Half-vampires don't have a set gender and periodically shift between male and female bodies until reaching their eighteenth birthday, then it'll be set at what they have most of an affinity with.

Vampire Lineage

There are two known lineages among vampires, known as the "Red Lotus" Remilia Scarlet and "Pitch Black", which are two lineages of vampires known as being the strongest ones in history. Both Nanao Tachibana whose a half-vampire and her mother belongs to the Red Lotus.

Powers and Abilities

Vampires are most known for their Magic Eyes able to induce hypnosis and control individuals' consciousness, which Nanao is shown to be proficient in. Befitting their nature as bloodsuckers, when they want to make someone their servant, they would suck the blood from that person's nape, and simultaneously their blood gets imbued by magic. In short, it's a bit like a master-servant contract with vampires.

Their physical abilities and recovery abilities far exceed that of normal humans making them difficult to deal with in battle even for the Hero Clan.

Vampires can also turn their bodies into bats, mist and other things at will, as well as utilize magic. Vampires also have a unique fang, which is able to give their parents a pleasurable sensation.


  • It is rare for vampires to appear in Japan.