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The Toujou Household is the home of both Basara Toujou and his father, Jin Toujou. It later becomes the home of Mio Naruse (half-demon) and Maria Naruse (succubus), heroes (former as of Volume IX) Yuki Nonaka, Kurumi Nonaka, and Celis Reinhartd, the former servant/creation of Zolgear, Zest who later becomes Basara's maid, and the former member of the Ten Gods Chisato Hasegawa (Afureia).


The Toujou Residence is a two-story terraced house with a green painted exterior, a balcony on the second floor and a blue roof. Its basement would later be renovated due to the number of people living in the home at the time using Zest's earth-based magic and studying about renovations.

After Renovations

After the renovations, they created five rooms using the space under their garden; two of the rooms belonging to Zest and Maria each, two rooms belongs to Jin (one of them being for his camera equipment and materials), the last room in the basement is the largest, which has a master bedroom and bathroom.

Known Residents


  • After renovations, the four rooms apart of the original house belong to Basara, Mio, Yuki, and Kurumi.