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The Elders.png
Name Atsuta/Fuji/Kumano
Kanji 熱田 (Atsuta)
富士 (Fuji)
熊野 (Kumano)
Rōmaji Atsuta
Age Unknown
Gender Male Male
Hair Color Bald (Atsuta)
Black (Fuji)
Dark Blue (Kumano)
Eye Color N/A
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Race Human (Hero)
Occupation Leaders of the Japanese Heroes (Former)
Affiliation Hero Clan (Japan)
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume IX
Manga Chapter 8
Anime Episode 04 (First Season)
Voice Actor {{{voice actor}}}
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The Elders are the three leaders of the Japanese Hero Clan. As a Elder takes their position as Leaders, the three of them are given a name for their position: Atsuta, Fuji, and Kumano. Their names are based on the three mountains of Japan where the "gods" are said to reside. They are the ones responsible for Basara's exile from the Hero Clan.

After the incident involving Shiba became public to the other Hero Clan districts, Atsuta, Fuji, and Kumano all had to retire from their positions as Elders as a favor for Basara and co from revealing all the truth about Shiba and their actions leading to his revolt.


Atsuta is an elderly balding male dressed in a blue short-sleeved hoodie and light blue-green shorts, mostly seen carrying around a smoking pipe.

Fuji is an elderly male with long black hair and beard dressed in a light purple kimono.

Kumano is a spectacled elderly or middle-aged male with dark blue spiky hair that points backward and a beard.


Like Heroes, the Elders has shown to desire to protect the Human World from threats such as the demons and evil spirits. However, they have shown to mainly be self-righteous men a lot like Albareos as they decided to take in Shiba with the promise of them receiving political backing from the Vatican and the three kept the young man kept sealed within the village. Even choosing to first seal a young Basara who protected Yuki from Seito alongside Brynhildr without hesitating and soon decided to banish him despite referring to him at first as the hope of his generation.

In order to succeed in their goals, the Elders even held two heroes such as Yuki and Kurumi hostage in order to force Basara to fight Celis, even letting Shiba kill both of them if he were to lose against the Holy Knight.


At some point, the Elders took in Shiba from the current Holy King, Albareos with the promise of them receiving political backing from the Vatican and had him kept imprisoned like a caged bird.

Ten years ago, when Basara was still a member of the Hero Clan, all the adults and they viewed him as being the next hope for the generation, however, after he used Banishing Shift to eliminate a Hero possessed by a dangerous evil spirit who soon killed all of Basara's friends and adults guarding them along with eliminating their corpses. This incident caused them to make the decision of sealing both Basara and Brynhildr but soon decided to instead banish him after being defended by his father, the Nonaka Family, and several others.

Powers and Abilities

Hero Clan

As members of the Hero Clan, the Elders has abilities, which are above that of a normal human with supreme authority over the Hero Clan in Japan.


  • Each of their names are based on three mountains in Japan:
    • Atsuta (熱田) means "Heat Field".
    • Fuji (富士) means "Wealth Officer".
    • Kumano (熊野) means "Bear Field".