Takashi Hayase
Name Takashi Hayase
Kanji 早瀬 高志
Rōmaji Hayase Takashi
Age Unspecified
Gender Male Male
Hair Color Blonde
Personal Status
Status Active
Professional Status
Race Human (Hero)
Occupation Hero
Affiliation Hero Clan
First Appearance
Light Novel Light Novel Volume 2
Manga Chapter 10
Anime Episode 5
Voice Actor Go Inoue (Japanese)
Todd Haberkorn (English)
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Takashi Hayase (早瀬 高志 Hayase Takashi) is a member of the Hero Clan. He's partnered with Kurumi Nonaka, and Shiba Kyouichi. He is also a former friend and now bitter enemy of Basara Toujou.


Takashi is tall and has a well built physique due to his training like Basara.


As a member of the Hero Clan, Takashi upholds his principle to defeat the demons no matter what the cost. He's calm and collected in dangerous situations. When it comes to Basara, Takashi is a bit of a tsundere and still considers Basara to be an important childhood friend.


6 years before the series begins, Seito Ooba used the replica of the spear Reienkyo to unleash the seal on Brynhildr. Possessed by the souls sealed in Brynhildr, Seito went on a killing spree in the Village, and killed Takashi's only family member, his mother. In order to save Yuki, Basara used Banishing Shift. It went out of control and wiped out entire families and houses. Takashi's mom was lost forever.



  • His height is 175cm
  • Lives alone and learned how to cook after losing his mother