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Spirit Magic
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Name Spirit Magic
Kanji 精霊魔法
Rōmaji Seirei Mahō
User(s) Kurumi Nonaka

Spirit Magic (精霊魔法, Seirei Mahō) is a unique magic, which uses spirits as an alternate source of magic power.


Spirit Magic is magic more that is more common to those among the Hero Clan, which relies on using the nearby spirits found in the immediate area, a Spirit Magic-user such as Kurumi Nonaka is able to chant magic by either employing or contracting with a spirit using spiritual channels without even consuming her own magic power thus making her a difficult opponent.

Aside from just combat, there are various other uses for spirits, which is noted as Kurumi could use them to trace magical residue found in controlled people (by Ornis). She is able to use them as a medium to examine the area around her and alert her to immediate danger, which arises along with being able to hide using their magic. Using their power, Kurumi can also have a Certain Dream and even recreate a sense of pleasure.


Though useful, there is a number of weaknesses if this magic is used, such as if the user is inside of a barrier or location where a powerful being such as Byakko, whose power was used to make a dimensional barrier, then the user would be limited to using wind spirits and thus magic in combat.

A Spirit Magic-user such as Kurumi finds it difficult using the spirits' powers through using the spiritual channels in placing such as the Demon Realm due to the negative forces opposite to the positive forces of the Hero Clan, but this is reduced after being given an unnamed High-Class Demonic Spirit.

List of Spirits

Water Spirits

  • Undine
  • Apsaras
  • Nereids

Demonic Spirit

  • High-Class Demonic Spirit


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