Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Wiki

User Page is your own personal page where you can put any information about you, what you do in the wiki, what are your rights, as well as the projects that you are in. User Pages are automatically given on users along with your own Talk Page. But there are rules one must abide on what to put on your user page.

  • No Explicit Content: You can add everything you desire on your own page, provided that it wont be anything offensive, illegal or explicit.
  • Editing of Other's User Page: It is not allowed to alter other's User Page, especially without their consent. If you believe that there's an infraction, you may contact an Admin, and they will review the case. An exception, however, Administrators may edit a page if it violates the policy.
  • Copying: Copying other's information, codes and templates, then claiming that it is yours wont be tolerated, especially when the entire page is plagiarized. However, it will be allowed if you have the owner's consent.
    • This would also include copying the wiki's articles and putting it on your profile.