Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Wiki

Images help improve articles and user pages by adding a visual representation. Please read and obey the following rules when adding new files.

Uploading of Images:
  • Every user has the right to upload an image if they:
    • Make sure every upload includes the {{Imagebox}} containing fair use details, licensing and proper categorizing (using the "cats" parameter). Upon uploading, please give enough time to add the proper details. If not, you will be given a warning and the upload(s) will be deleted if the information isn't later implemented.
  • Fanarts will not be tolerated.
  • When uploading, be sure to give it a proper, descriptive name.
  • Be sure that the images are of high quality by uploading them in a PNG format.
    • There will be cases when JPEGs are excused, provided that it is of high quality and will be used in full size.
  • Images that are uploaded without purpose will be deleted.
  • If you wish to upload a higher quality version of a picture that already exists in the wiki, please do so by updating the image on its page.

As everyone knows, the The Testament of Sister New Devil and by extension this wiki is aimed at mature readers and the series itself is indeed suggestive and albeit slightly, still contains nudity. In accordance to that statement, there is a single yet absolute rule that must be strictly followed; an infraction will result in a block.

  • The only suggestive and/or graphic material(s) that will be allowed to be uploaded in the wiki are the ones that are from The Testament of Sister New Devil series (novel, manga, anime and so on). That means that anything outside of the series such as fan arts will be immediately deleted and a block will be guaranteed to the uploader.
  • Our image provider/s will be the ones to upload images for articles. Never use images that aren't coming from them.
    • However, if you have the ability to produce images that are on par with the image providers', then you may use your own.
  • While editing an article, make sure to know the proper format for placing images so that the articles wont look disrupted.
    • The images align to the left while next to the infobox but should alternate after this until the Abilities & Power section where the remainder of the images should stick to the right.
  • Images are usually sized 200px.
  • Pictures that are of GIF in format must be used on ability pages. It will only be allowed on character pages if it is meant to be placed on their ability section. An exception for this is user pages.