Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Wiki

Creating A Forum

When you create a forum, you must follow some rules in order to make it easier to find and to attract more editors.

  • All the forum topics must be signed. If an unsigned forum is created, it will be deleted, unless the creator instantly signs. If you keep creating unsigned forum topics, you will probably get a ban for violating the rules.
  • When you create a forum, you must add it in the correct category. If a forum is in the wrong category, or uncategorized, it will be deleted and not fixed, so be sure to add your forums in the correct category.
  • Your forum must not contain spam, trolling or images harmful for the wiki. As a wiki, we only allow serious forum that do not contain or attract spam, trolling or swearing.
  • Be respectful and bare with the other users' opinions. If you do not respect the other users and if you act like you can do whatever you want because you created the forum, the forum will be deleted and that behavior may result to a ban.

Commenting On A Forum

  • Be respectful. If you start insulting people or misbehaving your comments will be removed and if you keep doing it, you will get a ban.
  • Sign your posts. If you don't sign, it will be very difficult for the other users to figure out who commented on that forum. The {{Unsigned}} template will not always do that job and if you keep posting unsigned comments, they will be removed.