Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Wiki

Creating A Blog

When you create a blog, please note that there are some things you must avoid.

  • You must not create blogs that attract spam and trolls. If you do that, even unintentionally, your blog will be filled with useless comments that would flood the recent activity so your blog will be either locked or deleted.
  • You must not create power level blogs. That kind of blogs only attract useless comments and swearing so they will be deleted.
  • You must not steal ideas. Try to make your blogs creative and unique. If you just copy the idea for a blog from someone else, it will get either locked or deleted because it will lack originality.


  • You must not spam. Blogs usually attract spam, especially funny blog. But spamming is bad both for the wiki activity and for the blog since the users that have reasonable arguments and want to participate in the blog can't due to the spam comments. Please remember that if you spam a blog, it means that you don't respect neither the blog itself, nor the author of the blog.
  • You must not troll. The reasons are the same as spamming. Please bear in mind that if you make troll or spam comments an administrator will delete them, and if they get out of hand, the entire blog will be deleted.
  • You must not swear. If you have a disagreement with a user, please use constructive arguments and avoid insults. If you start swearing your comments will be deleted and if you keep doing it on multiple blogs it may result to a ban.
  • You must not post images with violence or explicit content. If you post that kind of images on blogs or anywhere else, you will be banned from this wiki and of course your comments and images will be deleted immediately.