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Blocking is an act done by Administrators that would either technically or permanently prohibit users from editing. This is bestowed on users not to show superiority or give punishment on users, but to end disputes and give enough time for the user to reflect on what has been done.

Everyone can request for a block by leaving a message on the Administrative Requests page, provided that you have a plausible reason and sufficient proof upon request. The Admins will study the case afterward, and depending on the severity, it maybe either settled by consoling or granting the requested block.

If you have received a block and you feel that you're not deserving, you may explain and defend your side on one of the Admin's Talk Page.

Blocking Reasons:
  • Personal Attacks, Harassment and Racism
  • Inappropriate Behavior
  • Inappropriate Username
  • Continuous Spamming
  • Continuous Vandalism of Pages / Articles
    • An immediate block will be issued if the vandalism is blatant and obvious, especially to those users who remove page content without any plausible reason.
  • Continuous Violation of the Wiki Policies
  • Continuous creation of Multiple Accounts (A.K.A Sock Puppets)
  • Excessive Edit / Revert War, especially when it's non-sense.