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Shiho Aikawa
Aikawa Shiho.jpg
Name Shiho Aikawa
Kanji 志保 相川
Rōmaji Aikawa Shiho
Age 15-16
Gender Female Female
Hair Color Brownish
Eye Color Yellow-Green
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Race Human
Occupation Student
Affiliation Hijirigasaka Academy
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume II
Manga Chapter 26
Anime Episode 01 (First Season)
Voice Actor Saeko Zōgō (Japanese)
Dorothy Fahn (English)
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Chika Aikaawa is a second-year student in Hijirigasaka Academy and belongs to class 2F. She is close friends with Mio Naruse, Yuki Nonaka, and Chika Sakaki who she is seen eating lunch with most of the time. During her first-year as a student in Class B, Shiho and Chika was both inadvertently dragged into Zolgear's plot to capture Mio, when Zest took control of her during the events of Volume III.


Shiho is a cute girl with long curly brownish hair with a series of bangs in front of the right side of her forehead and yellow-green eyes.

Most of the time, she is seen dressed in the uniform of her school, which resembles a white sailor uniform that has a black collar and black cuffs that has white horizontal stripes, an orange-colored tie hanged from the edges of her collar, a short black skirt that has a single white stripe, long black socks that has a white stripe around her calves, and also maroon-colored shoes.


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Most of her past is unknown, but Shiho was a first-year student in Class B Hijirigasaka at Academy at around the same time as Mio, Chika, and Yuki, all three she has shown to be close friends with.


  • Her surname Shiho (志保) means "Will and Sail".
    • Her first name Aikawa (相川) mean "Mutual River/Stream".