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Shiba Kyouichi
Name Shiba Kyouichi
Kanji 斯波 恭一(しば きょういち)
Rōmaji Kyōichi Shiba
Age 20s
Gender Male Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Red
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Jin Toujou (Genetic Template)
Professional Status
Race Chimera (Hero)
Occupation Hero (Former)
Personal Detective
Affiliation Vatican (Former)
Hero Clan (Former)
Toujou Family
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume II
Manga Chapter 13
Anime Episode 5
Voice Actor Daisuke Hirakawa (Japanese)
Brian Beacock (English)
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Shiba Kyouichi (斯波 恭一, Kyōichi Shiba) is a powerful Hero that the Vatican made using DNA from Jin and a High-Ranking Demon, but was later imprisoned inside the Japanese Branch of the Hero Clan. In Volume II, he was partnered with Takashi Hayase, Kurumi, and Yuki Nonaka as an Observer to eliminate Mio Naruse who had been deemed an S-Rank Elimination Threat, but the missions later ended after she was changed back into an Observation Target.

He later became the main antagonist in Volume IX, X, and XI in his attempt at revenge against the entire Hero Clan. After his defeat in Volume XI, Shiba became the sixth servant of Basara by using the Master-Servant Contract with his power. He now works for him as both a personal detective and right-hand man as his trump card for an eventual fight with the Ten Gods.


Shiba is a tall well-built young man in his twenties with long brown hair tied using red ribbons and he has been seen to be dressed in the main combat uniform of the Hero Clan. He is seen to have his eyes narrowed into slits and rarely opens them, however, when he finally opens them it shown that they are black with slit red pupils.

In Volume XI, having brought out the full power of Reginleif and by absorbing the five different elemental ki, Shiba is covered in a full-bodied armor from his magical gauntlets made using metal that's different from its foremost origins, taking form as an organic armor akin to that of a devilish exoskeleton sacrificing his humanity.

He keeps his face set in a calm yet mocking smile most of the time, which Shiba removes on rare occasions of annoyance, surprise, or anger. Shiba is later seen wearing casual clothing outside his uniform and after leaving the Hero Clan.


The thing that the Hero Clan must protect is not the world, but their reason for existence. They do things according to what they think is rightful. That's why they'll do anything and justify it if it means protecting this world from Demons. But if there is anything outside the scope of their mission, they don't even lift a finger.

—Shiba's description for the entire Hero Clan

Shiba has displayed a calm and joking personality to the point of seeming almost nonchalant about everything, it is also noted as he showed no contempt toward Basara for losing control over his Banishing Shift five years ago, unlike Takashi and Kurumi who he had to rein in. It is also shown as he showed neither anger nor surprise toward Takashi despite him using Byakko to shut him outside of the barrier used to fight against Basara.

Despite his nonchalant demeanor, Shiba does take his responsibilities as a hero serious and is noted to be quite intelligent and level-headed. He thought seriously about several locations where the seven of them could step up a proper barrier for their fight that wouldn't cause trouble with the spirits and/or the innocent people if it broke. He is also shown to be loyal to the Hero Clan and Elders despite being imprisoned for causing a certain "incident" as he followed their orders to the letter without question as he was sent to eliminate Mio as an S-Rank Target. Shiba also initially stopped Kurumi and Takashi from fighting in the barrier that the deceased Valga step up.

However, the loyalty that he had towards the Hero Clan and Elders was a facade so that he would wait to enact his revenge against them and the Vatican for imprisoning and creating him respectively, displaying a remarkable level of patience. In pursuit of his desires, Shiba will do anything, even threatening to kill both Yuki and Kurumi to get Basara to initially fight against Celis. Despite his radical goal and putting people on edge, he has an honorable side as he won't hesitate to explain them to people and never lies about them. Shiba has a firm belief that eliminating the Hero Clan will save the world, which Basara believed to an extent, but believed that the world still needs the Hero Clan. But, he won't hesitate to involve humans to achieve his desires, knowing that the Four Gods in their current state and positions would run amok, but this was pure as the last result.

Shiba is confident in his abilities and prides himself on his intellect even more than that, never minding to explain himself and give credit to people like Basara who can follow his thought process. But, his direct mannerisms can get under peoples' skin and put them on edge. Though initially he hated and cursed himself for being born as one of their experiments, he started to feel flattered that the Vatican went to such lengths to clone and recreate the power of Jin Toujou, even feeling respect for the latter.

When involved in combat, Shaba is shown to be calm and restrained, letting his opponent attack him while study and observe them know about their abilities and be prepared on them before becoming offensive himself. As his fighting prowess and abilities are mostly unknown, he has a great advantage against his opponents as Shiba knows almost everything about them while they must find out during combat.

Due to him being held in incarceration his entire life and being only an exhibit of fear for others, thus having no friends or someone as support, Shiba has very little if any sympathy for others and display cold cruelty like mocking Basara for his past, attacking emotionally on others or almost killing Takashi and crushing his head without a second thought. Despite understanding friendship and love, he has no value of them likely because he had never had anyone to feel like that, although he acknowledged that Basara´s power and reason to fight are mainly for these reasons. While Basara said that Shiba has no right to talk about bonds and love due to him being everything and everyone as tools to use to fulfill his plans, he said nothing in return knowing that it's right yet his desire for revenge for his suffering remain untouched.

During the end of Volume XI after becoming near-omnipotent and being very near to success his revenge, Shiba starts acting more arrogant as he claims that he put everything under him after dealing with Hero clan, Gods and Demons alike. He also started becoming more power-hungry, planning to absorb Basara, Mio, and the others who completed the Master-Servant Vow; including Leohart and their allies who arrived to assist them, which also became a factor to his loss.

Though Shiba ultimately loses to Basara, he was grateful to Basara and Chisato for sparing his life. He accepted the terms of Basara's contract knowing that one mistake could easily end his life. He takes solace in the fact that although he lost to Basara, he was still able to achieve his revenge against the Vatican, and Albareos died and with that little bit of solace, he agrees to obediently follow Basara. He also changed a bit after his loss, become more collected and relaxed as a result no longer being shut-in. He also fulfills his duties seriously, not just from being now Basara's servant but also seemingly from true gratitude to him. He also becomes interested in how far will Basara go compare to his father.


After Albareos, the commander of the Frontlines and Special Department in the Vatican failed to clone Jin Toujou several times using his DNA and forbidden magic with four other batches of clones. Instead of making attempts to reproduce his abilities, it was later decided that it would be better to create a far stronger being by combining the cells of mythical beasts, as well as normal and guardian spirits. After more failures and corruption caused, one of the Ten Gods, Reginleif became involved resulting in better results.

Among the thirteenth batch, Shiba Kyouichi was born and was first deemed a failure, until it was found out that he solved their issues with the corruption inside of him due to having the cells of a high-ranking demon within him, as well as convert that into power. This meant that Shiba could become as powerful as Jin causing them to focus on making him stronger. However, he started growing too powerful and Shiba couldn't be killed since the corruption stored within him could also be released engulf the entire Vatican. And couldn't ask Reginleif for help since they believed that he returned to the Divine Realm.

Unbeknownst to them, the high-ranked god tried to absorb Shiba using two armguards to attain all his powers for himself, however, he instead ended up being absorbed in Shiba granting him Reginleif's powers, memories, and knowledge. Looking for people to share to blame for Shiba's creation, in exchange for far more political power, a symbiotic relationship between both the Vatican and Japanese Hero Clan was born. Shiba would soon spend the next twenty years of his life imprisoned like a bird in a cage plotting his revenge.

Powers and Abilities

Perhaps he will be as strong as the gods themselves who reside in the heavens.

—Basara consider about Shiba's power

Hero and Chimeric Powers

Shiba chimeric being and the lone successful clone of Jin Toujou created by using his and High-Ranking Demon genetic material, being able to absorb, store, and convert corruption into power granting him the potential to rival Jin; having absorbed Reginleif, one of the Ten Gods, he became a being that the Hero Clan couldn't oppose. He emits an unnerving red-black aura different from the normal green one. In Volume X, Shiba got all the Four Gods to accept him and changed their affinities in just a few hours. Chisato herself stated that even if she fought him, she wouldn't be strong enough as he wields power on par with a God.

In Volume IX, after massing nigh-infinite ki having synced with Kouryuu, being compatible with the Five Elements, and using Reginleif's full power; he was still superior to Basara and co who completed their Master-Servant Vows. If he absorbed Kouryuu, then he would've become an omnipotent being, but lost after being unable to achieve the power of Yang due to the corruption within him and achieve balance with Yin-Yang like Basara despite having one of the Ten Gods, a major flaw in his plan. Despite losing to Basara in the end, he was a trump card for him against the Ten Gods due to his potential and knowing a lot about them.

  • Immense Strength: He has immense strength superior to that of even most heroes, being able to break the special barrier, which handled the powerful shock waves of Valga using a single light attack. Shiba was able to withstand Basara's Gravity Slash without flinching, blocked Brynhildr with one hand, then send Basara backward a great distance into the Zojoji Temple.
  • Immense Speed: Although not on par with Basara, Shiba is extremely fast and agile, being able to appear in front of Basara and Takashi without either noticing. In Volume X, combined with Ki Sense, he could avoid all Basara's attacks and react to him using Banyuusekiryoku to move at god-like speed; and even after his speed increased twofold in their last battle.
  • Immense Stamina: Shiba has tremendous stamina, showing no sign of fatigue during both his battles with Basara.
  • Corruption (穢れ, Kegare): Shiba can absorb, store, and convert limitless corruption into power; this is also applicable to living beings as he could absorb Reginleif, taking both his powers and memories. Inside him is an absolute abyss that absorbs everything even darkness. This also works as a toxin almost killing Takashi and could dilute it enough to where Basara remained alive. Despite being more dangerous than Basara, no one could kill him since it could end the Hero Clan by releasing all the endless corruption, which could infect everything it touches with death and destruction threatening the world itself.
  • Ars Decidium: This is a primordial power similar to Banishing Shift and combat form, which is able to slay both High-Ranking Gods and Demons. The main difference between Ars Decidium and Banishing Shift is that it grants him multiple abilities, as well as being what Shiba based his Ki-Based fighting style.
    • Fifth Form - Nine-Headed Kusanagi: This is the Fifth Form of Ars Decidium, where Shiba creates nine magatamas, which surrounds and entraps his intended target.
    • Eighth Form - Takemikazuchi: This is the Eighth Form of Ars Decidium, where all of the magatamas release black and red lightning restricting his target's movements before they're electrocuted.
    • Tenth Form - Kurikara: This is the Tenth Form of Ars Decidium, where Shiba uses ki to create a four-headed hellfire breathing dragon.
    • Final Form - Totsuka Blade: Ars Decidium's Final Form, where Shiba combines all five elements and enormous ki he had amassed to create a vermillion sword that releases a unique flow of energy. It is a divine blade able to cut through concepts, including Lars' Magic Spheres.
  • Ki: As a Master Ki-based Fighter, Shiba is afforded multiple abilities built on manipulating his, others, and nature's Ki. He can absorb and/or channel the Five Elements' Ki, gaining a golden aura, from absorbing earth ki. Shiba can release ki waves, damaging Takashi, despite him blocking, thus bypassing all manner of defenses; hide his presence to the point of being invisible; and control the ki found in techniques, such as Banyuusekiryoku. It's possible to absorb limitless ki from the planet, more so after Shiba syncs up with Kouryuu; while generating limitless ki, because of Reginleif's soul.
    • Ki Sense: Hinted in Volume II, as Shiba could feel both the events and fights in the barrier after being kicked out by Takashi. By sensing Ki, he can sense and predict the attacks from opponents as fast as Basara based on their presence and killing intent. He sensed Basara's corrected spiritual balance and the Ki of unborn children in their mother's womb, and discover a person's identity based upon their Ki. His senses allow him to see through the most magic barrier, but he couldn't do so in Chisato's double-layered barrier until she allows Mio and others to leave.
    • Ki Barrier: An ultimate defense technique enveloping Shiba's entire body in a flow of Ki. Attacks that would be otherwise fatal are completely nullified. Shiba is forced to use this ability after Basara begins utilizing the conceptual activation of Banyuusekiryoku to guard against the penetration of Shiba's Ki-based attacks.
    • Flight: Shiba can fly and float around in the mid-air with high-speed using his Ki.
  • Conceptual Activation: Shiba can activate both the physical and abstract concepts of Ki, which allows him to pierce through his opponent's defenses and weapons using ki punches, however, this was negated by Banyuusekiryoku's conceptual activation.

but this is ineffective against another conceptual activation like Basara´s Banyuusekiryoku.

Master Combatant: Shiba is one of the most skilled and fearsome combatants among the entire Hero Clan aside from Jin before his departure. He prefers to fight using hand-to-hand combat, being able to defeat both Celis and Takashi using Georgius and Reienkyo with little effort, almost killing Takashi and Basara in their first battle without a single scratch. Shiba can even add ki into his fighting style, making him more dangerous in either close, mid, or long-ranged combat. Although he prefers to fight using hand-to-hand combat, he's not above wielding the Totsuka Blade if the situation requires it.

Magic Expert: Shiba is highly skilled and knowledgeable in magic, being able to create a Byakko Replical using Georgius, create a perfect three-dimensional barrier around Kyoto using the Four Gods, dispel Albareos' cursed magic, and create a visual screen to view others' actions. He could understand the mechanics of magic such as the Master-Servant Contract and Vow.

Master-Servant Contract (Servant): Basara had decided to form a master-servant contract with Chisato's help to alleviate her worries about an eventual conflict with the Ten Gods. Instead of using Maria's power, he instead used his, as such, if Shiba ever betrayed him, he would be sent to the zero dimension. This contract was formed during the immediate aftermath of Basara's battle with Shiba in secret.

Other Skills

Genius Intellect: Shiba has impressive intelligence, which added onto his ludicrous power making him more of a threat. In addition to the memories and knowledge from Reginleif, one of the oldest beings, he has been afforded knowledge beyond that of even the oldest demons. Shiba's knowledge grants him an advantage against his foes, able to determine the complex natures of Banishing Shift, Banyuusekiryoku, and Solomon's Seal. He altered the natures of the Four Gods to boost his powers using the Four Elements, bringing down Kouryuu and realized that Basara and the others' growth was due to the Master-Servant Vow. He understood how Basara endured his corruption, his reasons for losing, and determined the reason he was spared.

  • Master Manipulator: He has proven to be as cunning or more cunning than the Demon Council, Albareos, and Elders able to manipulate the situation at hand more than them. Shiba acted as the Elders' tool, using their desire for political power to stir up a conflict between them and the Vatican on the fates of the Toujou Household by forcing Basara and Celis to fight, threatening Yuki and Kurumi if he didn't.[1] All to masterfully steal of the Four Gods and deceive Basara in bringing Byakko after it remained with Takashi, thus making him believe he stole Georgius as a replacement, which he planned on using from the start.[2]
  • Master Strategist: He is a masterful and flexible strategist, able to think and plan several moves ahead of even the Elders and Basara, great thinkers, in their respective groups. He could predict that Takashi would end up kicking him out beforehand. He can see through most if not all the plans, traps, and abilities of his opponents, then devise countermeasures for them. Basara admitted that he's far more sharp-minded than himself, able to accomplish feats he couldn't such as placing the Four Gods to places to suitable locations to bring out their maximum power despite the disadvantage of terrain or getting them to defeat all the Four Gods to bring down Kouryuu. Basara himself asked for his advice on his situation of the future and about his status, future plans, and decision about Celis.

Stealth Expert: By eliminating his presence with Ki, Shiba is able to walk between peoples completely undetected which coupled with his speed allows him to appear and disappear akin to teleportation. However, he can be detected by those who can sense Ki.

Skilled Detective: Due to his stealth abilities, intelligence, and cunning nature, Shiba is adept at gathering information about various things or spying others undetected from shadows.


As expected of ex-colleagues. The Ten God Reginleif is now part of my arms…since that time 20 years ago.

—Shiba explaining his gauntlets

Reginleif: One of the Ten Gods, Reginleif who had helped the Vatican in their forbidden project worked to convert Shiba into a divine vessel, then tried to absorb him using two arm guards; but Reginleif was instead absorbed and became his gauntlets. He has shown to be able to create an invisible forcefield blocking slashes from Brynhildr, with Chisato explaining that Reginleif far surpasses Brynhildr and Sakuya in terms of raw power alone.

  • Reginleif's Soul: Hidden inside of the depts of the dark abyss within Shiba is the soul of Reginleif who had vanished within him, which is the source of Shiba's infinite ki. Although it was partially destroyed, as a result of Basara, Reginleif's Soul can regenerate itself over time
  • Shiba as a corrupted Reginleif holding Totsuka-no-Tsurugi

    Corrupted Armor: In Volume XI, Shiba has allowed Reginleif to corrode him, thus fully absorbing the Ten God into himself to bring out his power, causing an organic armor akin to a demonic exoskeleton, likely due to possessing demonic cells. This armor also appears to be made from materials different from what the magical gauntlets were made from, four colors that represent all the Four Elements: Fire (red), Metal (white), Water (black), and Wood (blue). It is noted that both Fire and Metal were dominant due to Reginleif who wielded flames, both of which would later be strengthened further if Shiba absorbed Kouryuu achieving a balance with the Five Elements. However, if done under normal conditions, this process would've swallowed his flesh and mind if he hadn't accumulated the four elements beforehand. In this form, Shiba decided to sacrifice his humanity to gain even more power to kill both gods and demons alike with the armor being incredibly durable enough to handle slashes from Yuki without a single scratch.

Seiryuu: One of the four Sacred Treasures, the blue spirit sword, which contains the Azure Dragon, Seiryuu that he stole in Volume XI to enact his revenge on the Hero Clan. After Shiba was accepted as his master, he brought out the Azure Dragon in its true form and switched his affinity to the "Wood" Element letting the dragon wield wind and lightning, as well as letting him absorb the wood ki in the barrier.

Suzaku: One of the four Sacred Treasures, the red spirit sword, which contains the Vermillion Bird, Suzaku that he stole in Volume XI to enact his revenge on the Hero Clan. After he was accepted as his master, he brought out the Vermillion Bird in its true form and switched his affinity to the "Fire" Element letting the bird people various fire-based powers, as well as letting him absorb the fire ki in the barrier.

Byakko: One of the four Sacred Treasures, the spirit spear that contains the White Tiger, Byakko. At first, Shiba was rejected as his master and instead remained by Takashi Hayase, his original master's side, but Basara had soon brought Byakko to locate the three gods and was forced to place Byakko in place of his replica resulting in the original to be switched to his "Metal" Element letting Shiba amass his metal ki. Byakko had soon returned to Takashi after the young hero entered the barrier to bring him back under control.

Genbu: One of the four Sacred Treasures, the black spirit baton, which contains the Black Tortiuse, Genbu, the Strongest among the Four Gods and a unique existence that makes up a turtle and snake, which he had stolen in Volume XI to enact his revenge on the Hero Clan. After he recognized Shiba as his master and being switched to the "Water" Element, letting Genbu wield various water-based abilities, while Shiba could amass his water ki.

Georgius: After being rejected by Byakko, Shiba seemingly stole Georgius to act as a replacement, however, he planned on using it from the started to act as the divine vessel for Kouryuu as a result of its control over the Earth Element aside from Fire, Wind, and Water. Georgius was later destroyed by Basara's Banishing Shift.


  • His first name (斯波) means "Turf", "Lawn" or "Ground".
    • His surname name (恭一) means "Respectful One".
  • In Volume X, he was described as an Achilles Heel to the Vatican more so than the Hero Clan by Albareos, which refer to a vulnerable point despite their overwhelming strength or influence. It also alludes to Achilles from Greek Mythology, a Hero who was invulnerable in all spots on his body aside from his heel.
  • During his time in the Hero Clan, Shiba was considered over-talented instead of a genius.
  • Shiba is the only opponent who almost killed Basara in battle one on one as well as the most powerful foe that he ever faced so far.
  • Due to having Demonic DNA, Shiba also has the same dark element as normal demons.
    • Despite Shiba absorbing Reginleif, one of the Ten Gods who all represent Yang, he couldn't attain a balance between Yin-Yang due to the overwhelming amount of Yin (Darkness) caused as a result of the endless corruption within him.
  • After the events of volume XI, Shiba moves into Chisato's old apartment and lives rent-free.
  • Shiba's name comes from the number 48 (Shi=4, ba=8) which is a direct reference to the successful experiment in a number of trials that resulted in his creation.


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