Name Sheila
Kanji シェーラ
Rōmaji Sheera
Age Unknown
Gender Female Female
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Lucia (Daughter)
Maria Naruse (Daughter)
Professional Status
Race Demon
Occupation Unknown
Affiliation Moderate Faction
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume 3
Voice Actor Kumiko Nishihara (Japanese)
Carrie Keranen (English)
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 Sheila (シェーラ Sheera) is the mother of Maria Naruse and Lucia.


Shella looks almost identical to her daughter Maria having the same silver hair color as well as purple eyes, horns and pointy ears. When she first appears in the battle with Zolgear she is seen wearing a white lacy dress, a choker and two black ribbons in her hair.


Shella has a cheerful and caring personality, worrying about her daughter's well being. She also seems to be caring about Basara's harem and their strength.


At one time, Sheila was hailed as the most powerful succubus in the demon realm, and because of that she made many enemies. She seemed to have slight connections with Zolgear in the past as she new him as a kind man before his wife died.


Shella was kidnapped by Zolgear, and was used as a bargaining chip against Basara and his group by Zolgear.

Zolgear's main objective was to threaten Maria, who he recognized as a dangerous opponent who could cause him harm, even though she could not kill him. He thus forced Maria to betray Mio and bring her to him for his future plans.

Shella was saved by Lars / Yahiro Takigawa, who along with Basara had formed a plan to work against Zolgear and defeat him.

Maria, during her fight against Zolgear was made to think that he had killed Shella, in order to bring down Maria's fighting spirit, which nearly worked. Basara after defeating Zolgear explained that, Shella was in fact alive and safe as well.

After Zolgear's death, Shella takes in Zest as her servant, in order to protect her from the interrogation & also control of the Anti-Leohart Faction, who could have punished her for belonging to enemy faction (Zest being a former servant of Zolgear).

Shella, later transfers Zest as a servant to Basara, when he along with his family comes to visits Ramusas int the Demon Realm.

She seems to be aware of the bigger picture, and many other linked events not immediately affecting Basara though, as she is acquainted with Ramusas and Jin Toujou.

Powers & Abilities

It is revealed in volume 5 of the light novel that Sheera, in fact was a very powerful, high ranking demon in the Moderates faction. She lost half of her power from giving birth to Maria, which troubled her greatly when Zolgear revealed this to her. Sheera knew there was a large chance that she would lose her power, but she didn't mind.



  • Her name is Shella in the anime version.