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Name Seiryuu
Kanji 青龍(せいりゅう)
Rōmaji Seiryū
Age N/A
Gender Male Male
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Race God (Dragon)
Occupation Four
Affiliation Hero Clan
Four Gods
Guardian Beast
Shiba Kyouichi (Temporary)
First Appearance
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Seiryuu is one of the Four Gods and Guardian Beasts.


Seiryuu has the appearance of an enormous blue Asian dragon who has various shining markings on its slender body. His divine vessal is a blue spiritual sword.


Befitting his nature as a Guardian Beast, Seiryuu much like all the other three takes his role serious and doesn't attack his opponents unless threatened first. However, Seiryuu himself will act hostile toward those who commits acts that causes corruptions such as causing injustice. He is loyal to whoever he has recognize as his master, as such, he is neither good nor evil and merely follows the directions of his master, which lead to Shiba controlling him, as well as the other three Guardian Beasts.


Although, his exact time of birth is unknown, Seiryuu has acting as a means for the Hero Clan to combat the various threats to the Human World.


Volume IX

Volume X

Volume XI

Powers & Abilities

God Powers

As one of the Gods and the Eastern Guardian Beast, Seiryuu has immense power, which has assisted the Hero Clan in their battle against their enemies and bestowed them to his current master.

  • Wood Manipulation: After Shiba took control over him, he resets Seiryuu to his original state, letting him command over the Wood Element, which allows him to control wind, lightning, and plants. Although, he is shown incredible command over wind, letting him form wind barriers strong enough to block strikes from Yuki using Sakuya.


Seiryuu: His current vessel is a blue spirit sword, which several renowned Onmyōji poured their powers and was strengthened by the faith of numerous people, which granted it tremendous power.