Rikka Kajiura
Rikka Kajiura
Name Rikka Kajiura
Kanji (梶浦 立華)
Rōmaji Kajiura Rikka
Age Unknown
Gender Female Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Blue
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Race Human
Occupation Student Council President
Affiliation Hijirigazaka Academy
First Appearance
Voice Actor Yuu Shimamura
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'Rikka Kajiura' (梶 浦 立 華 Kajiura Rikka ) is a sophomore of the Hijirigasaka Academy and also is the President of the Student Council Academy


She is a young teenager with a slim build. She has long hair that is tied in a braid placed on the right side of her face. She wears her Hijirigasaka Academy girls' uniform with high black stockings.


She has a serious character and as the President of the Student Council Academy seems to have a very strong sense of responsibility


She is a member of the Organizing Committee for the sports festival. She once had a problem with a third year senior (senpai) who was insulting her behind her back, later Basara confronted that senior (senpai) and ended the conflict. She then asked him to join the Sports Festival Organizing Committee.


She seems to be interested in Basara, and requested him to join the council not only for his good performance, but also to check if she really was attracted to a person of the opposite sex (gender).