Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Wiki

Name Reginleif
Kanji レーギンリーフ
Rōmaji Rēginrīfu
Age Unknown
Gender Male Male
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A
Personal Status
Status Deceased (Absorbed)
Professional Status
Race God
Occupation Ten Gods (Former)
Affiliation Divine Realm (Former)
Ten Gods (Former)
Vatican (Former)
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume X (Mentioned)
Manga N/A
Anime N/A
Voice Actor N/A
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Reginleif is a High-Ranked God from the Divine Realm and a member of the Ten Gods. He assisted both the Vatican and their Researchers to make powerful clones using the genetic material of Jin Toujou despite it being against their teachings causing their project to flourish and giving birth to Shiba Kyouichi.

In his pursuit of power, Reginleif attempted to absorb Shiba inside two armguards, but in the end, he ended up being absorbed inside himself resulting and disappeared, but his soul remained for Shiba to use, granting him infinite spiritual Ki.


The physical appearance of Reginleif in his Togami form is unknown.


Despite most of Reginleif's personality being unknown, he seemed to be somewhat of a hypocrite as he had helped the Vatican in their cloning project despite it being against their teachings as it caused corruption that could swallow the entire Hero Clan, while also being dutiful as he was careful to ensure that too much corruption wasn't caused from using forbidden magic and techniques.

Reginleif has shown to be power-hungry despite already being one of the strongest among the Ten Gods ever, since he desired to absorb Shiba, because of his power to absorb corruption, then convert that into more power for himself. He also seemed to be arrogant, for his power and ranking between gods, which ultimately let him underestimate Shiba and ended up being absorbed him instead.


Reginleif became involved in the experiments of the Vatican who attempted to create strong cloned warriors using the DNA stolen from Jin Toujou who was hailed as the Strongest Hero born among the Hero Clan even at the age of fourteen.

After seeing that the clones were all failures, causing them to instead create a more powerful being by utilizing his DNA mixed with those of other creatures, which resulted in corruption due to their actions. This soon progressed into the thirteenth batch of clones, where Shiba Kyouichi was born. However, due to the nature of his unique trait to absorb and convert corruption, then turn it into power, it resulted in Reginlief himself being absorbed into Shiba.


Volume X

Reginleif first appeared in the Vatican as a high-ranking god who decided to assist them in their failed attempts to create a powerful clone of Jin Toujou and to ensure that too much corruption wasn't created due to their actions in continuing this forbidden project. He also bore witness to Shiba Kyouichi who was first viewed as a failure, until all researchers realized he was the hope that they all sought as he could absorb and convert all the corruption which was almost boundless meaning he could become as strong as Jin. And so, they focused on making him stronger, however, when Shiba started to become too powerful they sought the high-ranked god's assistance, but he soon vanished seemingly back to the Divine Realm.

Upon the arrival of Chisato Hasegawa, she realized that the armguards that Shiba wore were, in fact, Reginleif, a member of the Ten Gods. Revealing that twenty years ago, the high-ranked god who was both assisting them and pulling the strings behind Albareos. After he realized that Shiba could absorb limitless corruption and convert that into power, he desired to have that power for himself, then started to convert him into a divine vessel for himself in secret without no one in the Hero Clan realizing.

In the end, Reginleif tried to absorb him using two armguards, however, he had overlooked three things: one was that Shiba could do more than just absorb and store corruption; he was on a different level than a mere container, and worst of all, Shiba was aware of all this, then instead of Reginleif absorbing him, Shiba ended up absorbing the god becoming a being that no one in the Hero Clan wanted to mess with.

Power and Abilities

God Powers

As one of the highest-ranked gods in Heaven, Reginleif is stated to be one of the strongest members among the Ten Gods. After his power and knowledge were passed onto Shiba, who managed to absorb him, he became a being that the Hero Clan couldn't handle. In Volume X, after Shiba brought out his full power, he came superior to Basara who makes his Master-Servant Vow with his girls.

  • Fire Manipulation: In Volume 11, Basara implied that Reginleif might've been able to create and control fire as his main attribute due to it being the dominant among the Five Elements imbued into Shiba's armor.

Other Skills

Keen Intellect: Befitting one of the oldest beings, Reginleif has knowledge beyond that of heroes and demons, it was proven as he knew the method for converting Shiba into a divine vessel for himself with no one in the Vatican realizing it. It is further proven as Shiba was afforded information suitable for his revenge on the Hero Clan due to the knowledge that the Ten God attained.


  • Reginleif's name is a reference to a female valkyrie whose name both means "Power Trace" and "Daughter of the Gods".