Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Wiki
Name Ornis
Kanji オルニス
Rōmaji Orunisu
Age Unknown
Gender Male Male
Hair Color None (Dark Brown as Mamoru)
Eye Color Blue (Gray as Mamoru)
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Race God
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume IV
Manga Unknown
Anime Episode 2 (Disguise)

Episode 02 (Second Season) (True form)

Voice Actor Kenjiro Tsuda
David Vincent (Englsh)
Image Gallery

Ornis is a god disguised as one of the teachers Mamoru Sakazaki of the Hijirigasaka Academy and also one of the antagonists in Shinmai Maou to Testament. He was originally sent to the human world with the task of observing Chisato.[1] [2]


Ornis possessing a pair of glowing blue eyes and a thinner physical attribute(more to be added because he was wearing a god armor).


Being one of the "staff" of the Hijirigasaka Academy, Ornis as Mamoru Sakazaki often acts as a benevolent teacher who cares for his students in the school.

Behind his benevolent and calm deameanor, however, masks his sadistic, manipulative and arrogant demeanor. Ornis generalizes all beings, especially Demons and Humans as inferior to those from the Divine Realm. For this reason, he goes to extreme length to preserve the pride, purity, and self-proclaimed justice of the gods, even if he had to kill people to do so.

Additionally, because of his obsession with Afueria due to her natural beauty and status, he was willing to defend her chastity from anyone no matter the cost,[3] even killing Sakazaki who simply wanted to get closer to her.[4]

Despite his sadistic nature, in the anime, he did save a female student who was being sexually assaulted by Sakazaki.[5]


Much about his past hasn't been revealed, in the anime, it has been revealed that he killed Mamoru Sakazaki, a teacher who has committed several sexual assaults against female students, while in the light novel, Ornis killed Sakazaki due to his attempts at getting closer to Chisato.



  • It is possible that Ornis was in love with Chisato, which explained how obsessed he was with her and anger towards Basara.



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