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The Morderate Faction (内輪派, Uchiwa-ha) is among the two main factions in the Demon Realm.


The Moderate Faction is among the largest factions within the Demon Realm, which was started by the previous Demon Lord, Wilbert. Due to his leadership skill, charisma, and most of all his immense power, which earned him the moniker the "Strongest Demon Lord", the Moderate Faction held almost supreme authority inside the Demon Realm. This faction's desire was to put an end to the seemingly neverending conflict with the Heroes and Gods in an attempt to finally find peace for both the Demon and Human Realm.

However, Wilbert came to the conclusion that his immense power and influence was stirring up the more hawkish demons and knew that it would result in far more conflict. And to end this issue, he faked his death soon after the Great War had ended after transferring his powers into his lone child, Mio Naruse as a defensive measure and he took in the identity of his made up older brother, Ramusas. His desire soon became to use politics to achieve his goals, but in faking his death, the Moderate Faction also lost most of their considerable influence.

However, another issue arose after Leohart, a powerful and skilled war hero in the Great War took the position as Demon Lord causing the birth of the Demon Lord after being elected by the Cardinal Sins. Their conflict reached its boiling point with the arrival of Mio Naruse joined with the members of the Toujou Household in Volume VII and it caused the tournament to decide the fate of the Demon Realm, as well as the one who would win Mio and then take the power of the previous Demon Lord.

Their battle soon ended after the defeat of the Demon God, Chaos and the death of the Cardinal Sins resulting in the alliance between the Moderate and Demon Lord Factions.


Name Position Status
Wilbert Faction Leader/Founder Presumed Deceased
Ramusas Faction Leader Alive
Lucia Second-in-Command
Ramusas' Aid
Sheila Afilliate Alive
Lars Spy Alive
Maria Naruse Affiliate
Mio's Guardian
Noel Faction Supporter Alive