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Master-Servant Contract
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Name Master-Servant Contract
Kanji 主従契約魔法
Rōmaji Shūjū Keiyaku Mahō
User(s) Maria Naruse
Chisato Hasegawa

The Master-Servant Contract (主従契約魔法 Shūjū Keiyaku Mahō) is a unique magic that was created by ancient demons to prepare for their battle against the God Tribe and it is used by a number of high-ranking demons.


The Master-Servant Contract is a kind of magic that ties the souls of two people together, which also makes them aware of one another's locations.[1] However, it's been shown this can be negated utilizing a barrier as shown when Mio Naruse was kidnapped by Zolgear and taken to his manor.


Master (magic circle)

Whenever used in the Human World, users of the Master-Servant Contract would need to wait for the full moon in order to either activate and/or cancel it. It doesn't apply in the Demon Realm as several High-Ranking demons are able to use it at any time.[2] The ceremony required to activate it entails both Master and Servant to stand in the middle of a magic circle, then a magic circle would soon appear on the back of the Master's hand, then the Servant would need to kiss it in order to perform the "Kiss of Devotion", in which the magic circle appears and that would establish the contract.[3]


Aside from being able to tell one another's location, a curse would activate whenever the Servant either betray or feel guilt towards their master, and is shown by the varied colored collar that appears around their neck. Though the curse, which occurs varies based on whatever magical nature was used in order to form it. Another effect of the contract is that it increases the power of both the servant and the master as the servant's loyalty grows.

Maria Naruse, who used her nature as a succubus causes an aphrodisiac that will increase the more the Servant continues to increase the resist their Master, causes them to faint and their brains will even be fried.

Basara Toujou, who used his nature to form a Master-Servant pact with Shiba Kyouichi would result in him being sent to the zero dimension if the curse activates.


There are certain levels in the Master-Servant Contact, which is signified by the specific color of the collar, which appears around their neck: Blue is the lowest and basic, which represent the low trust that a servant has toward their Master. Violet-Blue is the second stage and color that the collar turns, representing their growth in trust in their Master. The second highest is Violet-Red. And the highest maximum limit of the Master-Servant Contract is Crimson Red, which a Master and Servant could reach the Master-Servant Vow.


Master Servant
Basara Toujou Mio Naruse
Yuki Nonaka
Chisato Hasegawa
Maria Naruse
Kurumi Nonaka
Nanao Tachibana
Celis Reinhartd
Shiba Kyouichi
Liala Leohart


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