Master-Servant Contract
Mio Naruse (Opening)
Name Master-Servant Contract
Kanji 主従契約魔法
Rōmaji Shūjū Keiyaku Mahō
User(s) Maria Naruse
Chisato Hasegawa

Master-Servant Contract Magic (主従契約魔法 Shūjū Keiyaku Mahō) is a spell used by Maria, Shella, and Chisato. It was originally created by beings that were released from the Divine Realm during ancient times. Those beings released from the Divine realm would one day become demons. They used the master-servant contract to increase their power, and vowed to one day return to the Divine Realm.



The spell aims to form a master-servant contract which unites two people, making the two aware of each other's locations.[1] However, that's only a side effect of the spell, as the real purpose of the spell is to maintain the subordinate's loyalty,[2] and disobedience would cause an effect.[3]


The Spell Backfires

The Magic circle

It was stated by Maria that succubus can use this magic on a full moon (some exceptions do apply however, as while in the demon world it can be used at any time, as seen with Zest's contract), and it can also negate the contract as well.[4] Upon activation, a large circle with a star inside of it, decorated with ornate designs will appear.[5] The one who will take the role of the "master" will chant a spell, and a Magic circle would come out of the chanter's hand, while the other one, who takes the role of the "slave" (subordinate) has to perform the "kiss of devotion" on the said circle, and that would establish the contract.[6]


If the subordinate disobeys or betrays the master, a curse would activate, manifesting a retainer-mark, and it would appear on the neck of the subordinate, the effect tends to vary depending upon the magic used in the contract, for example the succubus magic materializes as an aphrodisiac that increases the subordinate's sexual desires. If Basara's banishing shift is used, the subordinate is sent to the zero dimension if the curse activates. Another effect of the contract is that it increases the power of both the servant and the master as the servant's loyalty grows.


Master Servant
Basara Toujou Mio Naruse
Basara Toujou Yuki Nonaka
Basara Toujou Zest
Basara Toujou Chisato Hasegawa
Basara Toujou Maria Naruse
Basara Toujou Kurumi Nonaka
Basara Toujou Nanao Tachibana
Basara Toujou Celis Reinhartd
Basara Toujou Shiba Kyouichi
Liala Leohart


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