Maria Naruse
Maria 01
Name Maria Naruse
Kanji 成瀬 万理亜
Rōmaji Naruse Maria
Age Unspecified
Gender Female Female
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Wilbert (Father)
Shella (Mother)
Lucia (half-sister)
Mio Naruse (half-sister)
Unborn Child
Professional Status
Race Demon
Occupation Student
Mio's Guardian
Affiliation Toujou Household
Moderate Faction
Hijirigasaka Academy (First-Year Student)
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume I
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Season 1 Episode 1
Voice Actor Kaori Fukuhara (Japanese)
Kira Buckland (English)
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Maria Naruse is a succubus and Mio's guardian. She is the daughter of Shella, Lucia's sister, and one of the main female protagonists.


Maria is a beautiful girl with long silver hair and purple eyes. She is a loli. Upon turning into her succubus form, she wears a very revealing outfit.

In Episode 10, she transformed to be a grown, curvy woman as she was ordered to dominate Basara.


Maria is rather childish and likes teasing people no matter how serious the situation. She prides herself on trying to make light of most situations to counter the seriousness of Basara and the rest of the harem. She's often referred to as being the "problematic" member of the family due to how brutally honest she is about her feelings and desires.

Being a succubus, Maria naturally feeds off of the lewd situations. In the first half of the series, she's primarily scheming and watching Basara engage in lewd acts with the rest of the harem in order to deepen their bonds. However in the second half of the series, she becomes an active participant in the lewd situations, and even discovers that she's a bit of a prude and a masochist when it comes to others watching her engage in lewd acts with Basara.

Outside of being a prankster and tease, Maria has a vulnerable side. As a child, she was repeatedly told that her mother's appearance was her fault. Maria then internalized that, and spends the majority of the series blaming herself for her mother's condition. She also has moments, quite a few moments, where she's brought to tears and questions her worth and role in toujou house.

She's in love with Basara, as with the other members of the harem. However unlike the other girls, Maria often pushes her feelings down, and rationalizes it by saying "she's supporting Basara deepening his bonds with the other girls". She has some moments though where she puts her feelings first, and rewards herself with quality time with Basara.

Maria also values the other girls in the harem and is good friends with them. She's good at keeping some of the more embarrassing secrets of some of the girls, and does everything she can to help when they might be in a pinch.



Maria was born the illegitimate daughter of the then current Demon King Wilbert and a succubus of great renown Shella. In the same way that Wilbert gave the majority of his power to his first Daughter Mio, Shella also decided to gift the majority of her power to Maria, which as a side effect has reduced Shella to a weakened and younger looking form.

Six month's prior to the series start Maria was sent to rescue Mio whose adoptive family was under attack by the Demon Council Member Zolgear, the two of them narrowly escaped thanks to Maria temporarily unlocking her full power. Since then, the two of them were on the run until they were found by Jin Toujou, who tricked them into trying to brainwash him, into taking them in under the pretex that he was going to marry their mother.

Plot Twist - Guardian Devil Of Mio Naruse

Powers & Abilities

Maria is the groups brawler. Her melee fighting style focuses on using her agility coupled with heavy punches and kicks to defeat her opponents.

  • Super-Human Strength: Despite her small size, Maria is a strong succubus. Her skills can't be compared to Basara considering he easily overpowers her, even after being rusty due to his exile from the Village.
  • Master-Servant Contract: She's able to use her succubus abilities to create master servant pacts, partially distort peoples memories, and make people succumb to lust and carnal desire.
  • Magic Key: Maria has a trump card given to her by her mother Shella. This form increases Maria's physical strength and succubus abilities.
  • Gravity Magic : After losing to Lars in volume 7, Maria decided she needed to get stronger and started to train with Basara. She ultimately discovers that she can emit a crimson aura and manipulate gravity like Mio and Basara. She isn't particularly good with it though and it puts strain on her body because she doesn't entirely understand how it works at first.
  • Gravity wave: During her battle against Balflear and his Legion in volume 11, Maria channels gravity magic into her fists and punches the ground to create a crimson shockwave to help her deal with Legion.
  • Reverse Magic Key: After completing the vow with Basara, Maria learns the truth about her birth and unlocks her true power. During the battle with Kouryuu, Maria uses the reverse magic key. instead of turning into an adult succubus, Maria stays in her normal size, but gains immense physical power and speed. The cost associated with using this power is that it depletes Maria's life force.


  • B64-W48-H65 AA
  • Weight 32kg
  • Height:139cm
  • Plays the trial version and reads the reviews of eroge games in order to help Basara with the harem.
  • Her first sexual intercourse was vaginal
  • Main cook in the Toujou house alongside Zest.
  • While not holding much substance, her fake ID says that she was born 29.09.08 with the 08 likely meaning 2008, however we don't know what the current time is in the series, so it's likely irrelevant.
  • In the Arashi/Storm manga, it's revealed that Maria has a fear of zombies.
  • She is very fond of animals, especially cats.

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