Mamoru Sakazaki
Mamoru Sakazaki
Name Mamoru Sakazaki
Kanji 坂崎 守
Age Unknown
Gender Male Male
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Gray
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Race Human
Occupation Teacher
Affiliation Hijirigasaka Academy
First Appearance
Light Novel Unknown
Manga Unknown
Anime Episode 2
Voice Actor Kenjiro Tsuda (Japanese)
Harvey Manfrenjensen (English)
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Mamoru Sakazaki was one of the teachers of the Hijirigasaka Academy. It is later revealed that he has been killed by a God named Ornis before the series.[1].


Sakazaki is a normal-looking man, having dark-brown hair and gray eyes. In the scenes where he shows up, he is using a white shirt and black pants.


Being one of the staff of the Hijirigasaka Academy, Mamoru is often seen as a benevolent teacher who cares of his students in the school.

In the anime, behind his benevolent and calm personality, however, masks his manipulative and sick nature as it was revealed during the series that he used to trick his female students into letting him commit sexual acts to them before his death by Ornis.


Not much is known about his past, aside from in the anime, Chisato revealing that he committed several sexual acts against a number of female students against their before his death.

In the light novel, it is stated that he was killed by Ornis due to his attempts at becoming close to Chisato (real name Afueria).





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