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Magic Sphere
Magic Spheres.gif
Name Magic Sphere
Kanji 魔法球体
Rōmaji Mahō Kyūtai
User(s) Lars

Magic Sphere (魔法球体, Mahō Kyūtai) is a unique power that Lars is able to use.


Lars is able to create and control multiple magic spheres, which gives off an iridescent light. Although their exact origins were unknown, all of these spheres have been noted to be able to move at high-speeds to attack their intended targets and explode on contact, which causes a great deal of damage at close-range, while making them difficult to avoid. Despite seeming dense, these magic spheres are able to also merge into a single enormous sphere to cause far greater damage, while all the smaller ones can attach themselves to their targets.

In Volume XI, it is later revealed that these Magic Spheres aren't made up using the same Dark Element, which is used by Demons, they are instead made up of universal matter from a different universe altogether making them the only things that thing in existence that could penetrate the barrier of Kouryuu.


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  • Lars' Magic Sphere is the third power whose exact origins are still unknown and originate from somewhere else, the first being the Banishing Shift and the second being Ars Decidium.

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