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Lightning Magic
Lightning Magic.gif
Name Lightning Magic
Kanji 雷光魔法
Rōmaji Raikō Mahō
User(s) Various
Mio Naruse

Lightning Magic (電光魔法, Raikō Mahō) is an elemental magic, which use lightning.


Lightning Magic is a common form of elemental magic, which let the caster uses lightning in combat, the most basic usage being releasing lightning from their hands, and lightning bolt would hit their intended target, engulfing them in a torrent of lightning.[1] It also has the additional aftereffect of causing a paralyzing effect, which can stun individuals after being struck for a period of time.

Lightning Magic is also the common magic of Mio Naruse, who is noted to be able to use a number of different voltages such as 50k volt depending on the situation. Although in most situations, she is noted to use this on Basara whenever anything perverted occurs such as when he walks in on her taking a bath, however, in these situations, it was caused due to Maria.


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