Leohart has encountered several people in his life, friends, allies, rivals, and enemies.



Liala is the older adoptive sister of Leohart and he has proven to be protective of her along with being in love in with her.


Balflear was among of Leohart's supporters before his eventual betrayal.


Gald is among of Leohart's most trusted supporters and is willing to fight on his behalf, remaining loyal even after losing one of his arms.



Toujou Household

Jin Toujou

Leoheart fought against Leohart during his sneaking into the Demon Lord castle and appear to show a hint of respect for his capabilities as a War God.

Basara Toujou

Similar to his father, Leohart has a hint of respect for Basara as a combatant as shown during their battle against one another. This is first proven, as he didn't want to see the results of him falling to his "death". During their joint fight against Chaos, both Leohart and Basara realized one another's abilities and fought in a manner that wouldn't hinder the other.