Kurumi Nonaka
Kurumi 01
Name Kurumi Nonaka
Kanji 野中 胡桃
Rōmaji Nonaka Kurumi
Age 14
Gender Female Female
Hair Color Blue Violet
Eye Color Yellow
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Yuki Nonaka (Sister)
Shuuya (father)
Kaoru (mother)
Unborn child
Professional Status
Race Human (Hero)
Occupation Student
Student Council
Affiliation Hero Clan
Toujou Household
Hijirigasaka Academy (First-Year Student)
Moderate Faction
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume II
Manga Chapter 10
Anime Episode 05 (First Season)
Voice Actor Iori Nomizu (Japanese)
Cindy Robinson (English)
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Kurumi Nonaka (野中 胡桃, Nonaka Kurumi) is a Hero and the younger sister of Yuki Nonaka. She is an Element Master with a strong connection with the spirits. Upon joining the Toujou household in volume 4, she becomes one of the main female characters in the series.


Kurumi is a petite, young girl who is surprisingly developed for her age. She has blue-violet hair held up in a ponytail by a white scrunchy and yellow eyes like her sister. Her battle outfit tightly wraps around her slim figure and is the typical attire for female Heroes which is a navy blue leotard with a black collar and a white skirt. Kurumi chooses to wear short tights underneath and her limbs are covered by her Spirit Armor with her Spirit Gauntlet on her left hand.


Kurumi is very protective of her sister and held no sympathy to Basara after the incident 5 years ago, unlike Yuki. She was initially aggressive towards Basara during their reunion due to the grief Yuki suffered from losing him. The young hero didn't hesitate to attack Basara but later warmed up to him after their fight.

Kurumi quickly developed close bonds with the members of the Toujo residence. Kurumi is described as having a certain innocent nature about her that riles the Succubus instinct to make her sink into the depths of depravity, and for this reason quickly becomes the sexual plaything of Maria, as well as her close friend.

Their close proximity also forces Kurumi to confront her long-standing feelings for Basara. At first, she does so shyly, having her spirits simulate a muted dream for her for a couple of months in a row. Then the actions of the Succubi Lucia and Shella forcibly brings these feelings to the surface by cursing her and making Basara subdue her, repeatedly.


Back when Basara was still part of the Hero Clan, the lively Kurumi had been like a little sister to Basara. Her magic was a lot weaker back in those days with her barriers noted to be weak enough for Basara to cut through. She became stronger over the last few years for her sister's sake.


Volume II

Kurumi and Takashi Hayase volunteered for the elimination mission against Mio Naruse after receiving Yuki Nonaka's report. Kurumi was with Takashi when he slays a stray demon. When asked if it was alright for her to take part in this mission against her childhood friend, Kurumi states her determination to get the job done, even if it means fighting Basara Tojo.

While Yuki was about to approach a cashier to buy some clothes, she was dragged out of the line by Kurumi. Kurumi explains what the new mission decided by the village is to her sister. They both leave the shopping center without telling anybody. During the Hero group's reunion with Basara, she aims a ball of lightning at Basara but Mio attempts to block the attack with her magical barrier although she was overwhelmed by this.

When Basara says her name, Kurumi shouts at him to not refer to her while calling him a traitor. Kurumi angrily shouts her disbelief at Basara for protecting the previous demon lord's daughter after what her sister went through the last five years. When Maria Naruse tries to strike her, Takashi defends the attack. This battle was stopped by the destruction of the barrier that separated the space from the real world.

Shiba Kyouichi scolds Takashi and Kurumi for fighting in a barrier in those conditions and the three Heroes left together after postponing the match until a week after. On the day of the appointed battle, Kurumi arrives with the other Heroes. Whilst there, a duplicate barrier that shifts dimension is formed right in front of her eyes. As soon as the battle starts, Basara charges towards Takashi but slips past him and continues on towards Kurumi and Yuki.

Seeing this, Kurumi begins chanting and as Basara aims for Yuki, Kurumi blasts him with a gust of wind which sends him flying a couple of hundred meters above the ground. She follows him up in the air and overtakes him with an even faster wind. Kurumi uses a prepared magic circle to release a torrent of fierce gusts at point-blank range towards Basara, sending him towards the ground. After he survives, she realizes that he intended to fight her from the start.

Kurumi begins taking things seriously as she flies past rooftops while constantly attacking Basara with the wind. As Basara runs up a wall after merely dodging one of her attacks, she uses gale magic to chase him from behind but shoots compressed air from the top which later creates a three-meter radius crater after Basara dodges it. She hovers towards Basara who landed on the opposite building but he suddenly jumps towards her by using Brynhildr as a stepping stone and strikes her in her stomach by rematerializing the blade.

Although Kurumi was surprised by this, she managed to form a magical barrier in the nick of time which repelled Brynhildr. Using this situation, Kurumi blows Basara with a torrent of turbulent air, crashing him into a nearby office building. As Basara continues to fly through obstacles, he is finally stopped by a huge, steel locker. After a brief discussion with Basara, Kurumi begins focusing her wind around her right hand, compressing a mass of air to the limit which had a diameter of 1 meter.

She released the air towards his stomach but it dissipated. Kurumi is dumbfounded by this and remembers Basara's old ability, Banishing Shift. As she tries to summon a barrier to defend against Basara's strike, it doesn't appear. She realizes Banishing Shift was used on both her wind magic and her channel to her spirit but it was already too late.
V2 229

Basara saving Kurumi

Basara's slash sends her flying into the air and as she falls down from the building, Basara saves her by grabbing her and landing, absorbing the shock of the fall on his knees. Safe on the ground, she tells him to let her go and as he does so, it reveals her bare skin on her right side of her outfit which was torn from the attack.

She hastily tries to cover herself but pain shoots through her which was due to a broken rib or two. She loses her animosity towards Basara and remembers the compassion he once felt for her. She notices her sister approaching them and tries to warn Basara to block her attack, but he couldn't respond in time.

With the knocked out Basara, Yuki tells her younger sister to look after him as she continues on to resolve the situation. During her alone time with an unconscious Basara, she then takes a good look at him since it's been five years since she last saw him, and then notices how much he's grown and how manly he looks.

After a moment of silence, Kurumi then notices that Basara is talking in his sleep apologizing to her, Takashi and Yuki blaming himself for what happened five years ago. She then realized that he was also suffering from that day if not even more than her and her comrades. After Shiba resolves the situation, the heroes return to the village to report on the situation to the village.

Volume IV

After reporting back to the village, Kurumi is assigned as additional support to her sister Yuki and arrives in time for her save Basara from a hoard of brainwashed people in a subway station. After arriving back in the Toujo residence Kurumi and Basara walk in on Mio and Yuki's latest exercise in submission, in which they have become dogs to submit to Basara.

After Mio runs off in sheer embarrassment Maria, Basara, and Yuki properly explain themselves Kurumi makes the mistake of bragging about her superior sexual prowess. Ultimately, the younger hero ends up being cursed with a Succubus curse by Maria and she has to be subdued by Basara. She also aids the other members of the Toujo residence in trying to find out who is responsible for attacking Basara.

Ultimately ends up the unwilling hostage of Ornis when he attempts to kill Basara, only for both of them to be saved by Chisato Hasegawa. Later that night, Kurumi ends up being roped into another game of submission by Maria wearing the same dog costume her sister had earlier on however they are interrupted by the appearance of Maria's sister Lucia who has come to take them to the Demon Realm.

Volume V

The members Toujo residence manage to stall their arrival until Christmas Eve. In the meantime, Kurumi ends up the favorite plaything of Maria who repeatedly curses her through a Succubus curse preparing her for the arrival into the Demon Realm, whose harsh atmosphere is difficult to endure for humans without practice or demonic power. She also utilizes her spirits to simulate romantic interactions with Basra every night.

The night of their arrival in the moderate faction city Wildarts Kurumi follows Basara and Maria into Lucia's room and witnesses Maria's punishment at the hands of the two elder siblings, and Lucia, thoroughly aroused by the act that Maria and Basara had just put on, decides to take her pent up sexual frustrations out on Kurumi, but ultimately settles for simply cursing her and watching Basara subdue her.

As thanks for entertaining her Lucia gives Kurumi a Demonic Spirit, similar to her elemental spirits, but easier for her to control in the Demon Realm, and with the added benefit of shielding her from the environment's harsh atmosphere. Unexpectedly the spirit proves to come in handy when the city comes under attack by three Heroic Spirit's and the demons Balflear and Nebra.

Kurumi and Yuki team up to defeat one of the spirits, the plan being for Yuki to distract the spirit followed by Kurumi hitting it with an attack from her Demonic spirit. Unfortunately Kurumi ends up using the charge for the spirit saving Yuki from one of the Heroic Spirit's blows, but fortunately, Yuki is able to dispatch the creature none the less.

Volume VI

In the third of Volume 6's side stories, Kurumi works to attempt to master the newly Acquired demonic spirit, without much success and ends up picnicking with Maria instead. That night, Lucia gets up in arms about Shella and Maria stealing something from her closet but gets sidetracked by Kurumi, using magic to strip her of her clothing in preparation to molest her.

According to the family of Succubi, Kurumi has a certain innocence about her, that riles the succubus instinct to thoroughly corrupt her and make her sink into the depths of depravity, hence why they've been harassing her. After Lucia is distracted by another matter Shella scoops Kurumi up and takes her back to her room and gives her a Baby Doll Negligee to replace her ruined clothes.

Kurumi is made to confess that she wishes she could have the same type of relationship Basara has with the other girls, but there is a slight problem with her getting the Master-Servant Contract. Unlike Yuki's posting which is permanent, Kurumi could be called back to the village at any time, where an examination would expose the Master-Servant contract.

If the village realizes that Basara and Mio, whom they already feared because of their immense power, have been increasing their powers by making Master-Servant contracts then a kill order would not only be placed on them but also Zest, Yuki and herself without hesitation. It is at this time that Kurumi realizes that the negligee has a powerful succubus curse placed on it and the only cure for it is to get Basara to relieve her.

Kurumi walks into Basara's room as he's already in the middle of sub-doing Zest and explains the situation to them, including her pent up feelings and sexual frustration. Zest gets the idea to create a pseudo-master-servant contract with Kurumi by leaving a hickey on her throat, with Kurumi being subdued and sexually submitting.

Later that morning Kurumi learns that her Demonic spirit has recharged it's power and is now obeying her properly. It's explained that as the former spirit of a powerful succubus the spirit is used to deriving power from sexual interactions, combined with Kurumi acknowledging and accepting her 'dark side' (her unrequited feelings for Basara) her affinity for the spirit has gone way up. She also realizes that this means that it's necessary for her to continue to have relations with Basara in order for the spirit to continue to function properly.

Powers & Abilities

Like most Heroes, Kurumi emits a green aura to release her energy. She is a Magic type fighter capable with long-range attacks.

  • Element Master: A being who borrows spirits' powers to activate magic. She can chant magic by employing or contracting a spirit through a channel without consuming her own magical power. A weakness is that if the channel between her and the spirit is removed, she won't be able to use magic.
  • Water: Kurumi has a natural affinity for water. While in the water she's able to create cyclones, water dragons, and hardened water spears to use against her opponents. Kurumi's water dragon can also be used for travel.
  • Magic Circle: A part of the process needed to open up a channel between a spirit.
  • Lightning: She can release balls of lightning at intended targets.
  • Wind: She can make gusts of wind to attack and even ride them. This allows her to fly. Wind is polymorphous so it can constantly change direction.
    • Gust: The standard wind attacks. (Unnamed)
    • Gale: A series of attacks that are repeatedly aimed at the target. (Unnamed)
    • Compressed Air: A very destructive, invisible blast of air. It can create a three-meter radius crater on the ground. (Unnamed)
    • Magic Barrier: Kurumi can immediately erect one strong enough to block Basara's close range attack although it was with the back of his sword. She's also capable of using her wind barriers to deprive spaces of oxygen.

Physical Training

As a member of the Hero's Tribe Kurumi has above average physical conditioning, able to recover from wounds at an accelerated rate and possessing above average durability, strength, and speed.

Spiritual and Magical power

Ever since she was young, Kurumi has had an astonishing affinity with spirits and possessed an innate talent to make them bend to her whims with the longest that it's ever taken her to master a spirit being a couple of days. One of the downsides to this power, however, is that Kurumi's power is tied to any nearby strong spirits.

For example, after being paired with Takashi Hayase and the wind spirit Byakko she could only rely on its wind power. Later on, though she also demonstrates a strong affinity for fire and water magic as well.

In Volume V she is given a powerful Demonic spirit by the Succubus Lucia as thanks for being Maria's friend and to ease her burden in the Demon Realm. In Volume IV she learns how to master the spirit by accepting her romantic feelings for Basara, her 'dark side', and replenishing the demonic spirit's power by having Basara do perverted things to her.

Master-Servant Contract (Servant)'''': In order to complete the vow and transfer her water element to Basara, Kurumi first had to tie a master-servant contract with him. Kurumi has struggled with the other girls having contracts with Basara, and by the power of Chisato, her greatest desire came true.


Spirit Gauntlet: This device shows the element being used by the Hero mage. Like a spirit sword, it can materialize at will.

Black Gem: Contains the Darkness element and a high-class spirit from the Demon Realm. The Gem allows her to use negative spirits as well as her usual positive spirits.


  • Measurements: B76-W51-H77(C)
  • Height: 148cm
  • Weight: 38kg
  • Her weak spots are her underarms.
  • After the events of volume 9, Kurumi openly refers to Basara as "Basara-niichan"
  • Her first sexual intercourse was vaginal.


  • (To Basara) “I’ll make you realize your mistake--- while you drown in the regret of having lost to me!


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