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Kaoru Nonaka
Name Kaoru Nonaka
Kanji 野中 薫
Rōmaji Nonaka Kaoru
Gender Female Female
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Shuuya Nonaka (Husband)
Yuki Nonaka (Eldest Daughter)
Kurumi Nonaka (Younger Daughter)
Unborn Grandchildren (+2)
Professional Status
Race Human (Hero)
Occupation Hero
Affiliation Hero Clan (Japan)
Medical Department
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume IX
Manga N/A
Anime N/A
Voice Actor {{{voice actor}}}
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Kaoru Nonaka (野中 薫, Nonaka Kaoru) is the wife of Shuuya Nonaka and the mother of Yuki Nonaka and Kurumi Nonaka. In volume IX, she welcomed her daughters home after the two got removed from the meeting between Basara and The Elders.



Kaoru is shown to be a warm and loving mother as she welcomed both her daughters home after a long time of being apart, as well as not holding a hating them for assisted Mio, who was labeled as a threat to the Hero Clan by The Elders. Like her husband, Shuuya, she supported their choice to cut ties with the clan and begin living with Basara and joining his side.

Kaoru has great faith in Basara as she trusted him with the care of Takashi, albeit with some hesitance as his medical care was her responsibility as a doctor showing her as a dutiful hero and doctor. She also trusted him with the care of her daughters after both of them decided to leave the Hero Clan and renounce their names.

Like Shuuya, Karou is great friends and an ally of Jin, as she had felt dishearted that she was forced to lie to him due to the Elders lying about the fact that Shiba was a clone that the Vatican had created, as well as the Elders deciding to keep to him to maintain their political power. But, she knew that if Jin had found out about Shiba, then he could turn his anger towards both the Hero Clan and the Vatican knowing that her daughters and Basara could get involved in the battle.


At some point, Kaoru married Shuuyua and had two daughters with him named Yuki and Kurumi Nonaka. Like her husband, she was informed about the true identity of Shiba Kyouichi as the clone is of their close friend, Jin Toujou by the Elders, but neither told him knowing what Jin would have done.

Powers and Abilities

Hero Powers

Though not much is known about her abilities, as a member of the Hero Clan, she has abilities far stronger than that of normal humans able to rival demons. Kaoru has a similar influence in the Hero Clan like her husband.

  • Healing Magic: As a Hero in-charge of the Medical Department, Basara described her as having healing magic, as she was able to treat Celis of the wounds caused by Shiba, but she was unable to heal Takashi, which Basara described as being odd for her displaying her mastery.

Other Skills

  • Master Nurse: As a member of the Medical Department in the Hero Clan, Kaoru has remarkable medical knowledge as she was able to treat Celis, but she was unable to heal Takashi due to Shiba using his ki to cause indirect damage.


  • Her first name (薫) means "Fragrant, Scented" or "Smoked".
    • Her surname (野中) means "in the middle of a field".