Jin Toujou
Jin 01
Name Jin Toujou
Kanji 東城 迅
Rōmaji Tōjō Jin
Age mid thirties
Gender Male Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Sapphire (Lover)
Raphaeline (Lover)
Basara Toujou (son)
Professional Status
Race Human (Hero)
Affiliation Hero Clan (Exiled)
Toujou Household
Moderate Faction
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume I
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 01 (First Season)
Voice Actor Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese)
Kirk Thornton (English)
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Jin Toujou (東城 迅 Tōjō Jin) is Basara Toujou's father and a former member of the Hero Clan. In the long history of the Hero Clan, Jin is said to be the strongest hero ever.


Jin is an average sized, slim man with long, brown hair and glasses.


Jin seems to be usually calm and careless but he can be very serious as seen when he explained Basara Mio's situation. According to Basara, Jin hated the Village of Heroes and its elders ever since their decision to banish Basara, after the incident with his "Banishing Shift". However, it seems that he still holds significant sway over their decision making, as he managed to convince the elders to change Mio back into a "target of observation" and to have Yuki live in the Toujou household, instead of confining her to the village as punishment.



In his youth, Jin was originally affiliated with the Vatican. His military success during the great war is what lead the demons to refer to him as the god of war. Jin had also been known to act on his own and eventually collided with the upper levels of the Vatican. Jin's fallout with the Vatican is what caused him to return to the Village. Raphaeline who had been watching over the war took interest in Jin and gave him the holy sword Balmung.

On the battlefield, Jin eventually crossed swords with Sapphire. The two of them would then have a series of battles that would change their lives forever. Raphaeline one day decided to intervene in one of their battles, and the clash of the three of their powers caused a dimensional space to unravel and suck them in. While trapped in an unknown dimension special the three of them soon grew fond of each other. The ancient evil dragon Fafnir appeared and the three of them together defeated it causing a dimensional space to unravel yet again providing a way home. 20 dragons soon appeared and Jin threw Sapphire and Raphaeline into the barrier to send them back to the human world. Jin was then stuck in the dimensional space fighting against the 20 dragons. It's heavily implied that while he was trapped in the dimensional space Jin drank Fafnir's blood and used the power he gained to defeat the 20 dragons.

Eventually Sapphire and Raphaeline make it back to Jin. The three of them then have sex, and Sapphire gets pregnant with Basara. Basara is then transferred to the womb of Raphaeline, in order to birth and raise Basara in the divine realm. The three of them would soon part ways, but promised to meet again. Raphaeline, unfortunately, wasn't able to live up to her end of the promise and was dealt a fate far worse than conventional death by the Gods. Chisato then took the baby Basara to Jin in the human world along with Raphaeline's dying wish. Jin told Sapphire the news she decided to live in exile in the demon realm.

After working with Wilbert to achieve a peace agreement between the Demons and Hero Clan. Jin's role in creating the peace agreement allowed for the Village to gain autonomy from the Vatican. Although Jin decided to live in the Village, he quit formally working as a hero since he felt protecting his son was more important than protecting the world.

When Basara's powers went out of control and he was banished from the Village, the Vatican offered to take in both Jin and Basara. Jin who was suspicious about the intentions of Albareos declined their offer and moved to Tokyo with Basara.


Jin appeared when he took Basara to meet his new stepsisters. He acted calmly during their first meeting, something that worried Basara since his future wife hadn't come yet. So Basara asked Jin for an explanation and he casually replied that the girls' mother isn't coming since she's on a business trip. Basara was confused but then his father explained to him that they were going to live together for one week in order to know if they can coexist. Six days later he and his son moved in order to live with Mio and Maria and the first two days passed peacefully. But Jin had to go on a business trip too so he left Basara in charge, giving him their first family picture.

Later, when Basara found out the truth about the two girls, Jin called him and explained the situation and the reason why he decided to take care of these two girls.

Later, he is seen inside of the demon lord castle sitting on his throne casually. He states how its an honor that the demon lord knows his name then proceeds to engage in combat with him.

Power & Abilities

As a member of the hero clan, Jin has inhuman abilities and strength. He is also very smart as he was able to figure Mio's situation as well as her future actions.

Immense Strength: He was known to be an exceptionally powerful hero, as Takigawa mentions that one of the reasons that Wilbert withdrew his soldiers from combat was because he was afraid of Jin's strength, being seen as something akin to a God of War.

Banishing Shift: Jin like Basara is capable of using Banishing Shift and Shoumetsukensen. However, Jin is able to use the ability freely without it being restricted to a counter attack like Basara.

Dragon form: Upon drinking the blood of Fafnir Jin gained the ability to transform into a giant white dragon. He only uses this form once in the series.


Balmung: Jin was granted this holy sword by Raphaeline in the Great War for his use against the demons, it is unknown whether or not it was returned or not.


  • His height is 183cm.
  • Jin is between 34 and 35 years old based on the fact that he was cloned at 14 and it's been 20 years since then.
  • He is frequently seen smoking.


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