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Jin Toujou
Jin 01.png
Name Jin Toujou
Kanji 東城 迅とうじょう じん
Rōmaji Tōjō Jin
Age Mid-Thirties
Gender Male Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Sapphire (Wife)
Raphaeline (Wife)
Basara Toujou (Son)
Shiba Kyouichi (Clone)
Unborn Grandchildren (+8)
Professional Status
Race Human (Hero reinforced by dragon blood)
Occupation Hero (Former)
Freelance Photographer
Affiliation Hero Clan (Former)
Vatican (Former)
Toujou Family
Moderate Faction
Hijirigasaka Academy (Former Student)
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume I
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 01 (First Season)
Voice Actor Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese)
Kirk Thornton (English)
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Jin Toujou (東城 迅, Tōjō Jin) is the father of Basara Toujou and is a living legend among the Hero Clan renown as the War God. He is also the lover of both Sapphire, the younger sister of Wilbert, and one of the Ten Gods, Raphaeline.

Ater he fulfills the wishes of his wives to stop the conflict between Demons and Heros and deal with his personal business, he travels to a Divine Realm to free them and is currently engaged with the Ten Gods.


Jin is a tall, slim man with long, brown hair and glasses. He is often seen wearing a white shirt and grey pants most of the time.


Thank you for looking after my kids. I came to return the favour.

—Jin before fighting against Leohart

Jin seems to be usually relaxed and carefree but he can be very serious as seen when he explained to Basara Mio's situation. According to Basara, Jin hated the Village of Heroes and its elders ever since their decision to seal Basara, after the incident with his Banishing Shift, then later decided to banish him instead after complaints from him and others who were on his son's side. However, it seems that he still holds significant sway over their decision making, as he managed to convince the Elders to change Mio back into a "target of observation" and to have Yuki live inside the Toujou household, instead of confining her to the village as punishment. He, like Shiba, is also aware of the true nature of the Hero clan, as well that most of the highter-up tier is corrupted including the leader of Hero clan.

Jin loves and cares deeply about his son as he abandoned his duties as a hero so that he could raise him without intervention from the Hero Clan and also being a living remembrance of his lovers. He was also considerate to the dangerous situation that both Mio and Maria were in as he realized their initial intention in taking over their house as their base, even letting them continue to live with Basara believing the latter could handle taking care of them in his absence. Thus much like his son, Jin values family above anything else, for him it is far more valuable than the Village or the Hero Clan as such.

Despite being a hero, Jin is rather rebellious, prefer doing things according to his own feelings and has been known to go head-to-head with both the decisions of the Vatican and other officials within the Hero Clan like The Elders, realizing their hidden natures and their willingness to do whatever it takes to maintain their positions. In the Great War, he had even fallen deeply in love with Sapphire and Raphaeline, despite the former being the sister of the previous Demon Lord even promising to live together as a family with Basara. In spite of this trait, Jin is able to kill his former Heros, for what they've done, leaving him no choice but to kill Albareos, his trusted friend from the past in cold blood for all his hidden experiments which led to the creation of Shiba and other clones as well for his non-implementation plan to lure Basara and others to the Vatican to make them his next test subjects. Despite that he is aware he can be taken down by his emotions, Jin was shown to be a calm and careful planner, knowing that if he acts wildly he could endanger Basara's life, showing a remarkable amount of patience to fulfill his goals.

He also held no hesitation to turn his wrath on the Gods themselves after what they had done to Raphaline, and did not care about their rules at all, even preparing to attack the Divine Realm, but was stopped after hearing her last message to him, then he kept his promise to bring about peace between the Hero and Demon Clans.


Even as a child, Jin was viewed as being the strongest hero, which has ever been produced not only in the Hero Clan in Japan but at others around the world. At some point, he became affiliated with the Vatican, but after continuing acting on his own colliding with the upper levels of the Vatican, Jin returned to the Hero Clan in Japan. Unbeknownst to him, a strand of his hair taken from a member of the Vatican from the age of fourteen.

After the Great War started, Jin caught the attention of Raphaeline, one of the Ten Gods who had been watching over the war and was granted Balmung. On the battlefield, he had fought against several high-ranking demons and fought against Sapphire several times. In his last meet with her, this time their battle turned into a one-on-one fight that continued until the war was officially over. It was then that Raphaeline intervened and informed them about the war ending, but both of them soon attacked separately after she intervened in their heated battle turning it into a three-way fight.

Their clash had caused a huge distortion that had them trapped in another dimension where time flowed differently and they continue to fight for a while before a special relationship formed. As they all worked together to find a method of escape, they discovered that space was home to the ancient dragon, Fafnir. Having defeated it, an exit was created, but they later found out that there were twenty other Fafnir who attacked them forcing Jin to push out Sapphire and Raphaeline, leaving him to fight and defeat the other twenty dragons by himself and drank Fafnir's blood.

Upon being saved, Jin fell in love with the demon and goddess with their relationship soon developing into Sapphire being pregnant with his son. This caused Raphaeline to decided to have their son transferred into her womb and give birth to him in the Divine Realm since Sapphire couldn't have a hero's child. The three soon parted with the promise to meet again, but Jin developed a relationship with both Wilbert and Sheila letting them form a truce.

Months later, Jin soon met Afureia who informed him about the fate of Raphaeline after giving birth to Basara and handed him over. Jin threatened to enter the Divine Realm to rescue her but he stopped after hearing her last wishes. He later visited Sapphire and informed her about what happened and had to also say goodbye to her who couldn't live a happy life with them if Raphaeline wasn't together with them.

Years later, Jin lived with Basara in the Hero Clan Village, but he wasn't involved with the incident that occurred involving him using Banishing Shift to save himself and Yuki. After hearing the Elder's decision to seal Basara along with Brynhildr, Jin decided to leave with Basara. Afterwards, the Vatican offered to take them in, but he declined after being suspicious about the intentions of Albareos and moved to Tokyo.

Power and Abilities

The Hero Clan exists to protect the world from Demons. And in its long history, nobody will deny that Jin Toujou was the strongest Hero ever. Even before the Great War, his reputation was already set in stone.

—The Vatican describing Jin

Hero Powers

Jin is a living legend among the Hero Clan, the Vatican recognized him as the "Strongest Hero" even at fourteen-years-old. During the Great War, he killed several high-ranking demons and clashed several times with Sapphire, the little sister of the Strongest Demon Lord, Wilbert, and also a powerful Demon Commander in her own right. A testament to his strength, he fought against her and one of the Ten Gods, Raphaeline, resulting in a dimensional distortion that brought them inside a dimension that belonged to the Ancient Evil Dragon, Fafnir; who all three of them soon defeated together. After pushing both the demoness and goddess outside the dimension, he defeated twenty Fafnir bodies alone and after he drank his blood causing his spirit to evolve.

Despite Jin being "passed his prime", he matched and surpassed the current Demon Lord, Leohart without even being serious, releasing a green flame-like aura, which knocked away his strongest technique. Near the end of Volume XI, he unveiled his true power for a moment in front of Albareos, scaring the color off his face who said he was far beyond Shiba already, defeating seven Shiba clones effortlessly and near the end of Volume XII, he defeated two of the Ten Gods.

  • Immense Strength: Even by normal standards in the Hero Clan, Jin is known to be an exceptionally strong hero, as Takigawa mentions that one of the reasons that Wilbert withdrew his soldiers from combat was due fearing his strength, being seen as something akin to a War God even Leohart, the current Demon Lord was greatly surprised in their initial clash and knocked back his strongest attack using brute force. Jin's strength is such than he can even deal with Gods themself.
  • Immense Stamina: He also has impressive stamina, as he fought against several battles through the Great War, mostly against Sapphire. Despite a long fight against the demoness, Jin could still fight against her and one of the Ten Gods for an extended period of time before facing off against Fafnir, then its twenty bodies.
  • Immense Speed: Jin is extremely fast being able to keep up with Leohart during their clash, then even gained the upper hand against his son during their training match.

Master Swordsman: Jin is a notable master swordsman, though he himself has stated that his skills have dulled due to not training or fighting after leaving the Hero Clan. Despite this, he was able to match and even surpassed the Leohart, the Demon Lord using sheer reflex alone, the deciding factor being their different weapons.

Dragon Powers

Due to Jin ingesting the blood of the ancient evil dragon Fafnir, which caused his spirit to evolve, he attained a number of unique powers different from that of a hero.

Well, my iteration isn’t as unrefined as Basara’s though; I’m not limited to using it for counterattacks.”

—JIn to Albareos about his mastery of Banishing Shift,

Banishing Shift: A unique power, which he gained by drinking the blood of Fafnir, letting him send anything such as both physical attacks and magic to the zero dimension, in other words, causing them to cease to exist. This is a power that Basara inherited, but Jin mastered it to a greater extent, being able to use it at will, without being restricted to a simple counter-attack. In Volume XI, he has proven to be able to use Banishing Shift without a weapon.

  • Shoumetsukensen (消滅剣, Extinction Sword): This is a variant of Banishing Shift that Jin taught Basara in Volume 7, which focuses on unleashing the eliminating power of Banishing Shift.

Dragon Transformation: After drinking Fafnir's blood, Jin attained his powers, which allow him to transform into a dragon, first causing an ancient dragon's crest to appear on him. In this form, he appears to be gigantic dragon who has a white exoskeleton, the pressure from transforming was stronger than Shiba before killing Albareos, in which caused a magnitude seven earthquake in the Vatican's inner cathedral.

Other Skills

Keen Intellect: Aside from his monstrous strength and combat prowess, Jin is a wise and clever man, being able to think about a situation in a calm manner without losing control. He could realize the reasons that Shuuya didn't tell him Shiba was his clone and that the Vatican experimented on him after he finds it out. Jin can understand the personalities and ideals of those through either talking to, observing, or even fighting him, the latter being after fighting Leohart and realizing he wasn't the source of corruption in the Demon Realm.

  • Master Strategist: He is a calm planner and thinker, able to predict the actions of those who would be after Wilbert's power if he had left Mio and Maria alone. Jin could assess the chances that Basara and the others would have against the Demon Lord Faction and Basara's chances against Leohart. This is further shown in Volume XI and XII as he was preparing for a fight against the Ten Gods and invading the Divine Realm.
  • General Affairs Manager: During his time as a student under the alias of Takehito Azuma, Jin was known as the Legendary Vice President due to his overall skills and charisma while in the Student Council; causing students to worship and even joined the Student Council because he was there. Jin earned the praise and respect from the current Student Council who still uses his ideas and the restaurant letting them rent the entire place.


Balmung: Jin was granted this holy sword by Raphaeline in the Great War for his use against the demons, it was possible that he returned it since he hasn't used it against Leohart.

Longsword: Jin is seen carrying a steel longsword, which he occasionally uses throughout the series. The most notably during his battle with Leohart in volume IV, but it later broke against Loki and is seen using a second one during his training with Basara in volume VII.


  • His height is 183cm.
  • His first name Jin (迅) means "Swift, Fast".
    • His surname Toujou (東城) means "East Castle".
  • Jin is between 34-35 years old based on the fact that the Vatican took his DNA at 14years old and it has been 20 years since then. As such, the clones came out looking 14years old.
  • He is frequently seen smoking.
  • Lucia noted that he doesn't just have the scent of a human, but also the scent of the ancient dragon, Fafnir.
  • His alias in Hijirigasaka Academy was Takehito Azuma ((あずま) 丈人(たけひと), Azuma Takehito), in which he switched his "東".
    • Takehito (丈人) means "Strong Man".
    • Azuma (東) means "East".
  • Jin could be based off the Norden Hero, Sigurd who used Gram (another name for Balmung), which he used to kill Fafnir, then bathed in his blood and ate his heart granting him nigh-impervious skin and being able to understand birds. Jin, on the other hand, had his soul altered after drinking Fafnir's blood, gaining the ability to transform into a dragon and attained Banishing Shift.
  • In series, he has an active twitter account he uses to post pictures from all his travels over the duration of the series.


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