Demon Monster
Demon Monster 01 (Shinmai Maou Testament Burst 05)
Name Demon Monster
Age Unspecified
Personal Status
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Race Demon
Occupation Unknown
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Manga [[]]
Anime Season 2 Episode 5
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The Heroic Spirits appear as giant thirty foot tall biomechanical creatures wearing armor plating.


Appropriate for a living weapon of war, the Heroic spirits are vicious and savage beasts capable of little thought beyond making simple tactical decisions and following orders.


These monstrous brutish creatures were created some odd millennia ago by the Demon Lords of the past to serve as high level weapons of war against the Gods, the Hero Tribe and their fellow Demon lords before, under unknown circumstances, being sealed away in a ancient burial site.

Zolgear served as the lead scientist in the unearthing and binding process of the spirits and after his death the work was completed bringing many of the spirits under the direct control of both the current demon lord Leohart and the Demon Council.

Volume V

Balflear led three Heroic Spirits in a attack on the city of Wildarts belonging to the Moderate Faction in a effort to both wipe them out and claim the young Mio Naruse. The three spirits were individually fought by three teams consisting of Yuki and Kurumi Nonaka fought against the first, Maria Naruse and Lucia fought the second and finally Zest fought against the third by herself.

The Two Nonaka sisters initially intended to have Yuki distract the creature while Kurumi used her newly acquired Demonic Spirit to finish it off, but after Kurumi instead uses the spirit to protect her sister Yuki ultimately hacks the spirit apart by herself incapacitating it. The two Succubus sisters force it to stay upright while they beat on it from either side eventually toppling it over the same hole in the wall that it came into the city through.

While Zest holds off the third Spirit Basara ends up finishing all three when he defeats their handler Balflear, only for Nebra to swoop in and try to kill him himself backed up by even stronger heroic spirits. The new monster however proves to be little challenge for Mio and Ramusas when they blast the spirit with demonic power, and suppress the explosion it was about to generate using Gravity magic.


  • It is unknown exactly where the name 'Heroic Spirit' comes from. Perhaps it shows the opinion of the denizens of the Demon Realm of the Hero Tribe.