Gravity Magic
Mio Gravity Magic
Name Gravity Magic
Kanji グラビティー・マジック
Rōmaji Gurabitii Majikku
User(s) Wilbert
Basara Toujou
Mio Naruse
Maria Naruse

Gravity Magic (グラビティー・マジック, Gurabitii Majikku) is a magic that is most employed by Wilbert and the members of his family.


Gravity Magic is a form of magic that lets the user wield gravity-based abilities whether it is for offensive or defensive purposes such as being used to slam their target into the ground utilizing gravitational pressure or forming a barrier around them in order to block almost any attack.

It is shown that even masters and/or those who have immense power can summon a black hole to destroy everything around them are sent their target into another dimension.

The strongest users of Gravity Magic are Wilbert, who is said to be the Strongest Demon Lord. Sapphire, the younger sister of Wilbert, who rivals Jin Toujou, the Strongest Hero and War God.


Gravity Slash: This is a variant of gravity magic used by Basara. It's the move that Basara used against Leohart to decide the fate of the demon world. It works by Basara channeling his demonic power into Brynhildr, and then releasing a powerful slash. The gravitational force of the slash crushes or traps opponents under the force of gravity.

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