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Gravity Magic
Mio Gravity Magic.jpg
Name Gravity Magic
Kanji 重力魔法
Rōmaji Jūryoku Mahō
User(s) Wilbert
Basara Toujou
Mio Naruse
Maria Naruse

Gravity Magic (重力魔法, Jūryoku Mahō) is a unique magic that is used by the previous Demon Lord, Wilbard and his family.


Gravity Magic is powerful magic, which allows the caster to wield gravitational-based powers for either a strong offense or defense whether it's slamming their target into the ground with downward gravitational pressure or creating a barrier around them allowing the caster block almost any kind of attack.

A master of this form of magic who possess immense power has proven to be able to create a black hole that is able to eliminate everything around them and even sending their target inside of another dimension as first shown with Chaos who was far more susceptible to it because of gravity magic could influence space and dimensions, which the Demon God couldn't even cross.

The strongest users of Gravity Magic are Wilbert, the Strongest Demon Lord. Sapphire, the little sister of Wilbert, who rivals Jin Toujou.


However, this magic has proven to be difficult to control and wield if the caster doesn't have enough power and/or skill as shown with Mio Naruse, a High Wizard, and Basara Toujou. After overusing it, Mio lost consciousness and even "Ramusas" wasn't able to use this despite his power further showing how difficult it is to control it.


Basara's Techniques

Gravity Slash (重力斬りつ, Jūryoku Kiritsu): This is a simple yet powerful technique, which employs gravitational magic, which Basara Toujou uses. Gravity Slash was first used against the current Demon Lord, Leohart, in which works he channels demonic power into Brynhildr, then release a powerful slash able to crush or entrap opponents under the gravitational pressure.

Banyuusekiryoku (万有斥力, Universal Rejection Power): This is a far more complex and a more powerful move compared to the Gravity Slash, which is opposite to Banishing Shift. Banyuusekiryoku was first used against Celis Reinhartd, where he controls and amplifies his gravitational powers to create an infinite space that stores attacks instead of eliminating them making it a complete defense against physical and magic attacks. Whenever used in a more offensive and active manner, Basara is able to move at the speed of those belonging to the realm of gods.

Mio's Techniques

Hellfire Magic: This is a magic, which Mio Naruse had created combining both Gravity and Fire Magic.

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  • The usage of gravitational magic was initially thought of being a specialty unique to Wilbert, however, those among his bloodline has shown to be able to use it as well such as his sister, two daughters, and nephew.