Ten God
ShinmaiMaou Togami
Name Ten God
Kanji 十神ア
Rōmaji Togami
Known Members Chisato Hasegawa
Basara Toujou (Half-God)
Known Enemies Demon

The Ten God's are the highest ranked beings of the Divine Realm. Generally speaking, they don't step outside of the Divine Realm. In order to protect the world against Demons, they bestowed special powers to humans and the Divine Beasts. During the Great War, a few of them had shown their true form to a portion of the humans. However, since the great war there has been no report of them being seen again.

Their power is said to be in a dimension of their own, compared with the other races in the series. They can also do a variety of things other than just combat fighting, like possession, mind control, and memory distortion. Some of them are capable of creating powerful magical barriers and dimensional spaces.

According to Chisato, The Ten Gods are the same from when she left the Divine Realm, and that some of them are powerful enough to the point where they could have easily resolved the conflict with Shiba.

Since the incident with Shiba in volume 11, The Ten God's have taken notice of Basara's power.