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Fire Magic
Fire Magic.gif
Name Fire Magic
Kanji 火魔法
Rōmaji Hi Mahō
User(s) Mio Naruse

Fire Magic (火魔法, Hi Mahō) is an elemental magic, which use fire.


Fire Magic is a common form of elemental magic, which lets the caster uses fire in combat,[1] and blast them away, thus causing burns as an additional effect.[2] There are skilled enough casters who're able to shape fire into different shapes such as fireballs, pillars, and spears which are able to engulf their intended targets after coming into contact with them.

Aside from basic offense, there are fire magic users who are able to create barriers around themselves by using flames, which in addition to the burning effect, the barrier can burn anything that comes into contact with it.


Fire Dragon Fusion: Although Gald hasn't shown to be able to use Fire Magic, he is noted to have an affinity for it, as he was able to fuse together with a Flame Dragon, which turned him into a dragon humanoid thus boosting his power to an incredible extent.

Hellfire Magic: This is a special magic that Mio Naruse had created herself after the Master-Servant Vow, which combines her Gravity and Fire Magic.



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