Evil Dragon Fafnir
Name Fafnir
Kanji ファフニール
Rōmaji Fafunīru
Age Unknown
Gender Male Male
Hair Color None
Eye Color ???
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relative(s) 20 Fafnirs (Kin)
Professional Status
Race Dragon
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume VIII
Manga None
Anime Episode 10 (Second Season)
Voice Actor {{{voice actor}}}
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Fafnir (ファフニール, Fafunīru) is an ancient dragon who lives in a separate dimension from that of the God and Demon Race. It is amongst one of the Strongest Evil Dragons.


In the anime, Fafnir is shown to look like a black western dragon.


Fafnir is seen to be highly viscous and territorial as it attacked Jin, Sapphire, and Raphaeline the moment all three of them entered its dimension in an attempt to force them out.


Fafnir is amongst the strongest and ancient of Evil Dragons that lived in a space separate from that of the Gods and Demons. During the Great War, Jin, Sapphire, and Raphaeline ended up trapped inside of its dimension as all of them were trying to escape. Together, all three of them were able to fight off Fafnir and kill it only to find out that its nest was filled with 20 other Fafnirs.


Powers & Abilities

Immense Strength: As one of the strongest and Ancient Evil Dragons, Fafnir is an exceptionally powerful dragon as it took a combination of Jin, Sapphire, and Raphaeline to kill it.


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