Merits and Demerits of Master and Servant
Episode 09 (First Season)
Kana 主従の功罪
Romaji Shujū no kōzai
Season/Episode Season 1, Episode 09
Air/Release Date March 04, 2015
Previous "Erotic Succubus Out of Control"
Next "Plaintive Betrayal"

"Merits and Demerits of Master and Servant" (主従の功罪 Shujū no kōzai) is the nineth episode of theShinmai Maou no Testament anime series. It premiered on March 04, 2015.


Maria prepares for the new Master/Servant pact with Basara and Yuki. He is embarrassed about her choice of dress, but when he hears she wants to show Mio her conviction he relents. When the pact is forged, she then tells him to dominate her like Mio. He begins rubbing her until he finds her sensitive area (her butt) and through the process (with Maria filming and Mio wondering if she was the same way) they are also able to level up to the next level, something never heard of before. The group then goes to take a bath together for a little bonding time not knowing that someone is watching from outside with a touch of jealousy. The next day, Mio and Yuki are actually getting along which Lars says is a major accomplishment but then Basara gets hurt by a basketball. At the nurses office, she fixes him up and tell him not to remove the bandage on his finger until she tells him and tells him to keep on his path to hold those he cares for close. When he gets changed, one of Mio's friends asks him if she can get close to, but then comes on strong. Mio and Yuki appear and Mio gets jealous and runs away while Yuki realizes its an attack and sends Basara to protect Mio. But when he gets close Mio is captured by Zest and Maria. Mio dreams of the attack that killed her parents and Maria promising to protect her no matter what, but when she wakes up she sees Zest and Zolgear in front of her as she is chained up. Zolgear gets ready to molest her when Maria appears with a message from the current demon lord who commands Zolgear to help with a new ruin. In the real world, Lars and Basara talk about why Maria turned on Mio (her mother is being held hostage) and if Zolgear deflowers her she will die as Basara is her master. But when he refuses to take Basara to Mio the two fight. Lars then appears to Zest and demands Mio to be turned over to him, but not for free as he summons an unconscious Basara for trade.


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Toujou Household Hero Tribe Demon Hijirigasaka Academy

Important Notes

  • A flashback about Zolgear's murder upon Mio's foster parents is shown in this episode.
    • This incident would eventually lead to Mio's encounter with Maria, who pledged her loyalty for her before Mio's kidnapping.



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