The Depths of Love and Hatred
Episode 07 (First Season)
Kana 恩讐の果てに
Romaji Onshū No hate ni
Season/Episode Season 1, Episode 07
Air/Release Date February 18, 2015
Previous "Bearing Growing Emotions"
Next "Erotic Succubus Out of Control"

"The Depths of Love and Hatred" (恩讐の果てに Onshū No hate ni) is the seventh episode of the Shinmai Maou no Testament anime series. It premiered on February 18, 2015.


In the ensuing battle between the heroes and the demons, Basara defeats Kurumi by rendering her powers against him useless after using his Banishing Shift on her while Maria and Mio face against Takashi. Yuki disables Basara by using a sleeping incense on him as she proceeds to assist Maria in fighting Takashi. As Kurumi watches over Basara sleeping, Mio calls out him to wake him up. Before Takashi is able to kill Yuki, Basara appears to protect her. As Takashi struggles to defend against Basara, his spear—Byakku—sensing danger to his wielder manifested into a guardian beast. Basara, with the help of Yuki, eventually defeats Byakku. Defeated, Takashi demands Basara to kill him, but Basara declines and states they are friends. Mio scowls at Takashi for lecturing Basara. With the weakened barrier, Shiba enters the battlefield and announces their leave due to the consequences of Byakko losing control in their fight, bringing Yuki along with him.


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Toujou Household Hero Tribe

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Differences between Light Novel and Anime

  • In the anime counterpart, the past between Basara and the Nonaka Sisters were displayed.
  • Unlike manga and light novel version, Kurumi didn't suffers any dilemma between duty and bonds to defeat Basara. Additionally, neither Basara nor Kurumi seemly inflict any additional injuries from the fall.

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