Amidst the Wind Blowing Through the Battlefield
Kana 吹き抜ける戦場の風の中を
Romaji Fukinukeru senjō no kaze no naka o
Season/Episode Season 2, Episode 05
Air/Release Date November 06, 2015
Previous "Amidst Entwining Plots"
Next "Between Reality and One's Own Truth"
"Amidst the Wind Blowing Through the Battlefield" (吹き抜ける戦場の風の中を Fukinukeru senjō no kaze  no naka o) is the fifth episode of the Shinmai Maou no Testament BURST anime series. It premiered on November 06, 2015.


Both Basara and Ramusas are arguing over his (Ramusas) intention on extracting Mio's inherited powers, which Ramusas replies that she doesn't deserve that power since she established "Master Servant" contract with Basara,which angers Basara but stopped by Lucia. Their argument however is interrupted by Shella who convince everyone that further arguement will not solve their problem while teleporting Basara to a bath house in order to find Zest, who is only covered by a towel. Under Shella's suggestion, both Basara and Zest agree to perform the Master Servant contract and the curse is activated due to Zest's own feelings, which she deems is a hindrance to Basara. On the next day, Wilbert Town is invaded by "Heroic Spirits" lead by Gald, who warns that he will destroy the city should Mio remain hidden. To prevent the invasion, Yuki, Kurumi and Zest set off to defeat the invading "Heroic Spirits" while Mio had to stay behind as Claus states as due to political issue. Meanwhile, Basara and Gald battling each other in a duel but both end up receiving a surprise blast by Nebra, which blows Basara afar. Seeing Basara's burned state causes Mio to snap and defeats the last Heroic Spirit. Fearing over the consequences of failure, Nebra had to kill Mio but failed under Ramusas's and Basara's intervention. Basara interrogates Nebra over the invasion, only to witness Nebra's death by the "Master Servant" pact to prevent him from betraying his master. Lars arrive to retrieve an unconscious Gald while declares to Basara that they will settle their score in their next encounter while informs Toujou Household and allies that Leohart wants to meet him.


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