A Little Sister's Morning Demon Lording
Episode 05 (First Season)
Kana 朝の妹の魔王無双
Romaji Asa no imōto no maō musō
Season/Episode Season 1, Episode 05
Air/Release Date February 04, 2015
Previous "When Sadness Reaches Zero"
Next "Bearing Growing Emotions"

"A Little Sister's Morning Demon Lording" (朝の妹の魔王無双 Asa no imōto no maō musō) is the fifth episode of the Shinmai Maou no Testament anime series. It premiered on February 04, 2015.


One morning, Basara wakes up with Maria lying on top of him while seducing him, encountering Mio naked in the bathroom while getting caught in an awkward position, Yuki offering herself to bathe with Basara, and Mio yet again falling into a pleasure-driven curse. While eating at a restaurant, Yahiro informs Basara that his peers are planning to send reinforcements to observe Mio, as well as further details on the effects of the curse that is infused in Basara and Mio's pact. Chisato soon joins with Basara and Yahiro's table and afterwards, Basara confides with Chisato about his recent dilemmas. Meanwhile, Yahiro meets up with the sent reinforcements as he receive orders from Zest, Zolgear's protégé. After having confirmed from Maria about his findings regarding the effects on Mio's curse, Basara and Maria play a dating sim as reference for building unwavering trust between Basara and Mio until Maria is dragged off by an exasperated Mio. Meanwhile, a trio of hero clan members, Kyouichi Shiba, Takashi Hayase and Kurumi Nonaka, plot to kill Mio. After saving Basara from a group of interrogating students, Yuki asks Basara on a date.


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