Reunion and a Gap in Trust
Episode 03 (First Season)
Kana 再会と信頼の狭間
Romaji Saikai to shinrai no hazamai
Season/Episode Season 1, Episode 03
Air/Release Date January 21, 2015
Previous "First Contract Between Servant And Master"
Next "When Sadness Reaches Zero"

"Reunion and a Gap in Trust" (再会と信頼の狭間 Saikai to shinrai no hazamai) is the third episode of the Shinmai Maou no Testament anime series. It premiered on January 21, 2015


Knowing that Yuki is an observer of Mio in lieu of the hero clan, Basara explains Mio's background to Yuki and how he is intent to protecting her. Maria arranges a mixed bathing for her, Mio and Basara to build trust among each other until Basara collapses from a nose bleed. In school, while being asked to run an errand with Yuki, Mio's curse activates, much to her exhaustion. At the infirmary, Basara watches over Mio as the school nurse, Chisato Hasegawa, advices Basara to carefully choose his companions while considering who his enemies are. After a sudden blackout, stray demons attracted to Mio's immense strength breaches the school. Yuki confronts Mio demanding she stays away from Basara, stating that Mio will only bring harm to him. As Mio and Yuki clash, Yuki tells Mio that Basara is not powerful enough to protect her due to an incident from five years ago, which continues to haunt Basara. Basara eventually arrives to stop Yuki and Mio's fight until a stranger, who is is responsible for sending the demons that attempt to harm Mio which is constantly thwarted by Basara and Maria, appear. The stranger apprises Mio that if she becomes too much of a threat to her surroundings, the hero clan is bound to label her as a target of observation, to elimination, leading to Yuki's actions. A dark figure then appears behind Mio resulting to Basara to protect her from it.


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