First Contract Between Servant And Master
Episode 02(First Season)
Kana 初めての主従契約
Romaji Hajimete no shujū keiyaku
Season/Episode Season 1, Episode 02
Air/Release Date January 14, 2015
Previous "The Day I Got a Little Sister"
Next "Reunion and a Gap in Trust"

"First Contract Between Servant And Master" (初めての主従契約 Hajimete no shujū keiyaku) is the second episode of the Shinmai Maou no Testament anime series. It premiered on January 14, 2015.


After being formally accepted into their family, Basara and Mio perform a master-servant magical pact under Maria's supervision whereas the latter mistakenly designates Basara as the master and Mio as his servant. As Mio refuses to perform the kiss of loyalty upon Basara's hand, Mio falls under an aphrodisiac curse, ensuing Basara to relieve Mio by caressing her weak spots, and later resulting to Maria being chastised by Mio. After transferring to Mio's school, Yuki Nonaka—Basara's childhood friend—reunites with Basara by embracing him in front of Mio and his new class, which causes further uproar as Mio reveals her living together with Basara under one roof. While being the target of resentment by the school for his intimate relationship with both Mio and Yuki, Basara is befriended by Yahiro Takagawa. After class dismissal, Yuki discloses with Basara to not get involved with Mio.


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  • The book that Yahiro read was Shounen-Ace where its cover featured the series, with the girls as the main cover.

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