The Day I Got A Little Sister
Episode 01(First Season)
Kana 妹ができた日
Romaji Imōto ga dekita hi
Season/Episode Season 1, Episode 01
Air/Release Date January 07, 2015
Next "First Contract Between Servant And Master"

"The Day I Got a Little Sister" (妹ができた日 Imōto ga dekita hi) is the first episode of the Shinmai Maou no Testament anime series. It premiered on January 07, 2015.


While Basara Toujou and his father Jin await the former's new little sisters from the latter's remarriage, Basara inadvertently encounters Mio Naruse in a restroom. Eventually, Mio and Maria Naruse is introduced to Barasa as his new pair of little sisters. The following day, Maria leaves an incest-themed video game in Basara's sleep as Maria crawls into his bed as an act of "service." After saving Mio from a group of thugs, Basara brings her to a spot overlooking the city where Mio states her appreciation to Basara as her new older brother. Momentarily after Jin's abrupt overseas leave, Maria and Mio orders Basara to leave his house whilst introducing themselves as demons; Mio is the heir in the title of Demon Lord; however, Basara reveals himself as a member of the hero clan and drives Maria and Mio away from his house. Basara soon receives word from Jin that Mio is in danger from the current demon lord's ploy to take Mio's inherited strength from his late-father, Wilbert. Meanwhile, Maria and Mio fight off evil forces until Mio is thrown off. Basara saves Mio from falling to her death and states he came back for his family as he shows their family photograph.


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