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Earth Magic
Name Earth Magic
Kanji 地球魔法
Rōmaji Chikyū Mahō
User(s) Zest

Earth Magic (地球魔法, Chikyū Mahō) is an elemental magic, which uses earth.


Earth Magic is a common form of elemental magic, thus letting the caster uses earth in combat, as well as granting the caster an incredible advantage in areas where Earth is of abundance. As such, a practitioner is able to control concrete and terrain all around them without limit, which is most notable with Zest who is a master earth magic-user including being able to create marble and steel. It is noted that a user is able to create cone-shaped spikes from the ground to pierce their opponent form all asides and even create golems from the earth.

Earth Magic and also be used in order to renovate the Toujou Household by restructuring the soil underneath the rental house to create a basement and garden.


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