Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Wiki

The Demon Lord Faction (魔王派, Maō-ha) is one of the main factions in the Demon Realm.


Soon after the "death" of Wilbert who was hailed as the "Strongest Demon Lord". Leohart who hail from a renown household who has produced different demon lords for generation, as well as being a war hero who fought on the frontlines against members of the Hero Clan resulting in the birth of the Demon Lord Faction. However, the Seven Cardinals Sins who handpicked Leohart, planned on used him to control the Demon Realm for their own benefit from behind the scenes. Their political power soon became to outclass that of the Moderate Faction who lost their former leader sometime after the Great War.

Leohart himself realized their plans in using him and instead made his own plans to overthrow the Cardinal Sins, which started to come to light after realizing that Wilbert's daughter had inherited his power and planned to steal her power for themselves. And it also caused a clash between the Moderate Faction with both sides choosing a number of seven representatives to fight in a tournament. However, with the defeat of the Demon God Chaos and death of the Cardinal Sins, both the large factions began moving towards the path to peace.


Name Position Status
Leohart Faction Leader
Demon Lord
Balflear Leohart's Aid (Former) Alive (Imprisoned)
Gald Demon Council Alive
Liala Leohart's Sister Alive
Lars Supporter
Double Agent
Luka Supporter Alive