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Title In Between Reunion and Trust (part 2)
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In Between Reunion and Trust is the 5th chapter of Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha series.


Maria's plan to "deepen" the trust between the three of them backfires. Somewhere in the realm of Demons, a plot is being made, and on the move to capture Mio.


Basara talks to Maria

Basara asks Maria to lend her power

Inside the bath, Maria executes her plan of deepening the trust between her, Basara and Mio. The future Demon Lord begins washing Basara's back normally at first, but she removes her towel and uses her breasts instead. As she goes on, Basara states that it's already enough and wants to eat the cake he bought; however, Maria brings out a slice of the cake Basara bought, much to his chagrin. Maria tells Basara to open his mouth to feed him the cake, but it falls out of her hand. The cake is now on Basara's hands and intends to wash it off, but Maria tells him not to do such thing and proceeds on licking his hand. Mio's curse mark then activates and joins Maria on licking Basara's hand. Already at his limit, he stands up and says that if the two intends to do such thing, then he wont care anymore, then proceeds on taking the things on his own hands.

Demon Brawl Interrupted

Lars and Varga's brawl interrupted by Zest

Some time after the bath ended, Basara wakes up whilst hugging Maria. He inquires about Mio, but the succubus tells him that she was nursing Basara earlier, but is now on bed.
Laas on the Human World

Lars on the Human World

Maria then comments how much fright Basara gave him when he passed out on the bath, and he realizes that everything he did on the two were a dream. He then tells Maria that he needs to discuss something with her, reminds of what Yuki told him about eliminating Mio, and asks her help.

Somewhere, in the world of Demons, Lars is confronted by Varga about capturing Mio. After a few exchange of words, Varga attacks Lars, but only to be interrupted by Zest who tells them to stop, as they'r standing before their excellence, Zolgear, who's peeking through her eye. As Lars walks away, Varga tells him that if he fails, he will be the one to do it. Lars then makes his way on the human world, stating that it's time to begin.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Basara Toujou
  2. Maria Naruse
  3. Mio Naruse
  4. Yuki Nonaka (flashback)
  5. Laas
  6. Varga
  7. Zest
  8. Zolgear

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