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Chaos 0.jpg
Name Chaos
Kanji カオス
Rōmaji Kaosu
Age Heroic Spirit
Hair Color White
Personal Status
Status Alive (sealed in another dimension)
Relative(s) Heroic Spirits (Kin)
Professional Status
Race Heroic Spirit
Occupation Demon God
Leader of the Heroic Spirits
Affiliation Heroic Spirits
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume VII
Manga N/A
Anime Episode 09 (Second Season)
Voice Actor N/A
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Chaos is a Demon God above that of the Demon Lord hailed as being the King of all the Heroic Spirits. In Volume VII, Chaos was summoned to kill Leohart, Basara, and Mio as sacrifices, but it was later sealed in another dimension due to the joint efforts of them and Ramusas using a black hole.


Chaos is an enormous black being who has six arms with its forearms colored golden (two hands wielding a red vajra weapon and two others wielding a red double-bladed sword), gold on its forelegs and around its knees, with gold lining traced across its body, and elongated gold ears; it has white hair and a purple jewel in the middle of its forehead and also a series of purple tentacles wrapped around its body.


Chaos is a super high-level being who seeks to cause both chaos and destruction the moment its summoned, even calling its heroic spirits to assist in accomplishing its will. Although, before Chaos can do what its summoner desires, it first requires a proper sacrifice.


In the past, Chaos came from a higher realm but it was summoned by accident by Belphegor who made contact with a deep magic boundary at least a thousand years ago. Afterward, it also brought several heroic spirits to eliminate the rebels, causing him to become the master of the Demon Realm. During the event that would soon become known as the Great Demon God War, where Belphegor used six of the seven Demon Councils as sacrifices for Chaos, leaving him as the lone survivor.


Volume VII

During the Demon Lord Tournament, the Demon Council summoned Chaos in order to get rid of their enemies, choosing the Son of the War God, Basara Toujou, daughter of the former Demon Lord, Wilbert, and the current Demon Lord and War Hero, Leohart.

Power and Abilities

Heroic Spirit Powers

Chaos is a super high-level being hailed as the Demon God and King of Heroic Spirits described as being above S-Class with its power described as being immeasurable.

  • Heroic Spirit Summoning: As King of the Heroic Spirits, Chaos is able to summon numerous heroic spirits, which acts on its will.


  • Chaos appears to be reminiscent to beings from Hindu Mythology.