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Byakko in the anime.jpg
Name Byakko
Kanji 白虎(びゃっこ)
Rōmaji Byakko
Gender Male Male
Personal Status
Status Alive
Professional Status
Race God (Tiger)
Occupation Guardian Beast
Four Gods
Affiliation Hero Clan
Takashi Hayase
Shiba Kyouichi (Temporary)
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume II
Manga Contract 12
Anime Episode 06 (First Season)
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Byakko is one of the Four Gods and Guardian Beasts.


Byakko has the appearance of an enormous white tiger. His divine vessal takes form as a white spirit lance.


Befitting his nature as a Guardian Beast, Byakko much like the other three takes his role serious and often never attacks unless threatened first. However, he can be hostile himself toward those who commit acts that can result in corruption such as injustice, as Shiba initially commented that killing Mio who attempted to rescue lives despite being the Demon Lord's daughter would result in them losing favor with both the gods and spirits. Byakko is loyal to whoever he recognizes as his master, he is incredibly loyal toward his current master, Takashi, as noted when despite Shiba earning the favor of Seiryuu, Genbu, and Suzaku, Byakko remained by Takashi who was wounded by Shiba and tried protecting him from Basara.


Although, his exact time of birth is unknown, Seiryuu has acting as a means for the Hero Clan to combat the various threats to the Human World. At some point after the incident where Basara erased the bodies of his friends and adults, as well as Seito who was possessed by Brynhildr, Byakko chose Takashi as his wielder.

Powers & Abilities

God Powers

As one of the Four Gods and Western Guardian Beast, Byakko has immense power, which has helped the Hero Clan in their battle against their enemies and bestowed them to a worthy host. He was powerful enough to defeat a Shooting Fighter such as Valga in a single attack in Takashi's hands. Through assisting a magician such as Mio in creating a dimensional barrier large enough to cover the entire town where Basara, Mio, and Maria fought with Takashi, Yuki, and Kurumi, even pushing out Shiba. Although, Byakko is limited, such as being a Western Beast, he couldn't attack in that direction, however, if he faces the east with their back facing the west, then Byakko can display enormous power.

  • Air Manipulation: In his current state, Byakko has command over the air element, which is attributed to the four Classical Elements instead of the Five Elements. As such, he has complete control over air, thus letting him release powerful wind attacks and has limited ice manipulation, which allowed him to freeze a durable Shooting Fighter such as Valga in an instant.
  • Metal Manipulation: After Shiba took control over Byakko after Basara was forced to place him inside of the magic circle to maintain the Three Dimensional Barrier, he was resetted into his original state, letting him command the Metal Element, which lets him control magnetite sand to form various weapons such as spears and form various blades from his body to attack.


Byakko: His current vessal, which is a white spirit lance that several renowned Onmyōji poured their powers and was strengthened by the faith of numerous people, which granted it tremendous power.