Prior in his life, Basara has met many people, from his allies and friends to rivals and enemies.

Toujou Household

Jin Toujou

Jin is Basara's biological father. Since he and Jin left the Village of Hero's 5 years ago, they have been two together and lived in a city since that day.[1] Though the two share the typical father and son relationship. As Basara holds him with high regard, displays anger when he finds out about Mio and Maria were deceiving them.[2]

Mio Naruse

Being an older brother to Mio, Basara has devoted in protecting her and even declares that he would save her how many times he needs to. Even after finding out that Mio and Maria have been deceiving him all along, he still rescued and protected her, living to his word. After Maria's spell backfired, Basara and Mio now share a Master/Slave relationship.[3]

Maria Naruse

Another sister to Basara after Mio. Like Mio, Basara is vowing to protect Maria from any dangers.

Yuki Nonaka

Basara's childhood friend who never gave up on him despite his exile from the Hero Tribe. After his intense duel against other Hero Tribe members (Kurumi NonakaTakashi Hayase) she was seen leaving with them and not going to school for a week which made Basara really depressed but that changed when he saw her in his house cooking (Beef Stew) and held her in his arms then declaring that she is the new house member in courtesy of Jin's help, indicating that she is one of Basara's very important peers.

Kurumi Nonaka

Yuki's younger sister and also Basara's childhood friend before his exile from Village of Heroes due to an incident. Prior to his childhood, both Basara and Kurumi were in good terms as she used to call him as her big brother. After his exile, however, Kurumi began to despise Basara because of what he did to the Hero Tribe and her sister. After her battle with Basara, she reverted back to her old self calling him her big brother like she uses to but also at the same time began to develop feelings for him especially after moving in with him.


A former follower of Zolgear who was responsible for kidnapping Mio until her creator's later betrayal. She later joins Basara's group as the fifth female and third demon girl after serving Sheera. She has also developed strong feelings for Basara and is willing to do the best she can for her master.

Hero Clan

Takashi Hayase

A member of the Hero Village and childhood friend of Basara. Takashi lost his mother when Basara's banishing shift went out of control, and ever since Basara was exiled their relationship hasn't been the same. 5 years later, Basara and Takashi are reunited, but Takashi still holds Basara responsible for the tragedy in the Village.


Yahiro Takigawa/Lars

Basara's classmate and also an observant from the Demon Realm. The two seem to be on good terms.


One of Leohart's subordinate who attempted to kidnap Mio for his selfish desires, while imprisoned Maria's mother Shella as a threat to Maria in order to spy on Mio. For this reason, Basara see him as an enemy he had to fight against him in order to rescue both Mio and Maria from his grasp.[4]


One of the veteran demons who serves both late Wilbert (Former) and Leohart (Current), Gald is one of Basara's rival prior Leohart Faction's invasion to Vereda City.


Demon Realm's youngest Demon Lord and one of Basara's formidable rivals. Due to Leohart's actions against Mio, Basara also sees him as an enemy until the young Demon Lord invited the Moderate Faction to settle their score via a seven-on-seven duel, where both warriors are. After the battle, Basara befriends with Leohart and them once as allies to fight against the corrupted ministers on the Demon Lord's Court.

Hijirigasaka Academy

Nanao Tachibana

As a fellow classmate, Basara views Nanao as friends despite later finding out that he is a vampire.


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