Basara Toujou
Basara full view
Name Basara Toujou
Kanji 東城 刃更
Rōmaji Tōjō Basara
Age 17
Gender Male Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Jin Toujou (father)
Sapphire (biological mother)
Raphaeline (surrogate/biological mother)
Wilbert (uncle)

Mio Naruse (cousin/step-sister)
Maria Naruse (cousin/step-sister)
Chisato Hasegawa (first cousin once removed)
Unborn children(8+)

Professional Status
Race Human (Hero)/Demon/God Hybrid
Occupation Student/Student Council
Affiliation Hero Clan (exiled)
Toujou Household
Hijirigasaka Academy (Second-Year Student)
Moderate Faction
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume I
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 01 (First Season)
Voice Actor Yuichi Nakamura (Japanese)
Chris Hackney (English)
Wendee Lee (Young Basara)
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Basara Toujou (東城 刃更 Tōjō Basara) is the main protagonist of the series.Basara is an ex-member of the Hero Clan. He lives with his two step sisters who are both Demons. Basara is determined no matter what to protect Mio Naruse from anyone wanting to cause harm to her.


At the start of the series, Basara is a tall and slim young man with unkempt, brown hair that is jutting in all directions. His defining facial feature is his light green eyes. After Basara spends the year in the barrier with Chisato, his hair is a bit longer, he’s a bit taller, and his body is more muscular. In volume 12, Basara is described as having big burly arms and a honed body. Throughout the series, he’s most often seen wearing his school uniform, because it serves as a symbol of his desire to live a normal life. However, when school isn’t in session he wears casual clothes. When Basara manifests his power as the son of Jin Toujou, like his father, his eye becomes much sharper and glows green. When he materializes brynhildr, his right hand becomes armored with an ornate design. Upon having the power of the 5 elements and all four of his bloods in perfect spiritual balance, Basara is able to manifest a full body armor of Brynhildr, while retaining his humanity.

The scars on his body are the direct result of Banishing shift going out of control in the Village. However he just tells people, he was involved in a car accident as a child.


Basara suffers from having frequent nightmares involving a tall, cloaked man wielding a sword, and a crying girl.[1]

Overall, Basara is laid-back and collected, retaining his composure even in awkward[2][3] and possibly dangerous[4] situations. He is also compassionate and firmly believes in the idea of "family".[5] Though for certain situations, he can also express shock,[6] annoyance,[7][8][9] and anger.[10]

He also has a sense of justice and is willing to do something for their expense[11] to protect the ones that is dear to him.[9][12] Sometimes he goes so far that he goes into a frenzy to protect his harem and other innocent folks. Despite this he seems to be calm under pressure and doesn't flinch at a strong opponent. This high sense of justice that he has can not just be seen through fighting, but diplomacy as well.


During the last great Human/Demon war the legendary hero dubbed "The War God" Jin Toujou fought against the younger sister of the then current Demon Lord Wilbert, known as Sapphire, but their battle was interrupted by the goddess monitoring the war Raphaeline.

The three-way battle caused a huge dimensional rift to open leading to another dimension, and one trapped there together the three developed feelings for one another, leading to a intimate moment between the three of them once they had escaped from which Basara was conceived between Sapphire and Jin.

Realizing that the unborn Basara would be put at risk from the scandal of a top tier human warrior bedding the younger sister of the demon lord Raphaeline transferred the unborn child into herself and intended to raise him inside of the god realm.

Unfortunately, the gods did not take kindly to the hybrid offspring and attempted to execute both him and his mother, though she was being aided by a select few other gods such as Afureia. Although Basara's life was spared after casting him out to the human world to live with his father, Raphaeline was not so lucky and was executed.

When he was roughly ten or eleven years old a man from his village attempted to claim the dangerous weapon Brynhildr that was being used to seal away a powerful evil spirit, but was instead possessed and went on a rampage killing several people including a number of Basara's friends.[13]

In order to defend himself, Basara used the dangerous ability Banishing Shift to essentially reduce the dangerous possessed man into nothingness alongside the corpses of his friends. The Village Elders, not knowing what to do with either the dangerous weapon or Basara essentially stuck the two of them together and decided to keep Basara prisoner for life. Fortunately, Jin returned home shortly thereafter and negotiated Basara's freedom with the two of them being exiled from the village.[14]

After that, the father and son pair would go on to live normal lives together with Jin never remarrying and gaining a job as a photographer and Basara explaining the scars on his body and unusually high physical conditioning as being from a car accident and the physical rehabilitation that came after.


Volume I

Basara is brought to a restaurant by his father to meet his new stepsisters Mio Naruse and Maria Naruse but they are late. Deciding to freshen up in the bathroom Basara has an awkward first meeting with Mio who is already using the bathroom and was in the middle of finishing up. The situation is made worse when, rather than leaving the bathroom like a normal person would, Basara instead panics, grabs Mio and attempts to stifle her screams with his hand. Once Mio has calmed down Jin explains that the girl's mother is overseas on a business trip, furthermore, they are moving into the girls' hometown and a new house.


Mio's method of waking up Basara.

A week later, when Basara wakes up from his dream, he immediately sees Mio sitting on top of him trying to wake him up. He was then hit by a book Mio threw at him after she saw the erotic video game under his blanket, which caused them to fall from the bed.

After seeing how their position is, Basara apologizes, but it was cut short by Mio, who proceeds to punch him and call him a pervert. Downstairs, he expresses his shock over Maria's outfit, asking why she's naked, but it turns out otherwise.

He then expresses his annoyance on his father, pinpointing him that he's the one who put the game under his blanket, but gets shocked when Maria confesses that it's her work. He then expresses his dismay when Maria reveals the purpose of the video. He then sits at the table while Maria serves the food before going outside and taking their first family photo outside their new house.

Basara and Mio Flees

Basara and Mio flees from the guys

After the breakfast, he and Mio went out to shop. Along the way, Mio inquires about the dream that Basara had earlier morning, Basara explains saying that it was about an incident that happened while he was still living on the countryside that gave him the trauma, then tells to himself that there's no way for a normal person like Mio would understand.

After the two finished shopping at the ABC Grocery, Basara tells Mio that he'll go get the bike, and Mio should go on the exit with the cart. While he removes the lock for his bike, he had a vision again of the dream he had, startling him in the process. He then sees Mio being surrounded by guys, then says that she is with him. One of them makes fun of his name, making him extremely pissed, which causes Basara to hit the guy with his bike and blind the others with pepper.

He then tells Mio to get on the bike and makes their leave. Somewhere, after ensuring their safety, Basara inquires if Mio is alright. Mio then apologizes to him, that the event happened because of her, but Basara consoles her, saying that it's not her fault at all. Seeing that Mio wears a saddened expression, he tells the woman that they're going on a detour before heading home. Basara brings Mio on a spot where the entirety of the town can be seen, which Mio admired.

When she asked how he discovered the place, he answered that while searching about the famous park that he heard when they inspected the house, he came across the place. He then proceeds on saying that he will save Mio for many times, so she doesn't have to worry on what happened, and it is natural for a family to help each other, and by doing so, he feels like they're being a family. He then asks tells Mio to head back, since Maria is waiting for them.

Basara vs Maria

Basara overpowers Maria.

Later that evening, Basara learns that his father is going on a business trip to take photos overseas leaving the task of looking after the girls to him. After saying goodbye to his father, Basara returns home but an unpleasant surprise was expecting him: Mio asks him to leave the house. When he asks why Maria sends him flying by unknown means by simply raising her hand, then reveals that they are actually two Demons and Mio especially is the next Demon Lord.

Hearing everything, Basara gets mad because the two girls deceived him and his father. Maria implants a fake memory on him but it doesn't have an effect, causing Maria to wonder why. Attempting to repeat the process, Maria goes to touch Basara again, but he vanishes. The Succubus warns him not to move, but he opposes the order, which results on Maria, attacking him but her Magic was completely erased. Basara questions them why they are surprised, and tells them as much as Demons like them exists, so does Heroes, and summons his sword.

Basara then proceeds on saying that he doesn't have any connections with heroes or demons anymore, but he doesn't have plans to be done in quietly either. Basara charges at Mio, whom Maria protects, but stops his attack, and says that he doesn't care that if the two are demons, but they have no place for deceiving Jin, and tells them to leave. In his room, as his hands tremble, Basara grabs the phone and calls Jin; He's then informed about the real deal behind Mio and the truth behind the war between his clan against the Demons.

As the revelation goes on, he gets shocked when he finds out that Mio's father Wilbert is already dead and that Mio has inherited his vast power, as well as the fact that her two foster parents were killed by demons that were after her power. As Jin reveals the real meaning of letting Mio stay in their house despite being the next Demon Lord, he yells back at Jin for not saying it earlier, and rushes outside. Having tracked down his two errant step sisters Basara saves them from a group of demons before he offers his hand to Mio, and tells the two to go back home.
Basara Catches Mio

Basara saves Mio.

Back home Basara explains his reasons for helping them and that he intends to continue to do so. The two sides are also relatively even since they hid each other's pasts from each other. With that settled, and aware that the group is going to have more enemies coming after them, Maria proposes forming a Master and Servant Contract. Although the name makes Basara uncomfortable Maria's insistence that it's just a way for them to always be aware of each other's presence waylay's his feelings of doubt and he agrees to the process.

The Spell Backfires

The Magic Circle appears on Basara's hand instead

Unexpectedly, however, instead of Mio becoming Basara's master the contract instead makes him the master and her the slave. When Mio refuses to submit to Basara however the contract's true purpose activates, inflicting a powerful aphrodisiac curse upon Mio that only Basara can break by making Mio climax. While cleaning up the mess, Basara deduces that Maria intended to inflict the curse upon him instead. However, Basara is not mad, as Mio inflicts enough punishment on Maria for the both of them.

The next day Basara transfers into Mio's school where he unexpectedly runs into his childhood friend Yuki Nonaka who greets him with a hug. As Basara soon discovers, Mio and Yuki are the school's resident idols and with the added revelation that he's living with Mio, he becomes the unrivaled object of hatred, even for the entire male population of the school.

The only student willing to befriend Basara at this time is his gym partner Yahiro Takigawa. Later on, it is explained that Yuki is Mio's observer sent by the hero tribe to keep an eye on her and if deemed necessary kill her, Basara asks her to not try to hurt Mio but Yuki tells Basara to not get involved. Later that night, Maria has a bath together with Mio and Basara in order to foster trust, before Basara collapses from over stimulation from their antics.

In the morning, after Mio's curse activates due to her jealousy over Yuki, Basara brings her to the nurses office to recuperate where he encounters the school's nurse Chisato Hasegawa. Chisato comments upon how Basara seems surrounded by enemies, and recommends that rather than trying to increase the quantity or quality of his allies, he should instead be trying to do both.

That night, the school where Mio is still recuperating is swarmed by demons attracted to her by her power. While Mio and Yuki clash on the roof Basara renders Yahiro who also stayed late at the school unconscious before rushing after Mio. The battle between hero and the Tojou family is interrupted by a demon named Lars who claims that as long as Mio is around she will only continue to burden Basara, which he demonstrates by having one of his underlings attack Basara.

As Basara is recovering Mio mentally debates the merits of giving herself over to the demon and finally relents, meeting Lars at night in the park, but they are interrupted by the appearance of Basara and Yuki. After Basara is seemingly killed by one of Lars's demons Mio loses her self control on her powers and they nearly turn her into a black hole.

Basara is able to use Banishing shift to eliminate Mio's power forcing Lars to flee. Yuki gives Maria some hero tribe medicine to use on Basara to speed his recovery. Once back at School Basara reveals to Yahiro that he's deduced his identity as Lars. The two make a alliance with the mutual goal of keeping Mio safe and Basara using Lars's apparent failure in his mission to enforce the truce.

Volume II

Following the incident with Yahiro Basara awakens one morning to discover Maria sleeping in his bed, in his shirt, with him in both. After ejecting the trouble making succubus from his room Basara goes downstairs to take a bath, only to run into Mio, Maria having removed the occupied sign on the bathroom just to cause the situation.

After Basara receives a suitable punishment from Mio for walking in on her he goes into his bath only to be interrupted by the sudden appearance of Yuki who was let into the house by Maria and who now intends to bathe with him. Mio walks in on them her jealousy on witnessing Yuki and Basara together activates her curse.

In order to spare Mio further embarrassment, Basara takes her to her room to be subjugated. Later that day Basara has a meal with Yahiro AKA Lars who informs him of a new development from the Current Demon lord Faction, they're sending new observers to help watch Mio, Zest the right hand of the demon who killed Mio's Foster parents Zolgear and Valga, which means that it's going to be harder to make their alliance work.

Yahiro also provides additional information about the Master Servant Contract. While yes the contract was originally meant as a way of binding a slave's will to that of the Master's it has since it's conception had a number of innovations made to it, one of them is that the power of the Master and Servant increases with the loyalty of the servant to the master.

For this same reason, in order to quickly increase their power it's traditional for High class Demon lords to make contracts with as many servants as possible. He also warns that another purpose of the contract is to prevent information leaks: if in the event the Servant is captured then the curse will activate at full strength and kill them.

Although, rather than using their own power, most High class devils prefer to add a little 'amusement' to their long lives by chaining their servant's with the aphrodisiac curse of the succubus, for the purpose of sex play. The worst ones however, intentionally switch their servants around, for if a servant bound in this manner has her chastity stolen by someone who is not their master, then it will break their minds or kill them, at which point they're usually disposed of and replaced with someone new.

In fact, because it was Zolgear who came up with this sick and twisted game, he was relieved of his observation post because they feared he would do something to Mio that would jeopardize her inherited demonic power. It is also for this reason, that the other Demon Factions aside from the Current Demon lord and Moderate faction could also come after her.

Which leads to Yahiro's current point, in order to protect Mio from the effects of the curse, Basara can either break off the contract, or instead turn it into a vow, in which Mio's loyalty is risen so high that she would never even consider betraying Basara. Not only would this permanently nullify the curse, but it will also render Mio and Basara effectively invincible.

While discussing this option, the two are suddenly met by Chisato and they quickly explain their previous talk away as being merely part of a fantasy game that they both play. On their way home from the restaurant Chisato suddenly gives him a hug and suggests that he talk to her about his problems any time that he needs talking to.

Without going into too many details, Basara explains that with his father gone he's the man of the house now and he's responsible for looking after Mio and Maria, but he doesn't have enough confidence in himself. To which end, Chisato advises that the best thing he can do for them, is properly open lines of communication. Yes he wants to keep them safe, but that requires a mutual relationship of trust between protector and protected.

That said, there are also things called priorities, and if Basara can't protect everything, then what he really needs is a absolute line that no one's allow to cross right in front of what he cares about most. Yes Basara is keeping secrets to protect Mio and Maria, but he also needs to remember to protect the two girls over the secrets.

Saying that, Chisato kisses him on the cheek and mumbles a prayer for him, a simple blessing to him for good luck. When Basara returns home, he divulges what he learned about the master servant contract from Yahiro which Maria confirms. Towards this end, in order to gain advice to help deepen his relationship with Mio, Maria loads the dating sim game she got for him onto his computer and they play a couple scenario's together, before they are caught by Mio.

Once Mio is convince that Maria has dragged Basara into one of her antics again, she promptly drags the Loli Succubus off for more punishment. The next day, Basara is surrounded by a group of local delinquents who have grown jealous of his relationship with Mio and Yuki and are trying to harass him for it.

However Basara is rescued by Sakasaki who was sent by Yuki who after shooing the boys away asks Basara out on a date. That weekend, Basara takes Yuki to the mall to get her some new clothes, but they are interrupted by Mio and Maria who followed them. In the end, the four of them shop for new clothes for Yuki together.

However Yuki suddenly disappears while at the Cashier, and Basara and the others go looking for her, encountering along the way Valga who attacks them and overwhelms them. However Valga is suddenly killed from behind by Takashi Hayase who is joined by Shiba Kyouichi, Kurumi Nonaka and the missing Yuki.

They explain that Mio has been upgraded from a observation target to a elimination one, and seeing as how they cannot convince Basara and the others to quietly hand her over they have a different proposal in mind. A three on three duel, Basara, Mio and Maria vs. Takashi, Kurumi and Yuki inside of a controlled barrier in one week's time, winner takes Mio's head.

Basara contacts Jin and explains the situation to him. With Jin's encouragement to Basara to remember what he wants to protect and win with that determination, Basara begins preparing for the battle in a week. In order to train efficiently for the upcoming battle, Basara explains his former comrades strength's and weaknesses and the best counters for them.

Yuki, whom their familiar with, is a technique type user, so if they do have to end up fighter her, it's best to overwhelm her with brute power. Takashi is a speed type fighter like Basara, but unlike Basara he's been training for the past five years so his specs have gone up with no doubt. The real threat comes from Takashi's spear Byakko, a powerful wind spirit that guards the western part of Japan.

Since the Byakko is a guardian of the west, it would be at it's weakest when fighting an opponent while facing the west, and the strongest when facing the east, the spear has attributes of metal, wind and Ice, but wind suits Takashi's style the best and metal the least with ice being a secondary attribute. They conclude that it's best for Mio and Maria to double team him, fighting him from his western flank.

For Kurumi, she is a high level spirit user, but in the presence of a overwhelmingly strong spirit like Byakko, the only thing that she can do is rely on it's attributes, but Basara is confident he can close the distance with her with his speed and defend with Banishing Shift. Spending the next week on the cycle of School, Train and sleep the week goes by very fast and the barrier is completed.

A couple of nights before the battle, Maria confronts Basara in the living room and requests that he subjugates Mio more often. Basically, the Master Servant contract can boost their states, but only if they take advantage of it. For they, who are several steps behind their opponents, they need to close the gap against them as quickly as they can.

Mio, who was listening in on the conversation, agrees with Maria and agrees to be subjugated. Although Mio tries to resist at first, Basara takes advantage of the fact that her body has progressively become more sensitive thanks to the Master Servant curse, which he then activates using Mio's guilt over listening in on Maria's and Basara's conversation.

With Mio's newly massively oversensitive body, Maria brings out their ace, Maple syrup, which they pore over Mio's breasts and Basara then sucks and licks the syrup off of her. The mark of the servant on Mio lights up, proven that they had strengthened their power. Furthermore, Maria is also helped by the act, as a succubus she is able to absorb the feelings of desire and arousal and use that to increase her stores of power.

By increasing their fighting power like this over the next few days, the group increase their odds of victory out of the hopeless margin. Takigawa, who had been skipping school for the week, calls Basara and warns him that if the hero's should win the fight and Mio's life be put on the line, then he will have no choice but to step in and kill the heroes to protect her.

After finishing with Takigawa, Basara is confronted by Yuki who asks him to withdraw from the match. Basara however cannot, not only to protect Mio from the heroes, but also the heroes from Takigawa and Zest, he absolutely cannot lose the up coming battle. Before Yuki runs off though, Basara gives her a spare key to his house, saying that she's welcomed at any time.

At the time of the match Basara's group arrives at the train station where the barrier has been set up in a cooperative effort between Shiba and Mio and they proceed to enter a artificial dimension for the match to ensure no civilian casualties. Basara proceeds to pick a fight with Kurumi and separates themselves from the others.

Basara fights Kurumi by using his speed to chase after her while she continuously runs away while firing compressed wind blasts at Basara who uses Banishing Shift to defend himself. Since Basara only attacks Kurumi using the back of his blade, she assumes that he's trying to use brute force to make the village reconsider the termination order on Mio, but Basara claims otherwise.

Since Basara is trying to protect all of them, then he's fighting without the intent to hurt them. Using Banishing Shift to sever her connection to Byakko, Basara is able to send her flying out a window with a final attack, before jumping out after her and rescuing her. Once Kurumi is, Yuki suddenly appears and renders Basara unconscious.

Having decided that she no longer had any other option because of Basara's actions, Yuki decides to end the battle by defeating Takashi herself. In the meantime Kurumi stays with the unconscious Basara and eventually deduces that rather than the Basara who after betraying the village by carelessly letting his power rampage and then abandoning it, the situation was actually the opposite, in that it was the village who abandoned him during a difficult time in his life by treating him like he was at fault.

While Kurumi is thinking that, Mio suddenly arrives on scene to get him and explains that Yuki is currently fighting with Maria against Takashi. However, thanks to the blessing put on him earlier, Basara is able to wake up from his unconsciousness and fight Takashi who was about to kill Yuki for betraying them. Basara is able get an advantage over Takashi by fighting sloppily on purpose, throwing his opponent off guard in the process.

Unable to cope with Basara's new style and great speed, Takashi attempts to unleash Byakko's full power and ends up losing consciousness and summoning the spirit 'in the flesh.' Even though the spirit it non hostile, without any one controlling it the barrier would soon collapse and the people in the area would be put in danger.

Thus with most of the group severely injured and exhausted Yuki decides to eliminate the barrier around Byakko so that Basara can eliminate it with Banishing Shift. Once the beast has been eliminated the group retrieves the spear and scold Takashi for selfishly demonizing Basara for what happened while he was still suffering.

Shiba arrives and explains that based on his report to the village, they've withdrawn the termination order on Mio. Mio, who has not been using her father's power, has not hurt anyone yet, and even helped to defeat the rampaging Byakko is essentially a innocent in theses affairs, and by killing her they are likely to damage their relationship with the guardian spirits that they rely upon.

That said, Shiba also forcibly takes Takashi, Yuki and Kurumi back to the village with him. Over the next period of time movers empty out the house Yuki was living in. While Basara and Mio initially assumes the worst, they come home to find Yuki cooking their dinner. Apparently Jin negotiated a deal with the village and Yuki is to live in the Toujou residence for now on.

Unfortunately, Maria arrives back from Basara's room with more trouble, revealing that she not only recorded the first subjugation session between Mio and Basara, but also burned it onto a DVD and plays it for Yuki. With Basara unable to explain what was really happening, Yuki begins undressing and tells Maria to get the maple syrup.

While Chaos breaks loose in the living room, Basara wisely chooses to run away, and meets up with Takigawa at a hamburger joint up the road and explains the situation to him. Basically, Zest is satisfied with Mio's growth for now, she intended to cast a barrier to protect her from one of Takashi's attacks, but instead Mio's own power blew away both Takashi's attack and Zest's barrier. More important than that thought, she's now aware of Basara's Banishing shift and is informing Zolgear about it.

Volume VI side Story

When Basara does eventually return to the Toujou residence, he properly explains what has happened between him and Mio and the Master Servant Contract to Yuki, who becomes very eager about making the contract with Basara. One way or another though, they'll have to wait until the next full moon.

While Basara is debating the upcoming swimming lessons for Phys Ed he is suddenly interrupted by Mio who blames herself for Basara's worries and her guilt triggers the curse. While Basara tries to snap Mio out of her guilt by reminding her that if she doesn't calm down he'll have to subjugate her, she seems all for it.

However Yuki's sudden appearance combined with Maria filming the act and putting it on the TV is enough to make Mio angry and end the moment. The topic moves to the swimming classes that Basara is concerned about taking fearing it would create a awkward rift if his classmates see his numerous scars all over his body.

Maria simply recommends that Basara orders a swimsuit from the factory and it will get there within a few days. At the same time, Maria also recommends that Mio gets a new swim suit since her measurements have grown a bit. She also recommends getting one for Yuki, so that she can make a few "improvements" to make her body look more attractive for Basara.

Eventually, it turns into a situation where everyone is wearing the swim suits, not only that, but Basara soon discovers that Maria had cut out the crotch and breast pads from Yuki and Mio's swim suits and magically altered them so that they would be tight around their private areas.

Further more Maria has the four of them go to the bathroom together. Basically, in order for Yuki to do the Master Servant contract, she must first get along with Mio who is the subordinate of the same master. This exercise is meant to demonstrate if the three of them can get along once Yuki's contract is made, by pretending to have already made the contract, subduing Yuki and Mio, and gauging their reactions.

As a start the girls lather each other's breasts by poring soap on them and rubbing against each other, providing visual entertainment for Basara and getting ready to wash him at the same time. Once they are done, Basara sits between them and both girls start scrubbing him with their breasts.

Maria takes the opportunity for additional training for Mio, and restrains her using a measuring tape. Basically, Mio could end up being in a position in the future where she gets kidnapped, tied up, and have the curse activated all at once, in order to build up resistance against this, Maria intends to recreate this scenario, by having Basara grope Yuki.

Once Basara undresses Yuki, and makes her climax and cum a couple of times, they team up to subjugate Mio, Yuki sucking on her breasts and Basara kneading them, before he starts sucking on Mio as well. As the finisher, the tape is retracted into itself, and Mio is given a final dose of stimulation.

Through all of this, Mio is able to recognize Yuki as Basara's subordinate, and the contract will most likely not have any problems. Once the exercise is done, Basara leave Mio in Maria's care before going to be. Later that Night, Basara hears Maria screaming throughout the night as Mio punishes her thoroughly.

Volume III

On the fifth day since Yuki started living at the Toujou residence, Basara's class is informed about the up coming school festival and each class is suppose to nominate at least one male and female representative. While getting changed for Gym class, Basara spots Maria skulking about outside and goes to see what she's doing.

Meeting together in Basara's homeroom, Maria explains that she's at the school to check to see if there's any potential danger there and prepare for the contingency that they're attacked at school again. After checking the ladies toilet, and making a small detour to the roof, the pair arrive in the ladies locker room, where they become trapped in Mio's locker.

Maria takes the opportunity to get Basara in trouble with Mio, which leads to Mio getting angry followed by a bout of jealousy after Yuki's name is brought up thus triggering the curse. Although Basara simply wishes to relieve her, Maria points out that they have a opportunity to subjugate her even more thoroughly than usual.

Towards this end, Mio is taken over to the shower, cooled off with cold water in her swim suit, before Basara sucks on her breasts. After Mio is thoroughly subjugated, she is changed into her school uniform, and after Basara is finished changing as well, they take Mio to the nurse's office to rest and Mio wakes up in time for third period.

Maria ends up staying in the school for the day before having a chat with Takigawa outside. A suspicious Basara questions her and she merely states that she asked him for directions after getting lost and having reunited, the two walk home. That night, the night of the Full moon and Yuki's signing of the contract, Basara is waiting in his room for the preparations to finish.

After Mio gets Basara and brings him downstairs they are greeted by the site of Yuki who has already changed into a set of lingerie. Although Basara feels uncomfortable around Yuki she forces him to continue with the threat of further removal of clothing. Although the contract proceeds, at it's final stage Yuki refuses to kiss Basara's hand.

Having provoked the Curse of the Master Servant Contract on purpose, Yuki forces Basara to subjugate her. Initially Basara tries groping Yuki's breasts, before he focuses his attention on Yuki's butt, while Maria films the entire exchange with Yuki's consent, switching positions so that Yuki is straddling Basara, and finally ending with Maria making Yuki watch the recording in the TV as it is happening.

With so many precautions taken at once, Yuki has her first strengthening on the same night her contract was made, and Basara takes her upstairs to have a bath and Mio and Maria end up joining them. A few days later, Basara goes to the infirmary to get his finger bandaged after he jammed it in the middle of P.E.

Thus Basara goes to Chisato who takes a great deal of care to bandage the finger and gives strict instructions not to remove it for three days. She also warns Basara about burning himself out, since he knows that there's something bad coming, then what he needs to do is not burn himself out trying to stop it, but rather let it come and be ready for it.

However, while getting changed in the locker room, Basara is suddenly ambushed by Sakaki Chiba, one of Mio's friends who attempts to seduce him, and who is quickly joined by another of Mio's friends Aikawa Shiho they are interrupted by Yuki and Mio. Mio, assuming the worst, immediately runs away in a emotional fit. Yuki, also assuming the worst, manifests her weapon charges at Sakaki.

When Sakaki dodges the strike, it's enough to confirm that she's under someone else's power since she, a normal human, shouldn't be able to see the weapon. Leaving the girls to Yuki, Basara chases down Mio and finds her in time to see her being taken away via transportation magic by Maria and Zest. Furthermore, when Basara attempts to locate Mio via the Master servant contract, he comes up empty.

Seeing no other option, Basara goes to Yahiro for help. Yahiro explains that Zolgear took a member of Maria's family hostage right after he was forcibly sent back to hell, and various things like making Mio the servant in the master servant contract and strengthening their bond has been part of Zolgear's plan to break Mio into one of his pleasure dolls from the beginning.

Basara also learns that the Moderates don't intend to send help for Mio, in particular their current leader Mio's uncle and Wilbert's brother Ramusas. Although Yahiro is reluctant at first, Basara is able to get him to help by promising him that he can kill Zolgear. Yahiro renders Basara unconscious and uses one of his dummies to hand him over to Zest, explaining his unique power that Zolgear may find useful, before the dummy is killed by Zest.

After Zolgear, who is away in hell at the moment, is informed of the situation he has Maria take control of Basara's mind and rape him and record her doing it as further material to break Mio with. When Basara awakens confirms Mio's presence within the barrier but has lost track of Yuki's. Using his cell phone, he sends a message to Yuki before confronting Maria.

Apologizing for not understanding Maria's feelings up until now Maria claims that it's already too late to do anything right now, having already given up she intends to make her last moments last by seducing Basara. Towards this end, already knowing that her standard magic won't work on him, she reveals her trump card, a adult succubus form that she can assume for a short period of time.

In addition to enhancing Maria's sex appeal, the new form also dramatically increases her magical and physical power. Although Maria's magic works on Basara for a while, he eventually breaks free. Basara takes the opportunity to use Banishing shift to destroy the Barrier, alerting Yuki to his current position in the process.

In spite of dealing severe damage to Basara, Maria's stamina is drained by the emotionally tasking endeavor of hurting a loved one, which when combined with Basara's kind words, finally makes her stop fighting and hugs Basara in a familiar embrace. Running to Mio and Yuki's location, Basara catches Zolgear in the middle of about to kill Zest and rescues her using Banishing Shift.

When questioned Basara simply explains that he rescued Zest because like Maria she might not be here by her own will either. With that the battle commences, but Basara's injuries he received from Maria puts him at a large disadvantage and although he fights admirably he is defeated only to be rescued by Maria.

Unfortunately Maria isn't in much better condition with her power almost out, though Zolgear intends to make her surrender anyway by displaying what he claims to be a live feed of Maria's mother when refuses the figure in the recording is brutally killed, Zolgear claiming that it was a recording from quite some time ago.

The sight is enough to make Mio's power rampage again, as Zolgear had expected and seals her power off using his remaining demonic power, though with no one in any state to fight him he can still leisurely absorb Mio's and Basara's powers and use them to take over the demon world. That's what he thought, but he miscalculated Mio's power from the Master Servant contract and instead gets his hand blown off.

Though Mio intends to kill the demon, Basara convinces her otherwise and Zolgear gets away. The group is finally met by Maria's missing family member, who although she looks like a girl even younger than Maria, is in fact her mother Shella, who was rescued and replaced by a dummy by Yahiro.

In the anime only, it is then that Zolgear's final trump card is revealed. Having transported a dangerous creature from the underworld with a high reproductive ability, Zolgear transformed that monster into his Mansion, and now that he's been defeated it's assuming it's natural form, at which point in time it and it's offspring will wipe out all life on earth.

Zest, no longer feeling any loyalty to Zolgear, leads the group to the creature's core where they fight against a group of Zest clones. Zest explains that she is a sort of genetically engineered creation of Zolgear's, based on his sexual preferences, and while she was the prototype, these represent the next generation her. Finding the creature's core, Basara wipes the whole mansion out with Banishing Shift.

Returning home after a long hectic day the group finally gets some sleep, with the Moderate demons coming in the morning to pick up Shella and Zest. Checking on the various members of the house hold, Basara prepares some hot milk to help Mio calm down. Recalling what Yahiro said about Mio's chastity, Basara nearly takes Mio's before they're interrupted by Yuki, Maria, and Zest.

Although Maria is feeling depressed and is debating going back to the underworld with her mother and Zest, between Yuki's and Mio's bickering they reaffirm their feelings and attachment to young Succubus, who increases the tension by stealing a kiss from Basara like Mio and Yuki had just done earlier.

Finally breaking away from his chaotic family Basara joins Yahiro as he amuses himself by torturing Zolgear. With the final part of their deal on the horizon, Yahiro kills Zolgear, in front of Basara's eyes who wanted to make sure that he was dead. Although Zolgear tries to negotiate for his life with Basara, Yahiro simply kills him.

Volume IV

A couple of Days after Zest and Shella leave the house, Basara awakens to the sound of Maria rambling outside his bedroom door before Mio finds her and drags her off for her punishment, a sign as he believes that things have returned to normal in the Toujou residence with Maria pulling a prank on Mio and Mio leaving puddle of blood to find in the morning.

The next day, Basara volunteers to work on the School Festival, which triggers a chain reaction of both Mio and Yuki also volunteering to work on the School Festival, followed shortly thereafter by a huge number of male students all of whom are their fans. Even after reducing the number of volunteers from each class to a reasonable number, a huge number not part of the sports committee shows up anyway.

One student, a senior named Shouhei Donoue and the head of Mio's fan Club, and another, another senior named Kaji Hozumi and the head of Yuki's fan Club, gets particularly bold and goes so far as to sit next to them, before that is Sakazaki tells them to stop being disruptive and return to their seats before the Student council president, Rikka Kajiura, officially commences the meeting.

While Basara is debating which department to join he, Mio and Yuki are all taken away by Nanao Tachibana to meet privately with Rikka. Basically, Rikka is aware that the bulk of the students have joined the committee having ulterior motives that relate to the trio, and would like for them to leave taking the trouble makers with them.

However, Sakazaki comes in and explains that rather than disposing of the trio and the trouble they make along the way, they should use them to their advantage. Thus Mio and Yuki join the two departments most in need of man power General Auxiliary and accounting respectively while Basara is made a temporary member of the student council to act as a general manager.

After the issue with the sports festival is settled, Basara goes to see Chisato again to see about his bandaged finger. Chisato however is having a problem of her own, in that the custom swim suit she ordered so that she can help work with the swim team is stuck. Basara uses some nearby soap to loosen the swim suit's zipper and force it open.

After thanking Basara, Chisato gets changed right in front of him before removing the bandage she put on him, and once that is done, she cashes in on the promise made to him earlier in that she can take him out for dinner. Even though she says that to be more accurate she has taken him back to her apartment where she cooks for him.

Even though she is a rather and attractive looking young lady, she's had no prior experience with men, but yet female students keep coming to her for advice that she cannot give them, so in order to rectify the problem she has taken Basara out on a date of sorts. Chisato proceeds to cook several dishes mostly using meat and high quality ingredients.

After doing the dishes Chisato and Basara bathe together to erase the scent of Chisato's perfume where they engage in further intimate acts that leaves Basara unconscious. Once Basara wakes back up he decides to take the subway home where he is attacked by a large number of people wielding magic, but saved by the timely intervention of Kurumi.

After checking to make sure the unconscious commuters are okay and back to normal Basara and Kurumi fly back home, where Kurumi explains that after reviewing Yuki's reports from the Zolgear incident the village elders decided she needed reinforcements and sent her. The pair arrive back home to not only Maria who is wearing an naked apron but Yuki and Mio are on the floor acting like dogs wearing lingerie and dog themed accessories.

While the strengthening is successful, Mio realizes that Kurumi is there, screams loudly enough to snap herself and Yuki out of their haze, before running back to her room and locking herself inside out of embarrassment. Once the remaining trio is scolded by Kurumi, Yuki explains what is going on, the Master Servant contract, and what they've done up until now.

Naturally Kurumi has mixed feelings, on the one hand she only sees what Yuki has been doing as inappropriate and is embarrassed and concerned for her, but on the other hand if not for acts like these they would have died fighting Zolgear. Basara manages to calm the situation only for Maria to fire it up again by pointing out that it's only natural for Kurumi to be embarrassed, since she's new to this sort of thing.

Accepting Kurumi's declaration of maturity as a challenge Maria goes over to grope her breasts, before inflicting the succubus curse on her and stating that the only way to relieve her is for Basara and Yuki, who has already entered a similar cursed state at Kurumi's provocation to grope her and subjugate her, and they eventually deduce that she's the most sensitive in her arm pits.

After Yuki takes the subjugated Kurumi back to her room to rest Basara questions Maria for her actions. Maria states that it would be easier for Kurumi to accept what Basara and Yuki have been doing if she experiences the same thing, and will most likely be more cooperative for now on. Maria also explains her own poor relationship with her own sister, and wanted to make sure that the Nonaka siblings stayed on good terms.

The next morning, the group discusses the attack on Basara. Basically they don't know of a way that normal humans could be given magical powers aside from turning them into demons, at which point they would stay demons, and not turn back into humans, seeing as how that's not the case it means a enemy unknown to them is responsible.

Ultimately, it's decided that Basara should continue his normal routine until the enemy is known to them. As it is, Basara is aware that he's being watched, and unlike the previous incidents where those who were watching him hid their presence, this one is deliberately emphasizing their presence as if glaring at him, but whenever he tries to follow the presence he can't seem to locate them.

During Gym class, in the absence of Yahiro who has returned to the Underworld, Basara is paired with Nanano who has only been able to recently join the gym class due to his poor physical health. While in the middle of doing stretching exercises together, the pair are checked upon by Chisato who as the nurse is responsible for looking after the physically frail Nanano.

Chisato also questions why Basara hasn't been by the infirmary lately, and why he's been avoiding her lately. Pulling Hasegawa away somewhere private, Basara simply explains that he doesn't know what to do after having a night like that with someone, but Chisato takes the opportunity passionately kiss Basara, which he then returns.

A sudden call for Chisato interrupts the moment and she's forced to leave, leaving Nanano to point out her lip stick on Basara's cheek and promising to keep the secret for him. That afternoon the preparations for the sports festival goes smoothly thanks to Rikka's hard work in keeping the various students in line and on track.

Unfortunately, the Mio faction led by Shuhei continuously cause chaos during the preparations as they grow increasingly unsatisfied from their lack of exciting positions and Rikka's strict way of doing things. A final line is crossed however when Shuhei orders a large amount of specialty fireworks meant to spell out Mio's name and charges the school for them.

Shuhei claims that since it's their last year at the school, the third years should have a say as well, which they haven't since Rikka's been so strict with them, which leaves Rikka stunned speechless for a moment. However Basara steps in politely telling Shuhei to take back his words since Rikka has been working very hard to make the school festival work, and Shuhei's stunt for his own personal gain has made things extremely difficult for her.

Basara's words are enough to provoke a fist fight with Shuhei and several others from the Mio faction that he ultimately wins, and Sakazaki's sudden arrival is enough to prevent any more trouble. Speaking to Basara in private, Sakazaki says that while he wasn't wrong to act, it also wasn't the best way to handle the situation either.

Sakazaki also questions if Basara has been affected by Chisato in the same way as the rest of the school has been. Sakazaki explains that there is no such thing as being universally liked, even if you are a extremely popular person with good looks and a kind personality, there would still be people who would resent you for it, with the exception of Chisato, who is universally liked by everyone in the school as if she has a mass mind control power.

Not only that, but students often act in a strange way after talking to them, and the change isn't always positive such as in the case of Shuhei and Kaji who before Basara came to the school had much more docile personality's, until he consulted with Chisato about something, then they started their little fan clubs for Mio and Yuki. He even comments that Basara seems to have been affected who followed her advice without questioned a couple of times in the past.

When Basara returns to the AV room he apologizes for getting involved with Shuhei though Rikka insists that he doesn't worry about it, rather she's more concerned about Nanano who has suddenly gone missing. Returning to the class room, Basara finds the girls in the middle of their discussions for the upcoming cheerleader competition.

On their way out the door, the group is met by Chisato who causes Basara to nervously leave. When everyone gets home, they find Maria in the middle of showing Kurumi her video of her subjugation from the other night, which prompts Kurumi to run and hide again. Returning to his room Basara ponders his list of suspects of who has been attacking him and narrows it down to four individuals.

Firstly, he knows that the individual is connected to the academy because they've been watching him there. Secondly he also believes that the incident is connected either to his visit to Chisato's apartment, or to his joining of the sports committee. Deciding that the latter was more likely he can think of two motives: Those who would want the festival to succeed, and those who just want Basara gone altogether.

Even if it was just someone who wanted Basara gone, being on the sports festival organizing committee with Mio and Yuki isn't enough of a provocation, but if they knew that Basara wouldn't have any of his regular allies at that time, then that would have been a ideal time to strike. Additionally, with his attempt to use Shuhei to draw out the attacker having failed he now needs to refocus his efforts.

He also can't ignore the possibility that the incident was related to Chisato. If Chisato has been using magic to control the school, then Basara who can eliminate any attack might be a threat to her, so she could have designed the date as a experiment to test her mind control on him and if that failed tried to eliminate him.

Finally there is also Sakazaki to consider, if the entire school is under some type of mind control by Chisato, then why is Sakazaki the only one not affected, and it's strange that he would bring his suspicions to Basara who he thinks is under Chisato's control and even fears that he might be manipulating Basara to draw attention away from himself.

While going back and forth like this, Basara is suddenly visited by Mio. Basara calls a family meeting in order to discuss how they'll deal with the unknown enemy targeting him. On the day of the sports festival the plan is as follows: Kurumi uses her spirits to monitor the area for any abnormalities most likely alerting the culprit to her presence in the process, she and Basara would then cut them down.

While bringing a injured student to the medical tent, Basara still tries to avoid Chisato. Later on, Basara participates in the four legged race with Yuki and Mio, in order to expose Basara and further provoke his attacker. Having prepared extensively the trio easily conquers the balance beam and moves on to the second obstacle where they have to pop balloons by squeezing them between their bodies.

That said, with the difficult to pop balloons they end up losing their lead with the announcer only adding fuel to the fire. Accepting the provocation, the two girls begin rubbing against Basara even more provocatively, showing the audience they are not available. Finally popping the balloons they move onto the final obstacle, net crawling.

Unfortunately, the sports festival suddenly comes under attack by a brainwashed Shuhei who is using magic to create a tornado. Said tornado is nullified by Basara using Banishing shift. Unfortunately, Basara is quickly attacked by Nanano who is revealed to be a vampire of some kind. Basara deduces that one of Nanano's ancestor was a demon human hybrid known as a vampire, and suffers a form of Atavism that caused those traits to manifest in him.

Basara also deduces that Nanano isn't responsible for attacking him and eventually subdues him. After they use their respective abilities to examine each other they conclude that they've both been tricked into trying to kill each other by a third party. Sensing something amiss, Basara rushes to the infirmary and discovers Chisato locking Mio and Yuki inside and sealing them with a barrier.

Basara is joined in attacking Chisato by Sakazaki and Nanano and together they retreat to the home economics classroom while placing several barriers in the hallway to slow Chisato down. Sakazaki explains that he's a retired hero and that he's Jin's contact at the school. While he wanted to help during the previous incidents, he couldn't move freely since Chisato was essentially holding the school hostage.

Basara is able to deduce that Sakazaki was lying, basically if he was Jin's contact, then he would have informed Jin of a dangerous person like Chisato lurking around, and Jin wouldn't have sent Basara there but instead send Mio to his old school. Instead he deduces that Chisato's Jin's contact and Sakazaki is the one responsible for the chaos.

With thirty Minuets until Chisato can break through Sakazaki's barriers, Basara is confident that he can escape from the teacher and make it back to Chisato. However, Sakazaki reveals his true form that of a minor god known as Ornis, which in the process also knocks Nanano out, making escaping no longer an option. While Basara and Ornis are able to fight evenly for a while when Ornis threatens Nanano's life he gains an upper hand.

Though even when Basara continues to attack Ornis reveals that he's also taken Kurumi hostage as well. Ornis uses the chance to sever Basara's sword wielding arm, causing him to lose consciousness from the blood loss. However Basara is suddenly possessed by Brynhildr who uses his body to rampage against Ornis, using his Banishing Shift offensively to deal severe damage to the minor deity and send him flying.

As Basara is about to finish Ornis off he is suddenly restrained by Chisato. Chisato and Ornis talk, Ornis revealing not only his desire for Basara's unique power, but also his intense and deep seated jealousy towards him for receiving Chisato's favor. It's Ornis's intention, to take Basara's power and use it to lift the seal locking away Chisato's true form and power.

According to Chisato, the reason why she hadn't dealt with Ornis up until now, even though she knew about his feelings, was because the man that he killed and replaced, The real Sakazaki, was a vile individual who molested the female students he was suppose to care for.

The final straw comes when Ornis insults Basara by calling him a filthy abomination carrying the blood of three races, as one of those individuals that conceived Basara was Chisato's elder sister who was killed after giving birth to him. Chisato reveals that when she left the Godly realm, she made a deal that if Basara's life was ever in any true serious danger, then the seal would be released and her full power unleashed.

Thus Chisato kills Ornis inside of the specialized barrier so that the gods won't learn of his power that can even kill a god, Ornis's dying words being that he was trying to help Chisato. Using the last of her power, Chisato sets to work repairing the damage to school and calming down Brynhildr by feeding her Ornis's soul.

When Basara awakens, he has no memory of what happens, only a vague recollection of him killing Sakazaki, which he confirms by speaking with Nanano, before asking him to pretend to be unconscious so not to expose his nature to Yuki and Mio. With that, the girls go on to attend the Cheer leading competition and ultimately their class wins.

Once the girls leave Nanano apologizes to Basara for attacking him and the two confirm their friendship before going to watch Mio and Yuki's performance together. However when Basara gets home he discovers the female residences in the middle of another submission session, Yuki and Mio wearing the race girl uniforms from their performance, Kurumi her sister's dog outfit, and Maria a towel in the bathroom.

They are however suddenly interrupted by the appearance of Maria's sister Lucia who demands that they come with her to the demon realm.

Volume VI Side Story IV

Instead of immediately going with Lucia to the Demon Realm however, Basara's group convinces her to wait until the 25th of December one month away. Also of Note, is that Basara and Chisato begin seeing each other off and on again. During this time Chisato has the goal of increasing Basara's compatibility with Brynhildr by bringing out his sadistic side.

The Delay proceeds without incident, and on the 24th of December Basara attends a party being held by the student Council at an Italian restaurant to celebrate the successful sports festival. Joining them, is Chisato who is avoiding a similar party being held by the teachers. Rikka, humbly gives her thanks to both Chisato, without whose help a great many people would not have been able to participate, to which Chisato simply claims she was doing her job, and Basara, without whose help things wouldn't have gone as smoothly as they had, to which Basara downplays his contribution.

When asked about the reservation at the restaurant, according to Rikka it along with the lively sports festival, are both the work of the legendary vice student council president from twenty years ago, to whom Basara is eventually able to deduce was his father. Basara is also given a open invitation to join the student council when school starts again.

In the mean time though Basara asks Chisato for advice for his up coming 'Over Seas visit' (traveling to the demon world) he's planning with the rest of the members of the Toujou household, to which she reminds him to be flexible, not let himself get distracted by all the new things that he's going to see and not try to do everything at once while he's over there.

While the group eats, Chisato sexually harasses Basara by playing with his thigh and giving him some of her food to eat, explaining to the others that since she recently got a boy friend, she's started to diet a little bit. Once the group finishes their meals and are finished exchanging gifts they have another tradition from the legendary vice president to propose.

In addition to randomizing the gifts they are to receive, each one with come with a hazing ritual that is to randomly assign perpetrator, victim, punishment and time allotted meant to provide good luck and ensure a successful school sports festival the next year. Naturally, since Rikka refused the ritual the year before, she is blaming herself for the chaos at the festival.

Basara gets the number four, meaning that he will be the fourth person to draw a present and lot from the box. Unfortunately, Nanano ends up drawing 'done by partner of same sex' meaning Basara, which means that he gets the thankless task of undressing Nanano and redressing him in the school's female uniform for the next twenty minuets.

Further harassing Basara, his lot tells him to kiss number three, meaning Nanano and proceeds to kiss him on the neck. This leaves a lasting impression on the part vampire whose race creates subordinates and converts others by biting them on the neck. The final person to draw lots is Rikka, which is to have unlucky number four Basara grope her breasts for ten minuets, which due to a earlier hazing are now bare.

This in of itself would not be much of a issue, if not for Basara's experience in making girls climax as soon as possible and she is soon left in a miserable state. In the end Nanano alters everyone's memories so that Rikka never climaxed and everyone goes their separate ways. Basara gives Chisato the gift he meant for the exchange that had suddenly ended and the two go back to her apartment.

There they engage in their usual ritual of Pseudo Sex where they rub their intimate parts together. Even though Chisato has no reason not to loose her virginity to Basara, if he gave his to her then he would feel like he was cheating on Mio and Yuki. However Basara accidentally removes the seal on Chisato with Banishing Shift turning her back into a god in the process.

After rendering Basara unconscious Chisato replaces the seal restoring her human appearance and calls for a taxi, intending to simply lay with Basara for thirty minuets and give him time to clean up before he goes home, also transferring a portion of her power to him in order to help him in the upcoming battle against the current Demon Lord.

Volume V

Basara arrives in time for the one hour to midnight deadline on December 25th when Lucia takes him to the underworld alongside Maria, Mio, Yuki and Kurumi. While some members of the group don't have any trouble, the demons Mio and Maria, and the demon sword wielder Basara, the Nonoka sisters have a bit of a hard time in the demon realm's harsh atmosphere.

In order to minimize possible confusion, the group arrives in Oldora Forest outside of the capitol city of the Moderates Wildarts where they enter the city on horse drawn carriage and arrive at the castle while avoiding the urban district. The group is escorted to a low quality room for their stay and it's explained that Ramusas is gone and will be back tomorrow.

While the group is understandably annoyed, they also have no room to talk having made the Moderate leader wait an entire month to meet them. After that, Zest, now working as Shella's personal maid servant, suddenly arrives in the room and pores tea for the 'guests' to which it is explained that the former enemy will be their maid during their stay there.

After being essentially confined to the room until Dinner is ready the atmosphere quickly grows tense do to the interactions of Mio whose parents were killed by Zolgear who up until two months ago was Zest's master and Zest, though she quickly defuses the situation anyway. The group's plan at this point in time is to finish their business there and return home.

Shella suddenly arrives in the room and sits down on Basara's lap, and apologizes for Lucia's cold behavior. After greeting her mother, Maria leaves in order to go make her atonement to Lucia. Basara follows them using Shella's subspace corridor and ease drops on their conversation, learning how Zolgear used Maria's guilt over how her mother, once hailed as the strongest succubus in existence, turned into her current state by giving birth to Maria.

Having heard the whole story Basara asks for a bit of leniency for Maria. While understanding of both Basara's and Maria's feelings it is because of of that understanding that Lucia needs to go through with the punishment. For Maria, who has long been carrying a guilty conscious over her actions with Zolgear and has not received any punishment to relieve that Conscious, this is the only way for her to move forward.

Ultimately, understanding the situation fully now, Basara offers to administer the punishment he should have in the first place in order to avoid damaging the relationship between the sisters. As such, he had Maria strip down, followed by using Lucia's curse on her putting her in a aroused state before spanking her, a punishment that was originally devised by Shella.

Basically, the curse works the same way as the curse of the Master Servant contract, it's activated by guilt, and goes away once the guilt has disappeared. Thus all Basara has to do is spank Maria until the curse disappears and her guilt is absolved. Once Maria's punishment is over the pair suddenly learn that they had a audience to Maria's punishment, Kurumi who was watching from the door.

Lucia, who is not only infuriated with Kurumi for spying on her and leaving her room, is also aroused by Basara's act just now, on top of that having a even stronger instinct as a succubus than Maria that she under normal circumstances has to keep suppressed, she now intends to vent those feelings on Kurumi with everything she's got, succubus curse included, possibly damaging her mental well being in the process.

However, upon hearing that Kurumi is Maria's friend, Lucia gives Basara the chance to spare her by giving her a show to sate her needs. However, she warns that if she is not satisfied, then she will unleash her full power as a succubus on Kurumi until she breaks. Kurumi, who thinks this is one of the dreams she's engineered to fulfill her romantic feeling for Basara, suddenly takes the initiative in their show.

However, she realizes that it's not a dream from not only Basara's confusion, but also the fact that he, who is normally mute in her dreams, has spoken. Looking around Kurumi remembers the last thing she did before the 'Dream' started and realizes that she is now fulfilling Lucia's needs in order to not be punished for breaking into her office.

Thus, she continues as if she was in a dream, and collapses into Basara's arms after spending herself fully with Lucia satisfied. After taking Kurumi and Maria to a separate room from what they were staying in, in order to avoid arousing the Master Servant Curse in Yuki and Mio. When Basara returns he finds Yuki, Mio and Zest having tea with Klaus a high ranking demon in the Moderates faction.

Basically, the Moderates faction can be divided into two groups, one wanting to exact Mio's power and give it to Ramusas, and another wishing to make Mio the current Demon Lord as Wilbert's blood child, led by Klaus of his second in command of the Moderates faction. As Mio's supporter Klaus arranges for some higher standard accommodations for the group to stay in.

Klaus tells the group about Wilbert, a great man with unrivaled compassion who finally had enough of the ancient war of demon, man and god and had gathered together a huge number of supporters wishing to finally end the age old war. Unfortunately, one and a half years ago he came down with a serious illness, and sent the last of his power into his young daughter Mio.

As for Ramusas, he was shady figure who suddenly appeared in the city one day after he heard his brother was dying, and with nothing but Wilbert's word was explained to be his brother and made the leader of the Moderates faction in his absence and to this day has yet to show not even one single tear for his brother's passing and made decisions and orders that went against his brother's wishes, hence the reason why the once largest faction of Demons has reduced in size so much.

The group is taken before a balcony and are welcomed by the sight of hundreds of citizens of Wildarts who were eagerly waiting to meet Mio. The group realizes that Klaus set the whole thing up and is planning on making Mio feel a overwhelming obligation to take her father's throne. After moving their things into the new room the group is given a tour of Wildarts city led by the maid Noel while dressed as castle servants to avoid causing a ruckus.

One of the reasons that this works is because of the large number of human looking demons living in the city. Basically, the humanoid demons are part human, and hence received severe discrimination from thorough bred demons, and found themselves a part of the Moderate faction for having no where else to go. While touring the city, Mio also learns more about her birth mother.

Basically, Wilbert's wife, a woman named Ashe, was a demon native to the human world with a large portion of Human blood in her, hence Mio's human appearance. Even though Ashe and Wilbert loved one another mutually, he was a pure blooded demon Lord, and she was mostly human low tier individual from the human world, so her life in Wildarts amounted to a very nice prison, but one that she accepted willingly because she loved Wilbert.

Unfortunately, she died in child birth for Mio, and Mio, having never known either of her biological parents, doesn't really know how to process all of this new information about them. Additionally, Mio is not the only one having trouble processing her daily life. For Zest, who was originally the high ranked servant of a high ranking Demon in the Current Demon Lord Faction and is now a maid, she has become a target of dissatisfied demons in Wildarts.

While interacting with a stray baby unicorn trapped within the city, Zest is assaulted by four of the city guards, who naturally thinking the worst of her, intend to sexually assault her. Basara, having noticed Zest's situation, comes to her rescue and defeats the guards using unarmed combat before taking the mentally and emotionally exhausted Zest away from that area before anymore trouble is caused.

Once at the local barracks, it is explained that in order to gain a needed advantage in any conflict with another faction, the moderates have resorted to recruiting anyone willing to join, and that includes less savory characters like the ones Basara and Zest met, another reason why the Moderate faction wants Mio, so to woo their old forces back to their side.

As they come to this revelation, Ramusas finally arrives back in the city. An hour later, the group has had dinner with Klaus and Shella but still haven't had the long awaited meeting with Ramusas. Annoyed, Basara goes looking for him himself and finds him atop one of the tallest towers in Wildarts and takes the liberty of spitting out his long held dissatisfaction to the way Ramusas treats Mio.

Simply put, the reason why Ramusas has not sunk one Iota into Mio's protection, was that there was simply no need to, from his point of view Mio is safe, ignoring Basara and the girls of the Hero Tribe, Mio's power that she inherited from her father is already all the protection she needs in his point of view, the fact that she was the one who defeated Zolgear is proof of this fact.

A line officially crossed, Basara goes onto a rant about all that the Moderates care about is using Mio for her power while ignoring her thoughts and feelings on the matter. Deciding to teach Basara a lesson, Ramusas proceeds to lecture him on the duties of those called royalty, even if Mio had lived a happy life as a civilian due to the wishes of her parents only to have that life taken away because of her royal blood is not a uncommon occurrence.

The fact remains that neither Ramusas or Klaus has any obligation to protect Mio beyond what they've already done, their duty, is to protect those they have taken under their care, and the fact remains that without the power Mio has, they could all be turned to ashes any day now. Further more, in Ramusas opinion, Mio, who fell so low as to become a bondage slave for Basara, is simply not qualified for the throne.

With neither Basara nor Ramusas releasing from their respective opinions, Basara is suddenly held at gun point by the various maids and servants, and he in turn brings out Brynhildr. The standoff is suddenly interrupted by Shella, who defuses the situation by pointing out that if they kill or imprison Basara then they'll only succeed in turning Mio against them. Likewise, she points out to Basara that he has no way of winning this situation.

Shella takes Basara into the bath to relax, where she takes the liberty of pointing his mistake in carelessly earning Ramusas's ire through Zest. Shella has Zest wash Basara's body, but seeing as how she's making him uncomfortable, then she'll just have to punish her later. That is what Basara did, in sending someone he cared about to a unknown ally that he just established a bad relationship with, he left Zest at the mercy of people who view her as being his ally and who can punish him through her.

If Basara wishes to reconcile this fact, then all he really needs to do is take Zest back as his servant. Seeing as how Zest is forward the proposition, Basara agrees and Shella oversees the process. Even though the process goes smoothly with Zest kissing Basara's hand, a new problem arises. Because Zest has no self worth, she fears she'll become a burden to Basara, the same thing as betrayal of the highest order, on top of that, the power of Shella's curse is much stronger than that of Lucia or Maria.

Therefore not only does Zest have to be subjugated, but she has to be subjugated several times, her guilt in that it is Basara who is pleasuring instead of pleasuring him causing the guilt to build up with only short bouts of unconsciousness to break it up. Finally, Zest decides to unilaterally pleasure Basara by using her mouth and breasts to envelope his penis and give him both a blow job and a tit job, fully accepting herself as Basara's servant of use to him.

The next day, when the city is attacked by three Heroic Spirit's and Gald, a Lord class Demon working for the Current Demon Lord faction, Basara rushes into battle to defeat Gald and end the attack on Wildarts. While fighting Gald, Basara learns that the demon is after Mio. While Basara's companions fight the other spirits, Basara fights against Gald who uses fire balls mixed with bits of debries to attack Basara.

Unfortunately, Basara cannot use Banishing Shift to fight, less he is gives the Current Demon Lord Faction even more reason to be after them, though he will use it if he has to. Growing bored, Gald unleashes his true power, summoning a fire dragon and then absorbing it, he intends to crush Basara with city destroying power. Even in spite of Zest's best efforts, Basara still receives a heavy attack from Gald.

In order to defeat Gald, Basara invents a new move called dimensional slash. Using the Laido style with his weapon, Basara is able to coat Brynhildr with a spacial distortion, and increase it's speed to super sonic levels, dramatically enhancing it's offensive power and cutting off Gald's arm. As Basara prepares another attack, he is suddenly interrupted by Gald's ally Nebra striking him down from behind.

Although Basara is able to dig his way out of the rubble, he is in no condition to fight. Instead Mio arrives thoroughly enraged and attacks the more powerful Heroic spirit that Nebra was controlling, destroying it. Left with no other choice, Nebra activates the spirit's self destruct sequence. However, the explosion is nullified by Basara's Banishing Shift.

Not concerned, Nebra summons three more higher tier spirits and sets them to work attacking the city, but the sudden intervention of Jin Toujou and Ramusas eliminates the spirits, and Basara stabs Nebra who dies from the Master Servant contract after attempting to bargain for his life. As the others get treated for their wounds, Basara goes to have a talk with his father.

While spitting out his dissatisfaction with his father, a explosion happens and Jin points out that someone is likely trying to break Gald out. The one responsible for rescuing Gald is revealed to be Yahiro, who is officially defecting to the Current Demon Lord Faction, and delivers a message to Basara inviting him to the Demon Lord's castle.

Volume VI Side Story III

As a result of his spat with Ramses, Basara is confined to his room for a day. However, when he learns that Kurumi suddenly ran out on breakfast after learning of Zest's making of a Master Servant contract with Basra, he defies the order given to him and chases after her after, resulting in him being confined to his room for another day even though he didn't find her, with Zest, who was considered conspiring with him after making a boxed breakfast for Kurumi, and Maria, who already in hot water with the Moderates but brought the breakfast to Kurumi, confined as well.

Later on, Zest arrives in Basara's room to be relieved, suffering from her guilt in her own role in Kurumi's complex feelings. While she thinks they should cancel the contract, Basara strongly disagrees stating that it would just create the same problem they had before signing the contract, issue of Zest's safety as long as she stays with the moderates faction.

As Basara prepares to kiss her however Kurumi suddenly arrives in his room via Sherra's subspace corridor wearing a cursed negligee of her own design, which draws in the people who see her wearing it, including herself, into a powerful aphrodisiac curse. The only way to break the curse, is for the three of them to subjugate one another in the order in which they saw Kurumi.

During this time it comes to light that Kurumi wishes to make the Master Servant Contract with Basara, but she can't. Unlike Yuki, who has been permanently stationed as Mio's watcher till further notice, Kurumi could be called back to the village at any time. Neither the small amounts of demonic energy within Kurumi's, or the demonic spirit Kurumi now wields are a problem.

The demonic fluctuations are to be expected spending a lot of time close to powerful demons like Mio and Maria, and the hero tribe makes frequent use of such demonic entities themselves. The real issue here would be in the Master Servant contract. If Kurumi is suddenly called back to the village, and it came to light that she made a Master Servant contract with Basara, then the discovery would be made that Basara and Mio, who were already considered dangerous by the Hero's tribe, were actively empowering themselves then the entire Toujou household would be put on the chopping block for extermination.

As a substitute though, Zest suggests something else. She has Basara make a hickey on Kurumi's neck, and has her kiss the back of Basara's hand, thus creating a Master Servant contract role play. The order in which the group is to be subjugated and by whom is: Basara with Zest to Kurumi Next is Kurumi with Basara to Zest Finally, Kurumi with Zest to Basara.

First Basara and Zest attack Kurumi's arm pits, breasts and butt. Then Kurumi attack's Zest's butt while Basara does her breasts before they both later nibble on her ears. Finally it's Basara's turn, Zest wraps her breasts around his Penis, and Kurumi sucks on it. Once the curse of the Negligee has been broken, the three of them continue love making until Kurumi's hickey disappears.

Kurumi awakens the next morning, realizing that the demonic spirit she got from Lucia has suddenly become much more cooperative, and that since it is a succubus spirit, it feeds off of her feelings of desire and arousal, which to her joy makes her note that it's necessary for her to continue to submit to Basara.

Volume VII

Basara and Mio are shown in the middle of their normal routine of Basara subjugating Mio. Basically, Mio felt guilty concerning the destruction brought to Wildarts by the Current Demon Lord Faction that was after her power, injuring her friends and creating sizable amounts of casualties among the Moderates faction. As such, Maria and Basara participate in a pincer maneuver and successfully subjugates Mio.

While the girls get the bath ready Basara thinks about the current situation, and how to resolve the on coming war over Mio in a manner that won't place her in danger. The next day, Basara and Jin are training together in the forest, Basara with Brunhildyr and Jin with a wooden training sword. Basara is training to draw out his full potential, in order to be able to defeat Leohart in the upcoming five on five battle with the current Demon Lord Faction.

Simply put, Leohart is roughly two or three times stronger then Basara, and in a test of brute strength against Jin, stronger than him as well. One of Basara's goals should be raising his compatibility with Brynhildr, as well as drawing out his own potential, if he can do that, then he should be stronger then Leohart, though given the short amount of time until the battle with Leohart's forces, doing that using normal means might not be possible.

Saying that, Jin's next attack knocks Basara out, but Basara's next attack nearly kills Jin. When Basara awakens, he's in the moderates guest room with Jin. According to Jin, What Basara did, was use a variant of Banishing shift with a increased elimination ability, and it was quite similar to the tragedy that caused them to be banished from the hero's tribe in the first place.

According to Jin, Basara has three limiters that keep him from accessing his true potential. The first limiter, is that Basara fears Brunhildyr, which causes him to actively suppress the blade's power, the second, is that Basara also subconsciously suppresses the blade's power, the third is that Basara only thinks of the demonic sword as a tool and not a partner. Therefore, Basara must break at least two of these limiters in order to defeat Leohart.

That said, defeating Leohart is not Basara's top priority, if they win, then the demand for Mio to become the new Demon Lord would just increase, if he loses, then they will be hunted for the rest of their lives, and if they draw, then nothing will change. The real victory lies outside of the battle with Leohart, in other words, they must bring peace between the two factions, in order to take away their reason for hunting Mio.

Push comes to shove, there is a certain trump card that Basara is unaware of, and thus Jin goes onto to tell Basara about his mothers, one a powerful demoness, and the other a powerful god, and is given a drug by Sheera that will awaken his dormant power. A few days later, the group travels to the Current Demon Lord's factions base two days before the decisive battle. There they meet with Leohart as well as one of his advisers on the demon council, Belphegor. From their interactions, Basara can tell that the two demons don't get along.

Basara recalls that the current Demon Lord faction is divided between those who support Leohart, and those who support Belphegor. Further more, it is Belphegor who was the superior of Zolgear who caused the group so much suffering, so the group's goals should be defeating the latter instead of the former. Since Leohart had made the plans for the decisive battle without Belphegor, the head of the Demon Council pulls him aside so that they can discuss the finer points of the battle.

Basara and company in the mean time are taken to their accommodations by Leohart's aide Balthier, where they encounter Takigawa. Simply put, the Current Demon Lord faction knows that Takigawa was sent to them as a spy from the moderates, and they know that it was he and Basara he killed Zolgear. Basara understands that with the Moderates having been the ones to send Takigawa's foster parents to raise Mio, that in his mind they are just as responsible as Zolgear for their deaths, so the possibility that he had turned traitor on the Moderates is quite high.

More important then that though, now the others know that Basara was involved with and witnessed Zolgear die. Basara goes onto explain that Zolgear hurt a lot of people that he cares about, and if he was allowed to live he would continue to hurt people that he cares about. Therefore, the only way that Basara could have any peace of mind, while at the same time not burdening any of his allies with Zolgear's blood on their hands, was to make sure that Zolgear was dead.

Basara's confession raises everyone's emotional states, so Maria proposes that they begin their group subjugation now, in order to raise everyone's stats even higher. The girls all wear enchanted specialized lingerie for the occasion, which will immediately render them unconscious if they take it off. Simply put, all of the girl's powers are linked to their virginity, if they lose it, then they will likely lose most if not all of their powers.

Additionally, Basara drinks a potion made by Sheera that acts as a aphrodisiac for Basara, and will keep the girl's curses from activating. Thus Basara and his harem spends the night making sweet love to one another, not even getting off the bed to each, and instead making the food part of their erotic experience by eating off of each other. Before the maids leaves Basara requests that they pick up a particular brand of perfume that is favored by Belphegor for his playground.

Later, while the others have passed out, Basara receives a call from Jin informing him that there's been a change in plans. The original, single, five on five match, at the insistence of Belphegor, the format has been changed to seven one on one matches, but the final match against Leohart will be worth three. In other words, in order to win, Basara and company must secure five out of nine possible points, and a extra comrade, most likely Lucia.

While being informed about this situation, Mio awakens, and she engages in another round of subjugation with Basara, firstly giving him a blow job with her breasts, then engaging in pseudo sex in which the two of them rub their intimate parts together, until Mio's underwear slips off and triggers it's effect, causing her to fall asleep again. Basara puts Mio to sleep, before going to meet Takigawa to go pick up the perfume that he had bought for him.

Using the perfume, Basara sneaks into the strong hold of the Current Demon Lord Faction, and more specifically into Belphegor's playground. After careful analysis of the situation at large, Basara has come to the conclusion that the so called decisive battle is unimportant. What really matters, is eliminating the Demon council, and aware of the fact that Belphegor, the most powerful member of the Demon Council, and will be alone with nothing but his concubines around, this is his best opportunity to assassinate him.

Basara stays in the room with Belphegor for some time before the Demon decides to acknowledge his presence. Belphegor deduces based on Basara's aura that he is actually the son of a woman named Sapphire, the younger sister of the previous Demon Lord Wilbert, who disappeared for six month's after encountering Jin on the battlefield, he also detects the presence of godly power as well, likely related to how Basara could have been born within the six month time frame, not only that but there were additional sealed elements mixed in as well.

Aside from that, Basara is also rather attractive, and deciding that this is a rare never before had opportunity with someone with the blood of a demon, god and human mixed together Belphegor decides to make him into another of his toys. While thinking that, Basara slashes the elderly demon's balls off before pinning him to the ground with Brynhildr, the demonic sword devouring the demon Council Member's soul while Basara informs him that as punishment for all that he's done, he will die a slow and painful death that no one is going to know about.

Basara also explains that he's fully aware that the Demon Council is going to try something during the up coming battle, with both the Moderate faction leaders and Leohart with all of his immediate subordinates there, wiping them out all at once is the most logical goal. Therefore Basara will take whatever the council throws at him, and will throw back with a united Demon Realm and when the dust settles the council will be dead and seeds of peace will have been planted.

Basara makes a effort to patch himself up and uses the perfume to cover the scent of Belphegor's blood on his person. Shortly thereafter he arrives in the area chosen for the fight against Leohart. At first Basara attempts to overwhelm Leoharts senses using his after image technique mixed with the strong scent of the perfume, but Leohart defends easily, thanks to Basara's injuries from fighting Belphegor. That said, the clash is still fierce, going so far as to bisect a building in the simulated space.

Basara attempts to strike with dimensional slash, but Leohart takes advantage of the dimensional distortion that drawing his own weapon causes to block. Being knocked out of the collapsing building, Basara offensively uses Banishing shift to destroy a chunk of the tower, and uses the shock wave to soften his landing. Leohart uses a wave of darkness against Basara to distract him and sneak up on him, landing a critical strike on him by crippling one arm.

The battle having been apparently decided, Leohart turns around and prepares to leave, but Basara uses his other trump card, the drug prepared by Sheera. Suddenly Basara returns to the fray, wearing demonic armor mixed with Brynhildr's armor, and launches a sneak attack on Leohart crushing him with gravity magic before preparing to deliver a death blow. Mio suddenly transfers into the arena and stops Basara from killing Leohart.

Just when it seems that peace has been achieved, the Council's plan goes into effect, unleashing the Demonic God Chaos into the artificial space, who intends to devour not only the three demon lord Class individuals but also the audience and Wildarts through the use of it's proxies the Heroic spirits. Mio takes a distant position while Basara and Leohart attacks up close, looking for a weakness in the monster with the power to endlessly devour magical energy while at the same time chopping off most of it's arms.

Ramsas breaks into the space and strikes Chaos with his gravity magic, revealing the monster's weakness against it. While Ramsas uses his remaining power to buy time the others make a plan. It is decided that Basara and Leohart will cooperate to cut down as much of the monster as they can, and at the same time push it into a black hole created by Mio using gravity magic to seal it away. The group successfully launches a coordinated assault on Chaos once Ramsas's gravity field is dropped successfully ridding the demon world of Chaos and his monsters.

Once Chaos is dead, the group is ejected into the ruined stadium where Chaos's monsters had been rampaging and Basara leaves Mio in Ramsas's care, while he proceeds to the Demon Council's chambers to kill the remaining council members. Instead Basara encounters his father Jin and a bloodied woman he would quickly learn is Leohart's sister Liala. Liala eventually concludes that between Basara's vast power that surpasses her and her brother's combined, vast strategic intellect that allowed him to outwit the Demon Council, and unending determination that she should kill Basara, but decides to leave it be and instructs him to become Leohart's friend instead before leaving.

Volume VIII

After defeating Chaos, and witnessing the the death of the Cardinal Sins, Basara requests to meet with Ramusas. The meeting was to determine their relationship going forward. Since the Demon Lord faction was entering into a military alliance with the moderates, Ramusas came to the conclusion that it's best if Basara and company aren't closely associated with the Moderate faction. He also decided to leave both Maria and Zest with Basara, in the event they were needed to defense purposes. Ramusas also informs Basara that the Demon Lord faction would also be sending an observer of their own. However their purpose was to prevent others from attacking or taking advantage of Basara and company. At first, Basara is relieved to know that he has the support of both the Moderates and Demon Lord factions going forward. However Ramusas makes it clear that in the event the situation calls for it, both sides are prepared to kill Mio, to prevent other parties from obtaining Wilbert's powers. Basara then slightly smiles at Ramusas, and calls him on his bluff. He then decides to speak his mind, and propose his theory that Ramusas is in fact Wilbert himself. Ultimately, Basara comes to the conclusion that Wilbert taked his death not because he wanted to, but because it was the only way for him to properly reform the Demon Realm. Basara also asserts Wilbert didn't act alone, and has been working with both Jin and Sheila. After speaking his peace, Basara reassures Wilbert that he won't tell Mio about his theory. Before leaving with Lucia, Basara promises to continue to protect Mio, but asks Wilbert to make the time to come one day visit Mio, and also to continue watching over her as he always has.

As Basara and Lucia are walking through the castle grounds, Lucia asks Basara why didn't he ask much Sapphire. He simply responds to her question by saying that Jin already told him about his mother. He also felt that Wilbert might not have been comfortable talking about her. In reality though, Jin was brief with what he told Basara. In fact, Basara doesn't know much about Sapphire at all. Based upon the character of both Jin and Wilbert, Basara comes to the conclusion that Sapphire must be a good person. He mentions to Lucia about how he would like to go with Jin looking for Sapphire, but right now he has a family of his own that he has to protect. This then prompts Lucia to tell Basara a secret of her own. She reveals that Maria and her have different fathers. She tells him that Wilbert is Maria's father, and that Sheila gave half of her power to Maria in order to protect her. After explaining to Basara the importance of keeping all of this a secret from Maria and Mio until the situation in the demon realm settles down, Sheila asks Basara to continue to take care of Maria, and guide her in the right direction, so that one day she'll come to terms with herself, and unleash her true power. Basara responds to Lucia, by saying that he can't guarantee that Maria will awaken her true power, but that he'll continue telling Maria to accept herself, since she's an important family member to him as well.

After making their promise, Basara and Lucia reach the back gate where they are confronted by Leohart with his subordinates not too far behind him. Leohart and Basara greet each other and talk a bit about the cease fire between the Moderates and Demon Lord Factions. As they are talking, One of Leohart's subordinates approaches Basara with bloodlust in his eyes, and begins to question his strength since Basara is known as the "son of Jin Toujou who was strong enough to bring Leohart to his knees". Basara then realizes that he's surrounded by Leohart and his subordinates. With his mind in overdrive, Basara comes to the realization that the only way out of this situation is to pick out the biggest opponent, and if he's able to just kill him, then everyone else might panic, and leave him with an opening to take on everyone else. Right as Basara and Leohart's subordinate are about to fight, Leohart stops the fight. Leohart tells Basara that the reason he brought his subordinates along with him today, was to introduce them to Ramusas. Since the Cardinal Sins are no more, Leohart tells Basara that he intends to create a new governing body in the demon realm to prevent totalitarian rule of the demon lord and to prevent a repeat of the Cardinal Sins.Before ending their conversation, Basara asks about Lars well being. Upon learning that no harm came to Lars, Basara smiles at Leohart with a carefree expression that put Leohart on guard. Leohart then ponders confirming what Liala had told him about Basara was true, and that he had assassinated Belphegor. Leohart then comes to the realization that it's probably better not asking him, because it might make the generals wary of Basara, and negatively influence the cease fire with the Moderates. The two then exchange their goodbyes and go their separate ways.

When Basara finally reaches Oldora forest, He apologizes to Mio and company for his late return. Sheila then opens a portal between the human and demon world, and sends the girls through in a joking manner. Just as Basara was about to walk through the portal Sheila stops him. She expresses concern for Basara's recklessness and tells him to promise her that he will never do anything that would make him give up on himself.

Power & Abilities

Hero Powers

Basara has undergone extensive physical conditioning from the Hero Clan, granting him a number of super-human stats. While they have dulled over time, due to not being a part of the Hero Tribe for five years, they are still way above any normal human's stats.

  • Superhuman Strength: It was first seen in Volume 1, when he easily sliced straight through an adversary with a single sword slash.
  • Superhuman Speed: He is a "Speed-Type" fighter, meaning he uses his immense speed to close the gap in an instant, then use quick attacks to overwhelm his opponents.

    Basara’s Speed

    • After Images: Basara's speed is such that he can produce several after images of himself in order to fool his opponents who while they're busy striking at where he was he can attack them from where he is.
  • Magic Resistance: It was mentioned in the first volume that Toujou Basara can't be affected by low-level magic due to him being a former hero.
  • Enhanced Healing: Due to his training as a hero for the first 10 years of his life, Basara has very fast recuperative powers. This allows him to completely recover from injuries, that would take normal humans days just to regain consciousness from, in mere moments.

Master Swordsman: He is an immensely skilled fighter. Even when he was young, Basara was a genius at swordplay, and could even give experienced elders a hard time. He easily erased Maria's Magic when the two engage in a battle, and he easily defeated an enemy that Mio and Maria had trouble fighting, with only a single slash from his sword.

  • Dimension Slash: A technique Basara invented during his battle against Gald. Using the Iaido (quick-draw) style, he puts Brynhilder into it's dimensional storage space, before drawing it back out. The act of drawing it out grants the blade immeasurable speed, and by attacking while the blade is still covered in spacial distortions, it is granted immense penetrating power.

Other Skills

General Affairs Manager: During his time as a temporary member of the Student Council, Basara demonstrated that he's greatly reliable in handling difficult situations for the Student Council during preparations for the sports festival. His managerial capabilities have earned him great trust and respect from the members of the Student Council, to the point that he has an open invitation to join after the winter break.

Sexual Dominance Expert: Thanks to expert "training" by Maria and extensive "practice" with his servants, Basara has become highly proficient in the ways of sexually subduing women, to the point that he is able to easily make one of his classmates orgasm several times in mere moments by simply groping her breasts.

Deductive Reasoning: Basara has consistently proven that once given a bare minimal amount of evidence he is able to deduce the true identities of many of his enemies and their plans even when they try to hide from him.

Master Strategist: Basara has also been shown that once he understands what it is that his enemies are planning to do to be able to devise highly effective countermeasures and strategies.

Demon/God Powers

Due to Basara's unique heritage, which is a combination of his father, the strongest Hero, and two mothers, one a Togami-Class Goddess and the other a Demon Lord-Class Demoness, he is afforded a number of unique abilities that are beyond most characters in the series.

  • Banishing Shift: A unique power that Basara seemed to have inherited from his father who drank the blood of Fafnir and was first perceived as being unique to him. This lets him send anything like physical and magic attacks to the zero dimension, in other words, it is reduced to nothingness and eliminates. In order to use it, Basara needs perfect spiritual balance. Kaoru Nonako explained that the complete elimination caused from the Banishing Shift is the result of the invocation severing its particular core and due to him being born with different eyes.
    • Shoumetsukensen (消滅剣, Extinction Sword): This is a variant of Banishing Shift that Jin taught him in Volume 7, which focuses on unleashing the eliminating power of Banishing Shift.
    • Banishing Shift Annihilation: Basara's final trump card he used in his final battle with Shiba. It works by combining Banishing Shift and Extinction Sword, unleashing a torrent of destructive energy, which simply destroys everything.
  • Master-Servant Contract (Master): Though this isn't one of his natural abilities, the Master-Servant Pact is considered to be a demonic spell. It works by binding the soul of the servant to their master, in order words, it bounded him and Mio together. There are two benefits to utilizing the Master-Servant Pact: one being that it grants the Master and Servants a direct link to one another letting them locate one another; second being that it increases the overall power of the Servant and Master based on the servant's level of loyatly towards their master. However, a downside of the Master-Servant Pact, is that if one of his servants show any kind of disobedience or definance to him, then a curse would activate based around the nature that was used in forming the contact, in other words, Maria whose a succubus meaning that it activates an aphrodisiac then Basara will need to subdue them. Thus far Basara has three servants, each of whom possessing high-level loyalty that has dramatically increased his overall stats. In Volume 11, Basara formed a Master-Servant Pact with both Maria and Kuromi, which later turned into a Master-Servant Vow with all five of them.
  • Gravity Magic: Due to being the biological son of the strongest Demoness in history Sapphire Basara has also inherited the Gravity magic unique to her heritage. Lacking the fine control training needed to wield the demonic power Basara is instead forced to use it in extremely simple forms, such as using it to pin an opponent to the ground.
    • Gravity Slash: After imbuing Brunhildyr with Gravity Magic Basara slashes the blade down crushing his target with a wave of pure gravity.
  • Divine Contract: After Chisato revealed her identity as a Goddess to Basara, they entered a contract with each other. With it, Basara can access her powers, which are normally sealed, and use them in combat or other situations.
  • Divine Protection: Since Basara is under the divine protection of both Raphaeline and Chisato, he's able to manipulate the corruption level of the Hero Clan's contracts with the spirits and gods of the human world and influence their favor.
  • Banyuusekiryoku (lit. Universal Rejection Power): A unique power opposite of Banishing Shift, which uses the power of Belphegor whose soul was absorbed into Brynhildr after being killed to control and amplify the power that he inherited from his mother. It works opposite of Banishing Shift, which send things to the Zero Dimension, Banyuusekiryoku, on the other hand, sores all attacks inside of an infinte space. As such, it is a complete defense against magic and physical attacks. When used offensively, Basara can negate even the magic of holy swords and move at the speed of those belonging to the realm of gods.
  • Magic Barrier as a side effect of the Master-Servant Vow Basara gains the ability to create powerful magic barriers based upon his 4 bloods and the the 5 elements. He primarily uses the barrier so that he can have outside sex with his harem, without having to worry about other people potentially seeing.


Brynhildr: Originally, Brynhildr was a legendary Valkyrie who relentlessly hunted evil souls for the Norse chief god Odin. Sadly, she eventually became corrupted and was forcibly sealed in the form of a sword and was given to the Hero's Clan, who used the blade to seal away an evil spirit. Eventually, Seito a member of the tribe tried to claim it for himself, got possessed, and had to be killed by Basara. Now being forced to wield the weapon, Basara initially possessed low compatibility with Brynhildr due to viewing it more as a tool than a partner and secretly fearing it. However once Basara overcomes his fear of the weapon and has the sadistic side of his personality forcibly drawn out, his compatibility with the weapon has risen dramatically.

Byakko: The tiger of the west, and one of the four gods of the Village. Takashi gets wounded trying to stop Shiba at the end of volume 9. In the prologue to volume 10, Basara asks Byakko to help him save Takashi's life. After saving the life of Takashi, Byakko agrees to aid Basara and company in their pursuit of Shiba. Although Basara prefers to use Brynhildr, he's also able to fight using Byakko in its spear form.

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Basara's Base Armor

Armor: Basara possesses three armors, each one accessible by releasing one of his three limiters. These limiters are born from Basara's subconscious fear and hatred of his own powers.

  • Basic Armor: A rather basic transformation, in which one lock of Basara's hair turns bright, glowing green and his arm holding Brynhildr is coated in armor.
Demon Form

Demon Armor

  • Demon Lord Armor: A vastly more powerful transformation Basara first uses against Leohart during the final one-on-one match held between the Leohart and Moderate Demon factions. The special medicine, provided by Shella, stimulated Basara's demon blood, allowing him to sync with Brynhildr to a greater degree. This form, however, puts tremendous strain on his mind and body, and immediately after entering this form, Basara goes on an uncontrollable rampage that nearly kills Leohart. The armor covers his body in a black body suit, gives him silver-colored shoulder pads, a large halo-like object mounted to his back, and two green ribbon-like streaks going down from his chest.
Demon form (0)

God Armor

  • God Armor: Anime original form that Basara used when he fought against Heroic Spirit Chaos, giving him silver full-body armor, a large halo-like object mounted to his back, two green ribbon like streaks going down from his chest and turns all of his hair green.


  • Height: 172cm
  • Weight: 62kg 
  • Basara has a natural talent for photography
  • Growing up one of his favorite meals was Kaoru Nonaka's beef stew.
  • As a child the Village gave him a B rank due to being a prodigy without any combat experience.
  • His first time having vaginal sex was with Mio
  • His first time having anal sex was with Yuki
  • His first double penetration sex was with Chisato (Basara grew a second penis)
  • As a side effect of the Master-Servant Vow Basara secretes pheromones that attracts girls his age and older women to him.


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