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When he could feel out the «Heavenly Energy», the "Source of Existence", and cut it, he could banish the existence - the matter of the opponent's attack itself into zero-dimensional space.

—The Banishing Shift

Banishing Shift
Basara Banishing Shift.gif
Name Banishing Shift
Kanji 無次元の執行(バニシング・シフト)
Rōmaji Banishingu Shifuto
User(s) Jin Toujou
Basara Toujou

Banishing Shift is a unique power that Jin Toujou attained after drinking the blood of the ancient evil dragon, Fafnir and was later inherited by his son, Basara Toujou.


Banishing Shift is a unique power whose precise origins are still unknown, which Jin Toujou gained after drinking the blood of the Ancient Dragon, Fafnir hailed as being one of the Strongest Evil Dragons, which his son, Basara Toujou inheriting. This is a dangerous power described as being able to banish anything whether it's physical or magical attacks to the zero-dimension space, in other words, they cease to exist.

In Volume IX, Shiba Kyouichi explained that if the target has either magic or spirit power, then it would be erased alongside it; including both the internal spirit and external power-related surroundings, as well as the flow of time. He is noted that even if Celis' Shoumetsukensen could erase the rock in the dimension where she was fighting against Basara, it could be generated once again after a while, Banishing Shift, on the other hand, would erase it without a trace even interfering with the ninth dimension at worst.


However, the drawback is that it requires concentration to sense out what one is attempting to banish, as well as perfect spiritual balance. The main requirement to use it is that the opponent must initiate the attack first meaning that it can only be wielded as a counter-attack. Although, this is due to inexperience as Jin was able to use it as a means of both countering and initiating an attack.

Basara also required both his hands to use a perfect Banishing Shift but became able to use it after training.


Shoumetsukensen (消滅剣, Extinction Sword): This is a variation that Jin Toujou created, which focuses on the eliminating powers of Banishing Shift and later taught it to his son during their training in Volume VII.

Incomplete Banishing Shift: The result of Basara's contract with Chisato giving him too much of her power, and breaking his spiritual balanced, made Basara unable to properly perform a complete Banishing Shift.

Banishing Shift Geminus: This is a variant where Basara uses Banishing Shift twice to disintegrate any target regardless of its origin. He mainly used this to scatter surrounding ki, then the darkness of Shiba's abyss.

Banishing Shift Annihilation: Basara's final trump card against Shiba, a single slash that use of all his powers, which focuses on using normal Banishing Shift and Extinction Slash at the same time, thus creating the ultimate a torrent of destructive energy, which simply destroys everything.

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